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Dubai AL Tanmyah Services Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

AL Tanmyah Services (LLC), Dubai, UAE, has posted a job vacancy notice for cleaners and security guards due to the need for personnel. Contact the manpower (Paradise International Pvt. Ltd.) to register if you are a citizen of Nepal. When you are certain of the visa and have paid the fee, the company is also informed.

Details Of Dubai AL Tanmyah Services Jobs:


  • Total Vacancy: 200 (Male)
  • Salary: AED 800 (NRs. 28693)
  • Work Duty Time: 8 Hrs
  • Working Days: 6 Days
  • Contract Service: 2 Years

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Security Guard:

  • Total Vacancy: 200 (Male)
  • Salary: AED 1500 (NRs. 53801)
  • Work Duty Time: 8 Hrs
  • Working Days: 6 Days
  • Contract Service: 2 Years

Information Provided by the Foreign Employment Department:

  • Pay the company the fee only after you are certain that the visa will be issued in your name. Please accept reimbursement for the amount paid.
  • Keep the contact information for the Nepalese diplomatic mission in the region where you will be working. Contacting them is simple if you are having difficulty.
    Do not provide additional funds before verifying the advertisement or information.
  • Before traveling abroad, mandatory orientation or induction training is required.
  • Sign the contract only after thoroughly reviewing the services, facilities, and other terms of the company that will provide employment in the country you will be visiting. Please retain one copy for your records.
  • Use the airport in Nepal when traveling abroad for work; otherwise, you risk being deceived.
  • If you have any questions about this advertisement, please contact Tahachal at the Department of Labor and Employment Promotion.

Benefits of Dubai AL Tanmyah Services Jobs:

  • Competitive Salary and Benefits: Al Tanmyah Services normally offers competitive pay and benefits, which can recruit and retain top industry professionals.
  • Job Security: The facility management and support services industry remains vital in Dubai, providing employees with a sense of job security.
  • Diverse Career Options: Al Tanmyah Services provides a variety of career options ranging from property management and maintenance to cleaning, security, and administrative duties, allowing individuals to select positions that match their abilities and interests.
  • Professional growth: The organization frequently invests in its employees’ professional growth and training, allowing them to improve their skills and competence.
  • Career Advancement: Al Tanmyah Services jobs may offer prospects for advancement, including the possibility of moving into supervisory or managerial positions.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many positions in facility management and support services provide regular working hours as well as a good work-life balance.
  • International Work Environment: Because Dubai is a diverse and cosmopolitan city with a worldwide workforce, you will have the opportunity to work with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
  • Networking: Employees can create a professional network within the facilities management and support services business, which can lead to future career opportunities and partnerships.
  • Quality of Life: Dubai has a high level of living, with superb infrastructure, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and leisure activities.
  • Cultural Experience: Living and working in Dubai provides a one-of-a-kind cultural experience, with the opportunity to learn about Emirati culture and engage with individuals from all backgrounds.
  • Tax Advantages: Dubai does not levy personal income tax, allowing employees to maximize their earnings.
  • Community Engagement: Al Tanmyah Services may participate in a variety of community and corporate social responsibility initiatives, allowing employees to contribute to social and community development.
  • Health and Safety: Dubai places a high priority on workplace health and safety, creating a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • Service range: Depending on the function, employees may be able to work on a range of projects and services, which keeps the job exciting and engaging.
  • Positive Impact: Facility management and support services are critical to the upkeep of Dubai’s infrastructure and services, contributing to the city’s overall quality of life.

How to Apply For Dubai AL Tanmyah Services Jobs:

  • Paradise International Pvt. Ltd
  • Bakhundol, Lalitpur, (inside Kopundol Sarvang Hospital, next to Norway Embassy)
  • Contact: 5534042, 5533435

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People Also Ask:

  1. What is Al Tanmyah Services LLC’s salary?

    The average annual salary at Al Tanmyah Services is 1,600,000 INR.

  2. Is it now simple to find employment in Dubai?

    Obtaining employment in Dubai is more difficult than in any other region of the world.

  3. Who is the owner of Al Tanmyah Services LLC?

    Tanmyah Services LLC, founded in 2001 as an entirely owned division of Dubai Islamic Bank, is one of the top integrated facility management firms in the UAE.

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