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United Arab Emirates competes favorably against other nations. Today, Dubai is among the top companies around the globe. Their primary concentration is tourism, which is why they are building hotels and developing real estate despite oil production contributing 50% of their total GDP.

This alone has attracted numerous foreign investors into the country, which is why the majority of the world’s leading companies are located in Dubai, and it has also increased the country’s employment rate. In 2015, Dubai registered a 12.5% increase in registered companies, as 9,317 new firms were registered under Dubai Commerce. As of 2015, Dubai had a total of 106,000 registered companies.

As of 2017, Dubai had issued 249,000 licenses to registered businesses and created over 570,000 job opportunities in the country, which is why people are migrating to Dubai every day. In this article, we will examine the top United Arab Emirates (Dubai) companies.

Top Best Companies in United Arab Emirates

Here are the top companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

1. First Abu Dhabi Bank:

This is the largest bank in Dubai among all the banks in the United Arab Emirates. First Gulf Bank and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, two of the largest banks in the nation, merged to form it. It provides banking services, including financial solutions.

2. Emirates NBD Bank:

According to a report from 2022, the Dubai government owns this particular bank, which is one of the largest groups of banks in the United Arab Emirates in terms of total assets. The bank’s total net worth was 694 billion AED.

3. Etisalat Group:

This particular company is presently a provider of telecommunications services. According to the report, e& is the 18th largest mobile network provider in the globe based on the current number of subscribers. In 2022, the company rebranded and changed its name to e&.

4. Emaar Properties :

This corporation is a multinational real estate firm headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. It is among the top real estate firms in the world, and its property development and management services are recognized worldwide.

5. Aldar Properties :

Aldar Properties is a real estate management and development corporation whose current headquarters are located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Aldar Properties manages major projects such as Ferrari World, Yas Marina Circuit, and Yas Island.

Best Companies in United Arab Emirates
Best Companies in United Arab Emirates

Benefits of Best Companies in United Arab Emirates

  • Tax Advantages: The absence of personal income tax and corporate tax in a number of emirates is one of the most significant advantages of working for or investing in a company in the UAE. This means that employees frequently receive their full remuneration without income tax deductions.
  • Global Business District: The United Arab Emirates, and particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are global commerce and trade hubs. Working for a company in the UAE can provide exposure to global markets and networking opportunities with international enterprises.
  • Competitive Compensation: To attract and retain top talent, numerous companies in the UAE offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages, including health insurance, accommodation allowances, and transportation allowances.
  • Cultural Difference: The United Arab Emirates is a multicultural, cosmopolitan nation with a diverse workforce. Working in such an environment can be enlightening, as it provides opportunities to learn about other cultures and collaborate with coworkers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Security and Safety: The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its high level of safety and security, making it a desirable location for expatriates. Generally speaking, employees and residents experience a safe and stable living and working environment.
  • Career Advancement: The UAE’s labor market is dynamic and offers opportunities for career advancement. Numerous multinational corporations have a presence in the country, giving employees the opportunity to advance their careers.
  • Standard of living: With its modern infrastructure, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and recreational options, the UAE offers a high quality of living. Employees can experience a comfortable standard of living.
  • Developing ContactwStationwork: Working in the UAE affords the chance to develop a robust professional network both locally and internationally. The nation hosts numerous conferences and commercial events.
  • Expat-friendly accommodations: The United Arab Emirates has a substantial expatriate population, and the government has enacted policies to make the country expat-friendly. This includes allowing expatriates to own property and making residence visas easier to obtain.
  • Global Prognosis: Numerous UAE businesses operate on a global scale, exposing employees to global business trends and practices and thereby enhancing their skills and knowledge.

List of Best Companies in United Arab Emirates

Here are the leading businesses in the United Arab Emirates:

  • FGB Saudi Electricity
  • Arabian Telecom
  • The National Bank of Dubai
  • Emirates NBD Bank, Al Rajhi
  • Etisalat Commercial National Bank
  • QNB
  • The SABIC Bank Saudi Arabia
  • The British Saudi Bank
  • Emaar Real Estate
  • DP Ooredoo Global Kuwaiti Finances Residence Riyad Bank
  • Financial Group Simba
  • Kuwait National Bank Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Qatar Islamic Banking Institution
  • Savola Group Businesses Almarai Zain Mashreq Qatar Arab International Bank
  • Arab Lender
  • Bank Attijariwafa
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Bank Saudi Hollandi
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank KIPCO Commercial Bank of Qatar
  • DAMAC Real Estate
  • Banque de la Centrale Populaire Audi Ahli United Bank International Commercial Bank
  • Saudi Arabian Mining Operations
  • Doha Bank Royalty Holding
  • The Qatar Insurance Company
  • Bank Muscat Union National Bank Barwa BLOM
  • The BMCE Bank
  • Dubai Aldar Properties Commercial Bank
  • Petro Rabigh Alinma Bank Bahri WOQOD Nakilat Mobily Masraf Al Rayan RAKBANK Ezdan Holding are a number of financial institutions.
  • Qatar Islamic International Bank
  • Bank AlJazira TAQA Jarir Marketing Group Al Baraka Banking The Albilad Al Tayyar Travel Agency
  • Americana Band
  • Arab Financial Institution
  • Bank for Saudi Investment
  • The Cooperative Insurance Company
  • Qatar Electricity and Water Bank Ahli
  • Bank of TASNEE Byblos
  • Bupa Egypt
  • MILAHA Logistics and Maritime
  • Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Saudi Industrial Investment Group Arabtec Holding Gulf Bank Bank of Beirut Southern Province. Establish Telecom Global Telecom Egypt Holding
  • United Development Organization
  • Jabal Omar Development Agility Arab Potash Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding
  • Saudi Airlines Catering Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait Commercial Bank of Kuwait Gulf International Services Al Khalij Commercial Bank
  • Arabian Cement
  • Alba Zain Saudia
  • The Dubai Investment Market

How Can I Apply for Jobs in Dubai?

