Entry Level English Speaking Jobs In Berlin

Entry Level English Speaking Jobs In Berlin 2024 – Apply Now

How to Obtain a Job at PwC in Nigeria Finding English-speaking employment in Berlin is not as difficult as it may appear. Foreigners who work in Berlin’s tech firms or software development departments speak English.
Additionally, you can become an English instructor or teach English online.

To avoid being undervalued, you must be able to speak German, even if only a little, if you want an English-speaking job in Berlin. Numerous positions in Berlin require English language proficiency. This article provides an overview of the top twenty entry-level English-speaking jobs in Berlin.

Berlin is not only a city of historical significance but also a hub of innovation and economic growth. It boasts a thriving job market that caters to both locals and expatriates. If you’re a recent graduate or someone looking to kickstart your career, Berlin’s entry-level job opportunities offer an exciting path to professional growth and personal development.

Why Choose Berlin for Entry-Level Jobs?

Berlin’s open and varied culture makes it attractive to businesses from many different fields, which makes for a lively job market. The city is cheaper than other European towns, which makes it an attractive place for both employers and people looking for work. Berlin also puts a lot of emphasis on innovation and creativity, which means that businesses often look for new people to help them grow.

In-Demand Industries

Several jobs in Berlin are always looking for people who can speak English and are just starting out. Tech startups, digital marketing firms, tourism, teaching languages, and customer service are just a few industries where newcomers can find a lot of work. Berlin’s growth as a center for new businesses also makes it easier for people who want to start their own businesses.

 How To Find a Job As An English Speaker In Berlin

If you lack work experience and skills, it can be difficult to find an English-speaking position in Berlin, as the majority of English-speaking jobs in Berlin are in IT, large corporations, and engineering. Nonetheless, some international enterprises in Berlin communicate and operate in English. Additionally, you can search for English-speaking positions on job boards. To appreciate your time in the country and to avoid feeling isolated at work, you must learn German.


  • Berlin is a multicultural city with a diverse population. If you know English, it’s a great place to work because of this. Many businesses are in English, which opens up opportunities for people who don’t know German.
  • Job Growth: Jobs at the entry level can help you move up in your job. Moving up in the company or field is possible as you gain useful knowledge and learn new skills.
  • Networking: When you work in Berlin, you’ll meet a lot of workers from a wide range of fields and backgrounds. Networking can open up new doors, bring people together, and help you make important links.
  • Cultural Experience: If you live and work in Berlin, you can fully experience both German culture and the city’s foreign vibe. You can go to Germany and experience the language, habits, and customs for yourself.
  • Language Skills Improvement: Even if you don’t speak German very well, working with people who do can still help you get better at it. A lot of places of work urge their employees to learn languages and help them learn German.
  • Work-Life Balance: Berlin is known for having a pretty laid-back work atmosphere and putting a lot of value on work-life balance. A lot of companies let their employees set their own hours, give them lots of vacation time, and have policies that back them.
  • Price of Living: Berlin’s price of living isn’t too high compared to other big European towns. This could help you keep your costs down and live a good life while working in the city.
  • Cultural and Recreational Activities: Berlin has a lively cultural scene with museums, art galleries, music places, and activities you can do outside. If you work in the city, these fun things to do are easy to get to.
  • Start-ups and innovation: Berlin is known for having a thriving ecosystem for start-ups and businesses that are always coming up with new ideas. If you work in these fields at an entry level, you may be exposed to new ideas, tools, and the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Global Outlook: Because Berlin is a global city, the work experience and skills you learn here can be useful on a global level. This can help you find work anywhere in the world in the future.

Best Entry-Level Jobs for English Speakers in Berlin

  • Here is a list that shows the top 20 entry-level English-speaking jobs in Berlin

1. Accounts payable Clerk (Entry level)

If you can perform account processing, bill preparation, daily financial transactions, and invoice processing for an organization, you should work as an account payable clerk.

  • Finance and accounting category
  • Language: English 

 2. Sales Manager English 

The majority of Berlin business proprietors are looking for an English-speaking sales manager who can increase sales and brand recognition.

  • Language: English 

 3. Delivery driver

As a personal delivery driver for a company, you can transport their shipments and other products to a customer’s or business’s location.

  • Requirement: A valid driver’s license
  • Language: English

4. Quality Assurance manager – Fraud claims

If you have experience addressing fraud claims and implementing effective fraud controls, working for an accounting firm is a viable option.

  • Finance and Accounting Category
  • Language: English

 5. Social Media Marketing Specialist (English speaking)

The majority of IT companies are seeking native English speakers who can evaluate the online shopping user experience and comment on social media content.

  • Category: IT & Technology
  • Standort: Berlin

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 6. Customer service Representative 

Those who speak English and certain other languages fluently (but not necessarily German or French) are in high demand for customer service positions. You will be responsible for providing assistance and information about products and services.

