Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Sobha Singh Grewal and Sons Farms Ltd. in Surrey, British Columbia, is accepting applications from qualified individuals who are self-motivated and have strong interpersonal skills for the position of farm supervisor. The selected candidate must report to work as soon as possible. The available positions are either full-time or permanent. There are four shift periods available: day, evening, weekend, and morning.

Details of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

Employer Name:Sobha Singh Grewal and Sons Farms Ltd.
Job Role:Farm Supervisor
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time-Part Time
Min. Education:High School/Secondary/Graduation
Job Category:Government Jobs, Agriculture Jobs, and Construction Jobs
Nationality:All nationalities can apply.
Min. Experience:1-2 Years
Job Location:Surrey, BC
State:Surrey, BC
Salary:$22.00 hourly for 40 hours per week
Benefits:Will be discussed in the interview.
No. Vacancies4

Benefits of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • Diverse Work Environment: Canada’s extensive geography and climate variations provide opportunities to work with a variety of Farm Supervisor, including dairy, crop, poultry, and cattle farms, allowing for a variety of experiences.
  • Learning Opportunities: Farm Supervisor provides opportunities for hands-on education in agriculture, animal husbandry, and horticulture, making it a valuable educational opportunity.
  • Outdoor Work: For those who prefer working outside, Farm Supervisor jobs provide the opportunity to connect with nature and reap the health benefits of fresh air and physical activity.
  • Community: Farm Supervisors are frequently involved in tight-knit communities, which nurture a sense of belonging and camaraderie among farm workers.
  • Skill Development: The cultivation of a variety of skills, including problem-solving, mechanical knowledge, animal care, and crop management, is necessary for Farm Supervisor.
  • Job Security: Agriculture is a fundamental industry, so there will always be a need for Farmworkers to ensure employment security.
  • Financial Stability: While farm labor can be physically demanding, it can also provide financial stability and long-term employment opportunities.
  • Room for Advancement: Many farm employees have the opportunity to advance to higher positions or assume more responsibilities within the farm.
  • Variety of Roles: Field workers, equipment operators, and farm managers are just a few of the roles available in agriculture, enabling individuals to find positions that match their skills and interests.
  • Immigration Pathway: Some agricultural jobs in Canada may provide foreign workers with immigration pathways, such as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP).
  • Local Food Production: Those who value sustainable agriculture may find Farm Supervisor personally satisfying because it contributes to local food production and food security.
  • Physical Fitness: Frequently requiring physical labor, Farm Supervisor can help individuals maintain physical fitness and an active lifestyle.
  • Cultural Exchange: Foreign Farm supervisors in Canada have the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange and gain exposure to Canadian society.
  • Lodging and Amenities: Some Farm supervisors provide lodging and luxuries for their employees, thereby reducing their cost of living.
  • Educational Opportunities: Canada offers agricultural education and training programs for those seeking a career in agriculture.
  • Rural Lifestyle: Working on a farm can provide a rural lifestyle with access to country living, which can be alluring to those in search of a calmer and more tranquil environment.

Description of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • The applicant must be capable of performing routine farm tasks.
  • The applicant would be required to maintain quality assurance and production records.
  • The applicant will be responsible for directing and coordinating the efforts of agricultural laborers and harvesters.
  • The applicant will need to establish work schedules and protocols.
  • The applicant will be responsible for overseeing and managing crop-related operations, including cultivation.
  • The candidate must have experience operating farm apparatus, equipment, and structures.
  • The applicant would be responsible for maintaining work files and records.
  • The candidate should be responsible for supervising the overall operations of the farm.
  • The candidate will be required to keep an inventory of the stowed materials.
  • The candidate will be expected to conduct repairs and maintenance on farm machinery and equipment when necessary.
  • The candidate must have experience operating farm equipment, such as tractors and vehicles.
  • The candidate should ensure compliance with legal requirements for agricultural operations.
  • The candidate should ensure that the property has access to water at all times.
  • The applicant should be accountable for keeping the farm’s financial and production records current.
  • The candidate will be required to evaluate current operations, agriculture, livestock, personnel, and financial records and make recommendations for improvement.
  • The candidate will be responsible for developing planting and harvesting schedules and plans, as well as communicating requirements to staff members.
  • The candidate would be required to visit various departments to inspect agriculture and livestock, as well as conduct soil and water testing.
  • The candidate will be responsible for ensuring that seedlings, fertilizer, insecticides, and other supplies are routinely replenished.
  • The candidate will need to regularly install, maintain, and monitor the irrigation system.
  • The candidate will be responsible for the marketing and sale of agricultural products like grain, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and livestock.
  • The applicant will be responsible for ensuring that all employees comply with health and safety regulations.
  • The candidate will be expected to direct and coordinate crop-growing activities.
  • The candidate is expected to aid in the recruitment and training of new hires.
  • The candidate would be expected to cultivate professional relationships and remain current on agricultural science developments.
  • The candidate must be aware of the weather’s effects and develop contingency plans.
  • The applicant will be required to make sure that deadlines are attained for tasks like planting and harvesting.
  • The applicant must maintain knowledge of diseases and parasites, as well as their transmission and treatment.
  • The candidate will be responsible for monitoring employee rosters, working hours, and performance, as well as addressing any complaints.
  • The candidate will be expected to supervise the work of farming units and make suggestions for improvements and alterations.
  • The applicant will be required to assist and direct general farm laborers in their daily activities.
  • The applicant must ensure compliance with biosecurity and agricultural safety measures.

