Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia

Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Here’s another great job chance for nurses, health care assistants, and support workers. And now for New Zealand. As we told you before, nurses and other healthcare workers are needed everywhere. Australia is another place that needs them. This article is about Registered Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia with Visa Sponsorship.

In addition to getting help with your visa and moving, you will get many other great job perks, such as penalty rates, super, cash bonuses for referring a friend, and many more. Read on to learn more about Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship and all these great perks.

Details of Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia:

  • Job Title: Aged Care Giver.
  • Job Region: Tugun, Gold Coast, QLD.
  • Job Industry: Nursing-Aged Care (Healthcare & Medical)
  • Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time
  • Employer’s name: Bupa Aged Care Australia.
  • Expected Salary:  $33.10 – $44.44 per hour
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes

Requirements of Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia:

  • Candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or any other healthcare assistant profession. Otherwise, she must have another nursing qualification (such as a diploma with a house job or training period).
  • Experience is not necessary which means a fresh graduate with full training can apply. However, candidates with experience are ideal.
  • Current Australian Registration as a Registered Nurse (AHPRA)
  • At least two (2) years of registered nurse experience (for temporary visas)
  • A minimum of three (3) years of registered nurse experience within aged care (for permanent residency visas)
  • Evidence for COVID Vaccination
  • All necessary and supporting visa documents.
  • Provide the highest quality of clinical care and holistic support to our residents.
  • Provide clinical guidance and coordinate the care team.
  • Develop and maintain positive resident/family and team relationships.
  • All applicants must be prepared to complete a pre-employment medical, police clearance, and NDIS worker clearance.

Benefits of Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia:

  • Meaningful and rewarding work: By providing seniors with essential care, companionship, and support, elderly caregivers have the opportunity to positively affect their lives.
  • Career Security: As the geriatric population continues to grow, the demand for aged caregivers remains high, offering job security and stability in the healthcare and caregiving industries.
  • Diverse work environments: Caregivers for the elderly can work in a variety of settings, including private residences, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals, allowing for a flexible career path.
  • Connection to Emotion: Caregivers frequently form close emotional connections with their elderly clients, which can be personally rewarding.
  • Adjustable Scheduling: Numerous positions involving elderly caregiving offer flexible hours, making it simpler to balance work and personal obligations.
  • Ability Improvement: Caregivers of the elderly acquire beneficial skills in healthcare, such as medication management, personal care, and specialized care for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Continuous Education: The healthcare industry is dynamic, and through training and certifications, caregivers have opportunities for continuous learning and professional development.
  • Empathy and compassion: Elderly caregivers cultivate and strengthen their compassion, empathy, and forbearance, all of which are necessary for providing high-quality care.
  • Family Assistance: Families of elderly individuals frequently value and rely on the assistance and care provided by caregivers, which contributes to the family’s well-being.
  • Influence on Health: Caregivers help seniors maintain their health and independence, encouraging a better quality of life for aging individuals.
  • Respected Occupation: Working alongside nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals, elderly caregivers are esteemed professionals who play a vital role in the healthcare industry.
  • Responsibility Varieties: Caregivers are responsible for a variety of tasks, including cleansing, dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, and appointment transportation.
  • Opportunity for Expansion: Experienced caregivers can advance their careers by assuming supervisory positions, obtaining certification as certified nursing assistants (CNAs), or pursuing additional education in the healthcare field.
  • Beneficial Community: Frequently, caregivers are members of a community of caregivers where they can share their experiences, insights, and resources.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Caring for elderly individuals provides caregivers with personal satisfaction and a sense of purpose in their work.

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Job Duties of an Aged Caregiver

  • To assist clinicians and hospital staff in understanding the individual needs of each elderly patient/resident and providing person-centered care.
  • Assisting elderly residents with daily activities such as bathing, taking medication, eating, drinking, dressing, etc.
  • Helping elderly residents take care of their personal hygiene/maintain their appearance while respecting their dignity.
  • Arranging physical activities/social activities for them and helping them participate.
  • Physical therapy or some light physical activity such as walking. Likewise, any other social or recreational activity like going to the park, going to a close relative’s house in a wheelchair, etc.
  • Maintain a good level of communication with residents’ families.
  • Monitoring health and safety standards at home.
  • All duties requested by nurses and management.
  • Assess and implement aged care within your defined job scope.
  • Create and update aged care plans to reflect evolving needs.
  • Strive to meet medical quality compliance standards.
  • Work collaboratively with other multidisciplinary team members to provide the most effective care possible.

How to Apply for Aged Caregiver Jobs in Australia?

  • Create an account on SEEK, if you don’t have one.
  • Click on the confirmation email in your mailbox, spam, or bin folder to activate your account.
  • Search for “nurse jobs”, “registered nurse jobs”, “health care jobs”, “geriatric nurse care”, geriatric care jobs”, etc., or any other related term.
  • Select All Australia or Queensland in the location bar just below the search bar.
  • Click on the job role you want.
  • Submit your CV with all required information.

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As a caregiver for the elderly in Australia, you can find useful work, job security, a variety of settings, and personal satisfaction. With chances to learn new things, a group that supports them, and the chance to grow, caregivers are very important to giving good care to older people. To start a career in aged care, learn about the job duties, perks, and how to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I migrate to Australia as a Caregiver?

    A carer visa subclasses 883 and 116, is a permanent resident visa. This means you can live, work and study in Australia indefinitely. However, you must apply for a resident return visa after five years, so that you can travel freely.

  2. What visa is for aged care workers in Australia?

    The Aged Care Industry Labor Agreement (ACILA) aims to facilitate the recruitment process of overseas aged care workers for Australia’s aged care industry.07-Jun-2023

  3. How much do elderly caregivers make in Australia?

    The average caregiver salary in Australia is $55,640 per year or $28.53 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $49,111 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $84,577 per year.

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