Farm Jobs in Finland

Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Darwalla is looking for applicants to join a small but highly motivated team in our poultry farms in the Southern Darling Downs. The fertile eggs are laid and assessed on our producing farms before being transferred to our hatchery.

The chosen candidates will be needed to perform a variety of physical chores such as floor walking in sheds, egg collecting, egg grading and packing, and shed cleaning. Because full training is offered, no prior experience is required; nevertheless, a willingness to learn and work hard is required.

Work hours are typically between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m., 4-5 days per week, seven days a week. The hours vary, but you may anticipate working between 25 and 37 hours per week. Overtime is sometimes available. Because our farms are in remote areas, a driver’s license and access to reliable transportation are required.

Because the poultry sector has highly strict bio-security and animal welfare regulations, all employees are prohibited from owning pet birds, poultry, or pigs, as well as living with those who work at other poultry or pig farming work sites. As a result, if you have chickens, birds, or pigs at your home, you cannot work for Darwalla. All of our farms have showers and toilets.

Details About Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Title: Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship
  • Organization: Darwalla Group
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Clifton QLD 4361

Skills & Experience:

Successful candidates must possess the following characteristics:

  • fulfill bio-security standards
  • physically fit and hardworking reliable and self-motivated mature and responsible attitude strong communicator and team player tolerance for working in a poultry environment that can be dusty, noisy, and stinky
  • Previous expertise in production or farming is advantageous, as is a good understanding of English, both written and spoken.


  1. Valid Passport: Make sure your passport is still good for at least six months after your planned stay in Finland.
  2. Job Offer: Get a job offer from a farm owner in Finland who will pay for your visa. This should include information about the job, how long the job will last, and the rules of the agreement.
  3. Work Visa Application: Go to the Finnish office or consulate in your home country and ask for a type D work visa. You will need to pay the visa application fee and send in the necessary paperwork.
  4. Documents Required: Prepare the following documents for your visa application:
    • Completed visa application form
    • Passport-sized photos
    • Valid passport
    • Job offer letter from the Finnish farm employer
    • Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay
    • Travel itinerary (if applicable)
    • Health insurance coverage
    • Any additional documents specified by the embassy or consulate
  5. Health Insurance: Get health insurance that will cover you in Finland for the whole time you are there. This is a necessary step for getting a visa.
  6. Financial Means: Show proof that you have enough money to cover your costs of living in Finland, such as food, transportation, housing, and other necessities.
  7. Medical Examination: Some people who want to get a visa may have to go through a medical test to make sure they are healthy enough to enter Finland.
  8. Background Check: As part of the visa application process, you may have to go through a background check. This could mean checking your criminal past and other important details..
  9. Visa Processing Time: Give yourself enough time to get a visa; the process can take weeks or even months, based on how many applications are received and how long it takes the embassy to process them.
  10. Compliance with Regulations:
  11. Learn about Finland’s immigration rules and laws so that you can follow them while you’re there. Follow all of the rules and requirements for your visa that the government sets out.
  12. yourself with Finnish immigration laws and regulations to ensure compliance during your stay. Follow all visa conditions and responsibilities as outlined by the authorities.
Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship
Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship

Benefits of Farm Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Work in a Picturesque Environment: The countryside of Finland is noted for its spectacular natural beauty, with huge woods, lakes, and tranquil vistas. Farm jobs allow you to work in this beautiful setting while enjoying the peace and quiet of country living.
  • Cultural Immersion: Working on a Finnish farm offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Finnish culture and traditions. You may interact with people, learn the language, and sample traditional Finnish cuisine and culture.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa sponsorship is a substantial benefit, particularly for overseas workers. It guarantees that you have the legal right to live and work in Finland, making the migration process easier.
  • Consistent Employment: Agriculture is an important industry in Finland, and there is always a need for agricultural employees, including seasonal workers. This can result in consistent and dependable employment prospects.
  • Competitive Wages: Farm occupations in Finland are frequently associated with competitive pay and benefits, ensuring that workers are appropriately compensated for their efforts.
  • Learning a variety of skills: Working on a farm can provide a good opportunity to learn a variety of skills, such as farming practices, animal care, and machinery operation. These abilities can be beneficial to future employment opportunities.
  • Fresh Produce: Many farm jobs provide access to locally sourced fresh produce. You might be able to eat farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items.
  • Community Engagement: Rural villages in Finland are typically small and inviting. Farm laborers are frequently integrated into their communities, promoting a sense of belonging.
  • Outdoor Lifestyle: Farm work allows you to spend a large portion of your day outside, which may appeal to you if you appreciate working in nature and leading an active lifestyle.
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Conservation: Finland places a great focus on sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. Working on farms that follow these ideals can be gratifying for people who care about the environment.
  • Work-Life Balance: Farm work frequently follows seasonal cycles, allowing for varying levels of job intensity throughout the year. This can help to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Adventure & adventure: Finland’s location in Northern Europe makes it easy to visit neighboring countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Russia for weekend getaways and adventures.
  • Education and Training: Some agricultural employment may provide opportunities for additional education and training in agriculture or related fields, which can help with professional development.

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About Darwalla:

Darwalla has a varied team and encourages people who are as enthusiastic about raising exceptional chickens as we are. Darwalla began raising chickens over 75 years ago in Mt Cotton as a fourth-generation family enterprise, with farms currently located in the Redlands, Darling Downs, and Lockyer Valley.

We prioritize safety and take care of our employees. You will be given a uniform, training, and necessary safety equipment.

For More Info:

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In the end, farm jobs in Finland that offer visa support give you a unique chance to work in a beautiful setting while learning about Finnish culture. Agriculture has many different jobs that fit a wide range of skills and hobbies. To make your Finnish farming dreams come true, you will need to work hard to get a visa and look for work in a variety of ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible for sponsorship?

    The sponsor must be at least 18 years old; a Canadian permanent resident living in Canada or a Canadian citizen; and. The person who sponsors cannot be imprisoned, bankrupt, deported (if a permanent resident), or accused of a serious offense.

  2. Can a foreigner get a job in Finland?

    A residency permit is typically needed if you want to work in Finland and stay for a period of time exceeding 90 days. To work in Finland for less than 90 days, you will typically need a residence visa. Additional data is available on the Finnish Immigration Service’s website.

  3. Can I get PR in Finland?

    If you have been living in Finland on a continuous residence permit (A permit) for four years, you are able to obtain a permanent residence permit.

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