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Requirements of Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

  • The applicant must demonstrate English language proficiency.
  • There is no requirement for standard educational credentials such as a bachelor’s degree, a certificate, or a certification.
  • The ideal candidate will have at least one to two years of experience working in a relevant discipline.
  • The candidate should possess exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  • For this position, excellent hand-eye coordination is required.
  • The applicant must be punctual.
  • The optimal applicant will be organized and flexible.
  • The candidate must assume responsibility.
  • The candidate must be genuine.
  • The candidate must place a premium on values and ethics.
  • The applicant must possess excellent interpersonal and judgmental skills and be a team member.
  • The candidate must be adept at setting priorities and managing their time effectively.
  • The candidate must possess exceptional organizational skills and the ability to multitask.
  • The applicant must be able to endure prolonged exposure to insects and thorns while working outdoors.
  • The applicant will be required to work in hot, cold, dusty, damp, or humid environments.
  • The candidate must be able to maintain complete concentration in loud environments.
  • The candidate must be capable of working in a chaotic, fast-paced environment.
  • The applicant must have the ability to manage stress.
  • The candidate should be expected to perform repetitive tasks on a regular basis.
  • The candidate must be able to regularly perform physically demanding tasks.
  • The candidate must routinely be required to carry heavy goods.
  • The candidate should be meticulous.
  • The applicant must be willing to spend a significant amount of time standing.
  • The candidate must be willing to spend a significant amount of time stooping, squatting, and kneeling while working.
  • The applicant must be able to stand, recline, or move around for extended periods of time.
  • Within the allotted period, the candidate must complete the assignment.
  • The applicant must be willing to devote additional time if necessary.
  • The applicant must be able to distinguish between various hues.
  • The applicant must be able to differentiate between sounds that are similar and dissimilar.
  • The candidate must be affable and possess strong communication skills.
  • A thorough investigation into the criminal history of the candidate is required.
  • The candidate must have the initiative to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • The candidate must be able to organize and direct numerous, diverse agricultural activities, manage large teams of farm workers, and supervise both skilled and unskilled workers in a variety of agricultural duties.
  • The candidate must be able to maintain time, production, and expense records, as well as generate reports and recommendations for improving processes and machinery.
  • The candidate must be proficient in analytics and have strong critical thinking skills.
  • The candidate must have the ability to make decisions under duress.
  • To complete all tasks quickly, effectively, and efficiently, the candidate must be in excellent mental and physical health.

How to Apply for Farm Supervisor Jobs in Canada

If you are interested in applying, please use one of the options provided.

By email:

People Also Ask:

  1. What is the role of a farm supervisor in Canada?

    Supervise and oversee growing and other crop-related operations. Supervise the maintenance of infrastructure, equipment, and supplies. Develop work schedules and establish procedures. Ensure farm safety, food safety and security, and bio-security procedures are followed.

  2. How much does a farm supervisor earn in Canada? 

    Entry-level positions start at $32,175 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $49,725 per year.

  3. What is the meaning of farm supervisor? 

    Farm supervisors supervise the work of general farm workers and harvesting laborers.

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