Cleaner Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Cleaner Jobs in Abu Dhabi with Visa Sponsorship

For people with low skills who live in developing Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and others, the Cleaner Job in Abu Dhabi with Visa Sponsorship 2024 is a great chance to get a job. Because Abu Dhabi is a very rich country, like the UAE, Gulf countries, and the whole Arab world, many abroad employment companies look for people who might be interested in working for their clients. Being a tourist spot, it has a very small population but a lot of money. The economy of Emirates is mostly based on tourists and foreign or expat workers. That’s why people of all countries can find all kinds of skilled and unskilled jobs.

Numerous other jobs are open to people who don’t have a college degree or a lot of work experience. Like cleaning homes, cleaning bathrooms, watching kids, being an office boy, being a security guard, and so on. You must be able to speak English and Arabic well; just basic skills are enough to get the job. Eventually, you can learn on the job and stay there. After you apply for the job and send in your paperwork, you’ll have to wait for the company to respond. You get the job first, and then your boss gives you the visa and tickets. Here are the basics of the job and a list of online places that offer it:

Details of Cleaner Jobs in Abu Dhabi with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Cleaner
  • Region: Abu Dhabi
  • Age limit: 21-35 years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Free Food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: No
  • Mode of Hiring: Test interview


  • Stable Employment: If you get visa support, you can legally work as a cleaner in Abu Dhabi. This protects your rights and makes sure you have a stable job.
  • Pay that is competitive: Cleaners in Abu Dhabi often get paid well, and they also get extra perks like housing allowances, transportation, and health insurance.
  • Career Growth: Many cleaning companies offer chances to move up in your career and improve your skills, which can help you get better positions in the company.
  • Work-Life Balance: Most cleaner jobs in Abu Dhabi have decent hours, so you can spend time with family and friends and still have a good work-life balance.
  • Safe Working Environment: Abu Dhabi has strict rules about safety at work, which makes sure that cleaners have a safe place to do their jobs.
  • Different Work Environments: If you work as a cleaner in Abu Dhabi, you might get to work in different places, like offices, hotels, apartments, and public areas, which will give you a lot of different experiences.
  • Exposure to Different Cultures: Working in Abu Dhabi gives you the chance to experience the region’s rich culture and diversity. You can meet people from different countries and learn more about their cultures.
  • Professional Growth: A lot of cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi offer classes and training programs to help you get better at your job, work faster, and stay up-to-date on the latest best practices in the industry.
  • Health and Wellness Benefits: Some employers offer health and wellness benefits, like gym memberships, wellness programs, and access to medical facilities, which are good for your general health.
  • Supportive Community: The people of Abu Dhabi are friendly and helpful, which makes it easier for expats to get used to their new jobs and feel at home.

The average salary of a cleaner in Abu Dhabi

A lot of things affect this, such as where you live, your experience, your job, your general skill level, and so on. However, Indeed says that the normal salary for a maid in Abu Dhabi is AED 2,211 per month.

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Which overseas Employment companies send workers to UAE from Pakistan?

The following is a list of Pakistan’s best-known and most busy Overseas Employment companies that send people to work in the UAE, UK, Australia, Canada, Qatar, Bahrain, Portugal, and all the developed European and Western countries:

  • BMR International.
  • BMR Arab Tech International.
  • MS DMB Overseas Employment Promoter.
  • Merani International.
  • Arshmaan Manpower Bureau.
  • MRQ International.
  • Allied Services International.
  • Jumbo careers.

Which cleaning job roles are in the highest demand in Abu Dhabi?

  • Cleaning helpers.
  • Airport Cleaners.
  • Housekeeper/ House cleaners.
  • Janitors.
  • Hotel cleaning staff.

How to apply?

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People from developing Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and others can get cleaner jobs in Abu Dhabi with visa sponsorship. This is a great chance for stable work, fair pay, and career growth. These jobs don’t require a certain level of school or experience, and they come with perks like free housing, health insurance, and a friendly place to work. Find out about the most in-demand cleaning jobs and apply through reputable foreign job agencies to get your career off the ground in Abu Dhabi’s booming economy.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the average salary for cleaners in Abu Dhabi?

    Indeed says that the fair wage for a maid in Abu Dhabi is AED 2,211 per month. That being said, salaries may be different depending on things like area, skill level, experience, and job role.

  2. Which cleaning job roles are in highest demand in Abu Dhabi?

    One type of cleaning job that is in high demand in Abu Dhabi is airport cleaning. Others are housekeepers, janitors, and hotel cleaning staff. People can start their careers and move up in the cleaning business by taking on these roles.

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