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Farm Jobs in Norway For Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Norway’s farm parts are growing in size, and farmers have begun to integrate farming with employment other than farming. As a result, the need for farmers in Norway has expanded significantly in recent years. As a foreigner seeking employment in Norway, you can specialize in many agricultural industries that provide food, animal products, and raw materials.

Despite impressive recent advances in industry and trade, Norway remains mostly an agricultural country.

Continue reading to learn about farming in Norway, the most recent job openings, and some tips for effectively landing one as a foreigner.

Depending on the time of year, there will be differences in the labor market for agricultural laborers in Norway.

However, qualified farmers can find full-time and part-time work throughout the year. These vocations primarily consist of general farm tasks such as animal, milk, and plant production.

At the same time, Norwegian farmers strive to produce high-quality agricultural goods. So, while working on a farm in Norway, you may learn a lot, have fun, and eat healthy at the same time!

Details of Farm Jobs in Norway For Foreigners 2024

Qualifications Required for Employment at Norway Farm

Applicants seeking permanent positions should have a college diploma and some farming experience. A tractor driver will need a mandatory certificate.

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The ability to operate milk robots is a necessary skill for milk producers. Some employers require excellent writing and speaking abilities in Norwegian or other Scandinavian languages.

Good English abilities are valued by several employers. Seasonal labor does not necessitate much expertise or experience, although it can be an advantage.

As a result, English is required, and knowledge of Scandinavian languages is advantageous. Citizens from outside the EEA and EU will need to obtain a work permit before applying.

Farm Jobs Are Available For Foreigners

Farmforce is passionate about the first mile of food. Our SaaS solutions give businesses the confidence they need to ensure long-term sourcing, improve farmers’ quality of life, and safeguard the environment.

They turn data into tools, resulting in more vetted acres, more measurable community benefits, better financial prospects for farmers, and greater consumer clarity.

They believe in starting with a better food supply. Knowing the facts about your food-sourcing activities in the first mile gives you confidence.

Customers of Farmforce come from 28 different nations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. They have over nine years of experience on our platform, handling over 735,000 farmers in 27 crop value chains in 15 languages.

A continuous innovation loop with our customers at the heart of the first-mile journey of food.

  • Project Manager for Software Development
  • Start date: as soon as possible
  • Oslo, Norway, is the location.

Job Description

From user stories and requirements to product launches or releases of new, better functionality, managing product development projects, and platform improvement operations.


  • Collect consistent user stories, create Genesis documentation, and undertake high-level planning with the team to organize software development projects.
  • Compiles and documents complicated business requirements for system design and development.
  • For new projects, coordinating calls with parties to document and then analyze their offerings, as well as commercial considerations and technical requirements of features and modules,
  • Manage the product roadmap’s feature implementation planning, technical design, and estimation.
  • Document the outcomes of review discussions and manage feedback loops in order to construct, refine, and evolve major software development project designs and action plans.
  • Prepare monthly bills for specialized software development projects for clients.
  • Reporting on project status, progress, and cost.


  • 2+ years of experience in IT project management
  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required.
  • The ability to lead, facilitate, and communicate with cross-functional teams is required.
  • Experience with project planning, tracking, and facilitation using appropriate tools
  • Excellent communication abilities, as well as written and spoken English fluency
  • Ability to work autonomously and cooperatively in a fast-paced workplace Attention to detail and willingness to contribute where needed

Compensation and Benefits

  • A competitive compensation and benefits package
  • A workplace that is relaxed and adaptable
  • All employees have the opportunity to advance.

Other Benefits

  1. Beautiful Natural Surroundings: Norway is famous for its beautiful surroundings, and working on a farm is a great way for people from other countries to see them for themselves. This might be especially appealing to people who like being close to nature and doing things outside.
  2. Cultural Experience: It is possible to fully experience Norwegian culture by living and working on a farm. Getting to know the locals, doing traditional activities, and living in the country can all add to a cultural experience.
  3. Language Exposure: When people from other countries work on a farm, they can hear and use the Norwegian language every day and improve their language skills. This exposure can help people who want to get better at speaking a language.
  4. Skill Development: Working on a farm usually means doing a lot of different things, like taking care of animals and food. People from other countries can learn useful skills in farming, animal care, and other related fields. You might be able to use these skills for other jobs in the future.
  5. Strong Work-Life Balance: In Norway, having a good mix between work and life is very important. For foreigners looking for a lifestyle that puts personal health and free time first, this may be attractive.
  6. High Quality of Life: Norway always does well on surveys that measure the quality of life around the world. The country has a high standard of living because people can get good medical care, good education, good social services, and a usually safe and clean environment.
  7. Opportunities for Outdoor Activities: You can do many things outside in Norway, like hiking, skiing, and swimming. When you live in the country and work on a farm, these things are easy to get to when you have spare time.
  8. Networking and Social Connections: People from other countries can make friends with people in the area by working on a farm. These connections can help you grow as a person and may also lead to new friendships or chances.
  9. Environmental Consciousness: Sustainability and protecting the earth are very important to Norway. Working on a farm is one way to help with these efforts since many Norwegian farms are dedicated to doing things that are good for the earth.
  10. Potential for Long-Term Residency: Working on a farm can help people who want to live in Norway permanently get closer to their goal of permanent residency. If you want to stay in the country for a long time, it can be helpful to learn about society and make friends.

How to Apply

If you’d like to work at Farmforce, please email (quoting the job title you’re looking for) and include a CV and a link to your LinkedIn page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can a foreigner find work in Norway?

    Employers should read this information.
    A residency permit is required if you are from a country other than the EU or EEA and intend to work in Norway. If you do not already have a residence permit, you must apply for a work-related residence permit. Previously, this was known as a work permit.

  2. What are the most in-demand jobs for foreigners in Norway?

    The public sector employs roughly three-tenths of the Norwegian workforce, in fields such as health and education. Nursing, medical, tourism, engineering, oil and gas, the fishing sector, building and construction, and IT and communications skills are in high demand.

  3. What is the salary for farm jobs in Norway for foreigners?

    Foreigners can work on farms in Norway, but their pay depends on the job, their skills, and where the farm is located. But on average, farm workers in Norway can expect to make about 200,000 NOK (about $22,000 USD) per year.

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