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Government Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

You now have the opportunity to work for the Canadian government in one of six British Columbia government departments where recruitment for secondary school-educated professionals is currently underway, and I believe that all of my job-seeking audience can take advantage of this opportunity. I must also mention that for all of the Canadian government positions in British Columbia that I am discussing in this article, you are only required to submit your resume or CV along with your secondary school certification; higher education credentials are not required.


In Canada’s fast-paced job market, government jobs are becoming more and more appealing. People looking for work really want these jobs because they are stable, pay well, and offer a lot of different possibilities. Let’s look at the types of government jobs in Canada and the exciting opportunities they offer as we move into the year 2024.

The Benefits of Government Jobs

There are a lot of great things about working for the Canadian government, like job security, fair pay, chances to advance in your career, and a focus on balancing work and personal life. Because of these things, government jobs are popular with people who want security and long-term opportunities.

List of Government Jobs in Canada

1. Coast Guard Fleet jobs in Oceans & Fisheries dept of Canada

You have until March 31, 2024, to organize your documents and obtain the necessary certifications in order to be hired by the Canadian Coast Guard department and earn approximately $57.5k per year working under a CCG officer.

You may be wondering what certifications are required to be eligible for this Coast Guard fleet job. You will need an able seafarer certification, marine medical care or first aid certification, SVOP, bridge watch certification, an acquisition license, and SVMO; if you obtain all of these certifications by March 31, 2024, you will be able to apply for CCG jobs.

2. Transport Department Jobs in Canada

According to my research, the transport department in British Columbia is also employing entry-level inventory jobs at the CR 04 level, and all of their current jobs are administrative positions in Kelowna, Penticton, Victoria, Sidney, Prince Rupert, Surrey, Vancouver, and many other cities.

The salary for the CR-04 level position at Transport Canada is approximately $50,800, and the deadline for submitting a job application to the Transport Canada department is August 31, 2023.

2. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Jobs

If you want to begin working for RCMP Canada, you must act quickly because the deadline to submit a resume and job application is August 7, 2023. However, let me also inform you that RCMP will only consider applicants who are proficient in or have work experience with CPIC/PRIME/TEAM/SAP and can provide administrative support to their assigned senior officers.

Consequently, if you are hired by the RCMP in 2023, you will be compensated on the CR 04/05 pay schedule, which ranges from $50,8k to $60,1k annually, whereas you can submit your application for RCMP jobs on this page.

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4. Mail Clerk Jobs Canada

I am pleased to inform you that the RCMP has announced multiple job openings for mail clerks with a salary of $45,000 or more. The application deadline for these positions is December 31, 2023.

This is one of the simplest Canadian government jobs, requiring applicants’ proficiency and skills in MS Office suite including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Additionally, some prior experience in admin-level duties is preferred. If you want to apply for these mil clerk jobs in the Canadian government, you should do so as soon as possible so that your job profile can remain ahead of all other job applicants in these inventory jobs.

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In conclusion, working for the government in Canada is a good way to start a career and there are many perks and chances to grow. People looking for jobs in the public sector should look into all of its different areas, make their applications stand out, and keep up with industry trends in order to find satisfying jobs.

People Also Ask:

  1. Who is eligible for a government job in Canada?

    To be Canadian citizens or hold a valid work permit in accordance with government requirements, meet the House of Commons pre-employment screening requirements.

  2. Is it easy to get a government job in Canada?

    Finding a government position in Canada can be difficult, particularly for newcomers unfamiliar with the job market or the hiring process.

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