  • Subject: Customer service
  • Requirement: Excellent communication skills

 7. Data Analyst

You will be responsible for analyzing data to detect and resolve issues. The industries in which a data analyst can work include business, science, and finance.

  • Category: IT & Technology
  • Language: English 

8. Receptionist

You can become a hotel concierge and establish first impressions with guests. For example, greeting visitors You will be responsible for answering, forwarding, and scheduling messages.

  • The Hotel & Resorts Category
  • Skills in customer service and written and verbal communication are required.

 9. Marketing Development Representative 

You will be responsible for generating and managing incoming leads, providing suggestions for original content for your company’s website, and administering a number of social media profiles.

  • Requirements: Excellent communication and social abilities
  • British English and German

10. Cleaning/Housekeeping Staff.

In Berlin, cleaning and janitorial services commonly employ English and other languages. You’ll be responsible for cleaning and garbage removal.

  • Individual residences, hotels, and residential properties

 11. Experienced Event Catering

You will be responsible for preparing cuisine in advance for large events such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and birthday parties.

  • Category: Event Coordinators
  • Language: English (with some German).

 12. Tourism 

You can work in the tourism or travel service industries. Your role will be to provide service to guests and provide them with exceptional opportunities to spend time away from home in pursuit of delight, relaxation, and enjoyment. Berlin is renowned for its tourism.

  • Category: Tourism industry in the English language

13. Food delivery services 

Some food delivery companies in Berlin employ only native English speakers. Your responsibility will be to provide immediate food delivery to consumers.

  • Category: Restaurants
  • Language: English 

 14. Teacher

You can choose to teach English in Berlin if you possess a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. English can also be taught online.

  • Subject: Schools 

15. Freelancer 

Berlin is an excellent location for independent employment. You can choose to work independently and be compensated for each activity or assignment you complete. To operate as a freelancer, a degree is not required. Only writing and communication abilities are required.

  • Category: Freelancing/Businesses 
  • Language: English 

 16. Private English tutor 

The majority of Berlin families hire private tutors to assist their children in learning English and developing their speaking, listening, and writing skills.

  • Category: Tutoring Agencies/Independent Contractors
  • Language: English 

17. Brand marketing manager 

Some brand owners in Berlin employ English speakers to manage all marketing aspects of a brand or product and devise new advertising strategies to boost brand awareness.

  • Category: Marketing firms Language: English 

 18. Software Engineer

You will be responsible for debugging web applications. As a software engineer, you will be responsible for creating desktop applications and software for users.

  • Language: English 
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree

 19. Gastronomy

The gastronomy position recruits native English speakers. This position entails discovering, preparing, serving, and appreciating gourmet cuisine.

  • English and any additional language you comprehend

 20. Analytics Engineer

If you have an analytical mindset and are passionate about working with and moving data, you should work in this profession. You will be responsible for data modeling in order to provide consumers with precise datasets.

  • Language: English 
  • Requirements: operating system knowledge and critical reasoning skills

Best Recruiting Industries for English Speakers in Berlin

1. Ecosia

Working Student: English-Speaking User Support Assistant

  • Contact Ecosia via email: hello@ecosia.org.
  • Official site: https://info.ecosia.org/

2. Appen

(Collection of Data for English Speakers)

  • Official site: https://appen.com/
  • The crowd is available at https://appen.com/.

3. Gallup

(Business Development Associate, bilingual in English and German)

  • Official site: https://www.gallup.com/home.aspx
  • Contact information is available at https://www.gallup.com/contact.aspx.

4. KinFitz & Co

(Sales Manager, English Speaking)

  • Official page: https://kinfitz.com/
  • Email: info@kinfitz.com

5. BIT – Bean Institute of Technology

(English Speaking Teacher Online Web Development Course) (Both sexes)

  • Official site: https://beaminstitute.org/

Top Websites to Find the Entry Level English Speaking Jobs In Berlin 2023:

  1. indeed
  2. simply hired
  3. Linkedin
  4. Glassdoor


Berlin is home to thousands of enterprises. However, you may be required to speak German fluently for the majority of positions. As an English speaker, you will have access to a variety of career opportunities in Berlin. We trust that our list of the best English-speaking entry-level jobs in Berlin is helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you find employment in Berlin if you speak only English?

    If you want to work in Berlin but don’t speak German, don’t panic; there are still plenty of English-speaking job opportunities in the city. However, employing a strategic approach to your job search will increase your prospects of success.

  2. Can I find employment in Berlin without knowing German?

    Even now, it is astonishingly simple for non-German speakers to live and work in Berlin. In fact, it is much too simple. If you do not make the effort to learn at least enough German to be polite, you will be confined to an expat bubble and miss out on the full Berlin experience.

  3. How do I navigate the process of obtaining a work visa?

    Find out which visa is right for you and make sure you meet all the standards before you apply.

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