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Jobs in Dubai 2024 International Students – Apply Now

Jobs in Dubai 2024 in the United Arab Emirates are now accepting applications. All international applicants from around the globe may apply for these positions. Dubai broke the world record by welcoming over 14 million tourists, and it is anticipated that this figure will continue to rise in 2024.

As a consequence, job opportunities have increased in every industry in Dubai as a result of the tourism boom. When Dubai’s tourism industry flourishes, it generates a plethora of employment opportunities and positions for foreign nationals. In Dubai, the restaurant, hotel, and transportation sectors have seen an increase in employment openings.

Dubai is a highly sought-after tourist destination that provides an abundance of activities and employment opportunities. Dubai is renowned for its stringent laws, which have made it a safe and secure destination for travelers. Dubai is an ideal place for travelers to enjoy themselves because there is virtually no crime or unlawful activity. Recent announcements of numerous job openings in various industries for 2024 have made Dubai an even more attractive option for job seekers.


With its shining buildings and diverse population, Dubai has become a place where people from all over the world come to do business and have fun. This article explains how foreign students can take advantage of Dubai’s booming job market, which can be a very exciting part of their academic and professional lives.

Dubai’s Job Market Overview

Dubai’s job market is varied, with jobs in banking, technology, hospitality, healthcare, and other fields. Its strategic location and policies that are friendly to investors make it attractive to international companies, which means there is a high demand for skilled workers.

Rising Industries and In-Demand Jobs

Industries like technology, green energy, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce are growing, which means that people with knowledge in these areas are in demand. People are looking for jobs in areas like data analytics, digital marketing, software development, and green practices.

Jobs in Dubai 2024 International Students Details:

Offered by:Dubai Companies
Degree level:Any Degree
Salary:up to 25,000 dirhams
Eligible nationality:Any Country
Job country:United Arab Emirates

List of Jobs in Dubai 2024 International Students

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Here is a compilation of various employment opportunities in Dubai for degree holders of all levels.

1# Nesto Dubai:

NESTO Hypermarket has an immediate need for personnel earning up to 8,500 dirhams per year. Nesto is a well-known retail chain in the UAE that is currently recruiting for various positions.

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2# Emaar Properties Jobs:

Emaar is among the most prominent and well-known construction firms in Dubai. Emaar Properties has posted over 40 employment openings with salaries of up to 25,000 AED.

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3# Noon Dubai:

Noon, a Dubai-based e-commerce platform, has created over 200 positions paying up to 35,000 AED. Noon is a technology leader with a straightforward mission: to create a world-class digital marketplace for Middle Eastern consumers and enterprises.

4# RTA Dubai Jobs:

RTA is the Dubai transit authority responsible for all modes of transportation. Taxis, buses, the subway, and private transfers RTA Dubai establishes 800 positions, paying up to Dh30,000 each.

Available Positions

  • Professional Licensing System Support
  • Accountant Senior, Revenue Project Manager Expert, Clearing and Settlement
  • Senior Technical Inspector: Maintenance of Traffic Signs and Road Markings Office Manager: Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Traffic and Roads System Analyst: Nol Digital Systems
  • Analyst, Senior, Infrastructure Chief Analyst, Manpower Planning Expert, Service Assurance and Enhancement
  • Chief Engineer, Corporate HSE Audit Systems Analyst Engineer, Planning and Development Transportation Network Chief Specialist, Strategic Planning Senior Specialist, Asset Investments Specialist, Asset Investment Engineer, Operations Manager, HR Studies and Policies

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Dubai’s cosmopolitan feel and busy job market make it an exciting place for foreign students to look for work. If you learn about the local culture, take advantage of opportunities, and improve your skills, you can set yourself up for a rewarding and successful job.

People Also Ask

  1. How can I work as a student in Dubai?

    To obtain a permit to work part-time in Dubai, international students must be sponsored by a university. Students need a permit from the UAE Labor Department to work part-time. In Dubai, students can choose between on-campus and off-campus employment.

  2. How do I effortlessly obtain a job in Dubai?

    Advice for landing a position
    Start with a compelling cover letter and an honest curriculum vitae.
    Keep your resume current.
    Be diligent and consistent in your quest.
    Check the email address from which you are receiving job proposals.
    Do not pay.
    Study Arabic…
    Stay current in your field of expertise.
    Be realistic about your potential earnings.

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