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Airline Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2024 – Apply Now

Saudi Arabian Airlines, also known as Saudia, offers a variety of employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, giving job seekers an excellent opportunity to join this prestigious airline. These positions offer competitive salaries of up to 14,000 Saudi Riyals and numerous benefits.

Details of Airline Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2024

Eligibility Criteria of Airline Jobs in Saudi Arabia

To be considered for these positions, candidates must satisfy certain eligibility requirements, which may differ based on the specific job roles. Typically, Saudia seeks applicants who are:

  • Saudi Nationals: Numerous of these employment opportunities are reserved exclusively for Saudi citizens; therefore, Saudi nationality is a prerequisite.
  • Education and Experience: The educational and experience prerequisites for each position will vary. Typically, Saudia seeks candidates with relevant credentials and experience in their respective disciplines.
  • Age Limit: Some positions may have age restrictions; therefore, candidates should review the specific job requirements for age requirements.

Benefits of Airline Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Travel Possibilities: The ability to travel frequently at reduced or no cost is one of the most appealing aspects of airline careers. This affords employees and their families the opportunity to investigate new locales and cultures.
  • Comparable Remuneration: Typically, airline jobs offer competitive compensation, which can vary based on the specific function and level of responsibility.
  • Job Security: Due to the necessity of airlines for transportation, many airline positions are relatively stable, even during economic downturns. Government regulations and international treaties also contribute to the stability of employment.
  • Comprehensive Advantages: Typical benefits packages for airline employees include health insurance, retirement programs, and travel-related perks.
  • Employee Reductions: Numerous airline employees and their families travel at a discount or for free on their own airline and occasionally on partner airlines.
  • Professional Progress: Airlines invest in their employees’ training and growth, providing opportunities for career advancement within the organization.
  • Diverse Professions: The airline industry offers numerous career opportunities, including those for flight attendants, pilots, maintenance, engineers, customer service agents, and management positions. This diversity permits individuals to select careers that correspond to their talents and interests.
  • Networking Possibilities: Airline jobs provide networking opportunities with professionals from a variety of disciplines, including aviation experts and business professionals.
  • Cultural Contact: Working in the airline industry exposes employees to diverse cultures and individuals from all over the world, fostering a global outlook.
  • Accommodations at a Discount: In addition to travel benefits, airline employees may be eligible for discounted hotel and resort accommodations.
  • Pension Benefits: Numerous jobs in the airline industry include pension plans and retirement benefits, guaranteeing financial security in old age.
  • On-the-Job Instruction: Frequently, airline employees receive role-specific training, such as safety procedures for flight personnel and technical training for maintenance staff.
  • Employee Support Programs: Airlines may offer employee assistance programs to help with both personal and professional difficulties.
  • Employee Reward and Recognition: Frequently, airlines have reward and recognition programs to recognize and motivate employees for exceptional performance.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Numerous individuals find working in the airline industry personally satisfying, as it enables them to be a part of an industry that facilitates both business and leisure travel by connecting people and places.

Required Documents for Airline Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Candidates applying for a position at Saudia should prepare the following materials:

  • Updated Resume/CV: It is essential to have a well-structured resume or CV that highlights your qualifications, work experience, and abilities.
  • Educational Certificates: Copies of your educational certificates and degrees, including your high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, and any relevant postgraduate degrees.
  • National ID: A copy of your Saudi national ID certificate or citizenship documentation.
  • Certificates of Experience: If applicable, provide copies of certificates of experience from previous employers.
  • Other Certifications: Include any additional certifications or licenses pertinent to the position.

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How to Apply for Airline Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Follow these procedures to apply for job opportunities with Saudia:

  • Visit the Saudi Arabian Airlines Careers Website: Explore available employment positions on the Saudi Arabian Airlines careers website (
  • Explore Job Postings: Select the position that best matches your qualifications and interests by perusing the job listings.
  • Fill Out the Application: Select the job listing to view the job description, then select “Apply Now” Complete the online application form by following the given instructions.
  • You will be required to attach your resume/CV and other required documents as part of the application process.
  • Send Your Application: Ensure that all information on your application is accurate before submitting it via the online portal.
  • Keep Track: You can monitor the status of your application via the Saudi Careers website. If your application is shortlisted, you may be contacted for additional evaluations or interviews.

Joining the team of Saudia, a prestigious airline known for its commitment to providing superior service, can be a rewarding career move. With competitive salaries and a variety of benefits, these employment opportunities offer aspiring aviation professionals an intriguing career path.

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Vacancies of Airline Jobs in Saudi Arabia

In-Flight ChefKSAApply Now
Treasury SpecialistKSAApply Now
Auditor ITKSAApply Now
AuditorKSAApply Now
Captain (GIV)KSAApply Now
Captain (B777)KSAApply Now
Captain (A340)KSAApply Now


Saudi Arabia has a lot of exciting job options with good pay and a lot of other benefits. People who want to work in aviation can look into a wide range of jobs in the airline business, from flight attendants to auditors to captains. By following the steps in the application process, people can apply for open positions and possibly join Saudia’s esteemed team.

People Also Ask:

  1. Which airline has the highest salary?

    Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Singapore Airlines are the airlines that pay the highest salaries.

  2. How can I get work in Saudi Arabia?

    There are different types of visas, but you will need an employment visa if you wish to work in Saudi Arabia. You will need to get a job offer, as you cannot get a work visa without one and your sponsor has to apply for the visa on your behalf.

  3. How much is the staff salary at Saudia Airlines?

    A flight attendant at Saudia Airlines can earn an estimated base salary of SAR4,700 ($1,253) per month. While the total salary is estimated at SAR5,322 per month ($1,418). This is according to information provided online by Glassdoor, one of the most trusted salary and job review sites.

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