Dubai is a popular destination for job applicants, and there are multiple avenues to pursue opportunities:

1. Job Platforms Online:

Examine online job marketplaces such as LinkedIn, Indeed, GulfTalent, and It is possible to register for jobs from anywhere, and many employers conduct interviews online.

2. Recruitment Agencies:

Utilize Dubai’s employment agencies. They facilitate the connection between job seekers and employers by streamlining the process and providing customized recommendations.

3. Walk-In Interviews:

Consider attending walk-in interviews in Dubai if you’re daring. Visit businesses with available positions, but be prepared for potential obstacles.

4. Networking:

LinkedIn and industry events can help you grow your network. Networking can facilitate the discovery of unadvertised opportunities.

Choose the approach that best fits your preferences and available resources. With the right approach, you can discover your dream job in this dynamic city’s diverse job market.

Innovative Best Companies in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to a flourishing ecosystem of innovative businesses in a variety of industries. Here are some UAE enterprises that have made significant strides through innovation:

  • Careem
  • Mubadala Investment Company
  • Dubai Future Foundation
  • Hub71
  • Beam Wallet
  • G42 Group
  • Fetchr
  • Cafu
  • Bee’ah
  • DIFC FinTech Hive

These innovative companies and organizations in the UAE demonstrate the country’s dedication to nurturing a culture of innovation, technology adoption, and entrepreneurship, thereby positioning the nation as a center for cutting-edge innovations in the Middle East and beyond.

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Dubai’s economic Influencers | Best Companies in United Arab Emirates

A variety of factors and significant stakeholders have an impact on Dubai’s economic landscape. Here are some of Dubai’s most influential commercial figures:

1. Government Initiatives:

The government’s forward-thinking initiatives, such as Dubai Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021, are driving Dubai’s economic expansion. These frameworks outline strategic objectives for economic diversification, infrastructure growth, and sustainable development.

2. Free Zones:

Free zones in Dubai, such as Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), and Dubai Internet City, attract foreign investment by providing tax incentives, 100 percent ownership, and streamlined business establishment procedures.

3. Real Estate Development:

The real estate industry has a significant impact on the economy, with developments such as the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah demonstrating Dubai’s aspirations. Emaar Properties and Nakheel are instrumental in defining the city’s skyline.

4. Financial Sector:

Dubai is a regional financial hub thanks to organizations like Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). These organizations contribute to the city’s economic stability by facilitating international trade and investment.

5. Tourism:

Tourism is a significant economic generator, with companies such as Emirates Airlines and Emaar Hospitality Group attracting millions of visitors each year. Expo 2020 Dubai will bolster tourism and associated industries.

6. Logistics and Transport:

DP World, which operates one of the world’s busiest ports, and Emirates SkyCargo, the world’s foremost air cargo carrier, contribute to Dubai’s strategic location as a global transportation hub.

7. Technology and Innovation:

Organizations like the Dubai Future Foundation and the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, which support tech startups and cutting-edge research, serve as examples of Dubai’s dedication to innovation.

8. Retail and Entertainment:

Attracting residents and tourists, retail titans such as Majid Al Futtaim and Emaar Malls create immersive shopping and entertainment experiences.

9. Energy:

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is concentrating on sustainable energy solutions, such as solar power and green initiatives, as the city’s energy sector evolves.

10. Global Events:

Hosting international events such as the World Expo and the Dubai Airshow puts Dubai on the world stage, attracting business opportunities and strengthening international relations.

Collectively, these economic factors contribute to Dubai’s reputation as a dynamic and thriving business center in the Middle East, where innovation and ambition are central to its success.


Dubai’s economy is booming with top companies in many fields, showing off the city’s strong growth and ability to compete on a global scale. Dubai is a great place to do business, invest, and move up in your job. It is home to big banks like First Abu Dhabi Bank and new companies like Careem and Beam Wallet. The UAE is a top choice for workers and entrepreneurs from around the world because of its strategic initiatives, tax breaks, and diverse workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Emirates is best for work?

    Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah are some of the best cities to consider when looking for employment in the UAE. Each city has its own unique characteristics and offers ample job opportunities in different sectors.

  2. What is the average salary in Dubai?

    According to Salary Explorer, the average salary in Dubai is 258,000 AED per year. This figure can help you get an overview of Dubai’s economy and its standard of living.

  3. Is the UAE a good place to work?

    The UAE is a good country to work in. It is considered one of the safest countries where young people and their families can live and work peacefully. Around 82 percent of the UAE population said that life in the UAE is optimistic.

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