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CBSA Manager Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) seeks a Manager, Border Information Services, for its Border Information Services Program. This is a thrilling opportunity to lead and manage a team that provides information and assistance to travelers and the general public at various points of entry into Canada.

Applicants with the necessary skills and qualifications are encouraged to apply for the position of Manager, Border Information Services. Those with legal authorization to work in Canada may submit an application.

Details of CBSA Manager Jobs in Canada

Candidates who fulfill the eligibility requirements and are seeking employment with the Canadian government can apply for the position by submitting an online application through the Canada Border Services Agency’s main website. After perusing the information regarding the age limit, selection procedure, educational requirements, salary offered, etc.

Organization NameCanada Border Services Agency
Job TypeGovernment of Canada Jobs
Recruitment TypeDirect Recruitment
Reference NumberBSF23J-076295-000025
Post NameManager Jobs, Border Information Services
Total VacancyNumber to be determined
Job LocationWinnipeg (Manitoba)
Salary$65,547 to $70,622
Apply ModeOnline
Official website


  • Competitive Salary: CBSA managers usually get competitive pay that takes into account their years of experience, qualifications, and duties within the office.
  • Job Stability: Working for the government, like at CBSA, gives you job security and stability, as well as chances to grow and advance in your work over time.
  • Diverse Work Environment: CBSA managers work with a wide range of people, such as tourists, importers, exporters, and law enforcement agencies. This makes the workplace lively and interesting.
  • Chances to lead: As a manager, you’ll be able to handle operations, lead teams, and put plans in place to make sure that border security and customs processes run smoothly.
  • Professional Development: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) provides managers with training programs, classes, and other chances to improve their skills, knowledge, and ability to lead.
  • Benefits Package: Health insurance, pension plans, paid time off, and other employee perks are just a few of the benefits that CBSA managers usually get.
  • Contribution to National Security: The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is very important for keeping Canada’s borders safe and secure. Managers directly help with this by managing the borders well and making sure that customs rules are followed.
  • Networking and Working Together: Managers at the CBSA can work together with people from other government agencies, law enforcement agencies, foreign partners, and industry stakeholders, which helps them build useful networks and partnerships.
  • Work-Life Balance: CBSA knows how important it is to have a good work-life balance, so they offer flexible work plans like working from home and policies that are good for families.
  • Chance to Make a Difference: Managers at the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) can have a big effect on border security, trade processing, and the immigration process. This can improve Canada’s safety, economy, and relationships with other countries.


  • Education: In most cases, you need a bachelor’s degree in a related area, like public administration, criminology, law enforcement, or something similar. For some jobs, having a master’s degree or other qualifications may be a plus.
  • Work Experience: Candidates must have worked in a related area for at least three years, preferably in law enforcement, border security, customs, or a similar job. For manager-level jobs, you usually need to have management experience, including being a boss.
  • CBSA Officer Training: People who want to work for the CBSA must successfully finish the Officer Training Program. This program teaches candidates about customs and immigration laws, how to enforce them, how to assess risk, and other important topics. This training is necessary to understand how the service works and what its rules are.
  • Language Skills: To be a boss at the CBSA, you need to be able to speak and write English well. Because Canada is bilingual, knowing more than one language, especially French, could be helpful.
  • Security Clearance: To work in sensitive government jobs related to border security and law enforcement, all applicants must go through a full background check and get security clearance.
  • Leadership Skills: To be a manager at the CBSA, you need to be able to lead and handle people well. Candidates should show that they can lead a team, make decisions, solve problems, plan strategically, and communicate clearly.
  • Knowledge of Canadian Laws and Rules: Applicants must have a good grasp of the Canadian laws, rules, and policies that govern trade, immigration, border security, and customs. It’s also helpful to know about foreign agreements and laws.
  • Technical Skills: For managing borders, assessing risks, analyzing data, and writing reports, you often need to be able to use the right computer systems, databases, and tech tools.
  • Communicating with Others: CBSA managers need to be able to communicate clearly with a wide range of people, such as the public, law enforcement, government officials, and business partners.

Salary of CBSA Manager Jobs in Canada

The annual salary range for Border Information Services managers at the CBSA is between $65,547 and $70,621.

Who Can Apply for CBSA Manager Jobs in Canada?

  • Experience providing customer service in a contact center or call center setting.
  • Have experience managing individuals in a virtual work environment.
  • Experience analyzing data from a variety of sources and recommending ways to enhance business processes to senior management.
  • Experience managing financial resources, including budgeting, tracking expenditures, and providing financial reports.
  • Experience distributing and/or reviewing work.
  • Laboratory Technician Employment in Winnipeg: $63,720 to $77,525

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How to Apply for CBSA Manager Jobs in Canada

  • Read the job description to obtain all the necessary information.
  • Prepare your resume and highlight your relevant experience as a manager or superintendent, in addition to any customer service or border services experience you may have.
  • Write a cover letter that demonstrates your leadership abilities, communication skills, and desire for the Manager, Border Information Services position.
  • Send your application through the Canada Border Services Agency’s official website.
  • Locate the precise job posting for the Manager, Border Information Services position.
  • To access the online application form, select “Apply Now” or a comparable link.
  • Fill out the application form with accurate and current information.
  • Provide the necessary information, including your contact information, education, employment history, and applicable skills.
  • Include your resume, cover letter, and any additional documents requested.
  • Check your application once more to ensure accuracy and completeness.

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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Manager, Border Information Services job gives competitive pay, job security, a variety of work environments, chances to grow professionally, and a chance to help protect the country. To apply, people must meet the standards for education, work experience, language skills, security clearance, and leadership abilities. The average pay range for this job is between $65,547 and $70,621.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I prepare for a CBSA interview?

    CBSA’s website indicates what they are looking for. Try to think about what the interviewers are looking for and consider a real-life situation that you can draw for your interview.

  2. What does CBSA do in Canada?

    The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) facilitates legitimate passengers and trade flows. The agency also enforces more than 100 operations and regulations that protect our country and Canadians.

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