House Maid Jobs in Romania

House Maid Jobs in Romania 2024 – Free Visa

Alliance Recruitment Agency is seeking a housekeeper in Bucharest, Romania, with at least one year of experience performing housekeeping responsibilities such as cooking, ironing, and cleaning. Experienced candidates from Dubai will be given preference. The visa, lodging, and meals will be provided by the organization.

Eligibility is universally stated. The candidate must have a fundamental command of the English language. Let’s investigate every aspect of housekeeping jobs in Romania including a complimentary visa, lodging, and food provided by the employer.

Details of House Maid Jobs in Romania:

Job CountryRomania
IndustryHousekeeping/ Domestic Services
Job TypeHouse Maid
Minimum Experience Required1 year
Education RequiredBasic English
Any Age LimitNo
Employment TermTemporary and Full-Time (Subject to Visa Extension)
Salary Hourly€700 per month

Requirements of House Maid Jobs in Romania:

  • An English speaker
  • She should preferably be a Christian.
  • Interested in traveling with us
  • Cooks, cleans, irons, does laundry, and performs housework.
  • The Christian
  • wedded to

Job Duties of a House Maid:

  • Performing Cleaning
  • Performing mopping
  • Requiring ironing
  • Preparing food on demand
  • The act of sweeping

Benefits of House Maid Jobs in Romania:

  • Consistent Employment: Frequently, housemaid jobs offer employment stability, particularly when one is employed by a single household for a prolonged period.
  • Provision of Lodging and Meals: Certain situations exist in which live-in housemaids are remunerated with complimentary lodging and meals.
  • Adaptability: Depending on the employer-provided arrangement, certain housemaid positions may permit flexible work hours. This may prove to be beneficial for individuals who have additional obligations.
  • Immediate Effect: Indirectly, housemaids can enhance the comfort and welfare of a household. Experiencing concrete outcomes as a result of one’s efforts can be gratifying.
  • Individual Connection: Developing close relationships with the families for whom they work may foster a sense of community and belonging among live-in housemaids.
  • Educational Opportunities: Opportunities to develop a variety of household management skills, such as cooking, cleaning, and organization, may be available through housemaid employment.
  • An Intercultural Exchange: Housemaids may be exposed to a variety of cultures, traditions, and customs through their employment in different households or with families of diverse backgrounds.
  • Benefits in Cash and Suggestions: Certain employers offer supplementary monetary compensation or gratuities in recognition of outstanding service. This may contribute to the total compensation.
  • Employment Security: Domestic work can provide a degree of job security in numerous situations, particularly when the housemaid establishes a positive rapport with the employer.
  • The Concept of Independence: Housemaids frequently manage their daily responsibilities with some degree of autonomy while working in the residence of another individual, which may appeal to those who value independence at work.

Who Can Apply for House Maid Jobs in Romania?

All Asian, African, and Latin American nations that are generally interested in future employment in Romania and other European countries are welcome to apply for housemaid jobs in Romania in exchange for a complimentary visa, lodging, and meals provided by the employer.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominicia
  • Sudan
  • Grenada
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago
  • Lucia
  • Vincent
  • The Grenadines
  • Kitts-Nevis
  • Montserrat.
  • All European, Asian, and African nationalities can apply

How to Apply for House Maid Jobs in Romania?

Please follow the hyperlink provided below to submit your online application directly on the job advertisement website.

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Alliance Recruitment Agency has housemaid jobs available in Romania. Find out who is eligible, what they need to do to apply, what their responsibilities are, what perks they offer, and how to do it. Find out what the average pay is for housekeepers in Romania and what you need to do to get a job there.

  1. How much do housekeepers get paid in Romania?

    The average pay for a housekeeping attendant is RON 39,812 a year and RON 19 an hour in Romania. The average salary range for a housekeeping attendant is between RON 30,695 and RON 45,863.

  2. How do I get a job in Romania?

    Employers must obtain the necessary work permits for foreign candidates seeking employment in Romania. 
    One must not have any criminal record that can potentially hold them back from working in Romania. 
    The candidate must have a valid passport.

  3. How much does it pay per hour in Romania?

    The minimum wage has been revised in Romania, with effect. The minimum wage is increased from RON2,550.00 to RON3,000.00 per month and from RON15.24 to RON18.00 per hour.

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