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National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The National Accounting Office in Islamabad is where the NAB Jobs 2024 announcement will be made. If you are seeking NAB jobs in Pakistan, we have excellent news for you! You are in the correct location. Detailed information about open positions and the application process can be found on this page.

The National Accountability Bureau invites applications from only Pakistani nationals for the hiring of experts under Section 28(b) of the National Accountability Ordinance-I999 for its Headquarters and Regional Offices on a monthly fee basis for a period of one year, according to the following criteria:

Understanding NAB: A Brief Overview

Before we get into the details of the job openings, let’s take a moment to talk about what the National Accountability Bureau is.

What is NAB?

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is the best body in Pakistan for fighting corruption. It was started in 1999, and its main goal is to get rid of corruption and hold people responsible for their actions.

Details Of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Jobs 2024

1LocationJobs in Multan
NewspaperJobs in Jang Newspaper


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Benefits of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Jobs

  1. Job Security: Government jobs usually come with a high level of job security, meaning that workers don’t have to worry about being fired for no reason.
  2. Competitive Salary and Benefits: Government jobs usually come with good benefits, like health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks, as well as fair pay.
  3. Professional Development Opportunities: A lot of the time, government agencies put money into their workers’ professional growth by giving them training and chances to move up in their careers.
  4. Public Service Impact: People who work for a national anti-corruption body like NAB can help the public by participating in efforts to fight corruption and increase openness.
  5. Prestige and Recognition: A job at a well-known company like NAB can give you status and recognition. In the future, it could also lead to job possibilities in the public sector.
  6. Work-Life Balance: A good work-life balance is often emphasized in government jobs, which have set hours and don’t require as much overtime as some private sector jobs.
  7. Job Diversity: NAB may have a range of jobs, from investigative roles to administrative and support roles, so employees can choose from a number of different career routes.
  8. Networking Opportunities: Working for the government gives you the chance to meet people who work in many different areas, such as law enforcement, the legal field, and public administration.
  9. Contribution to National Development: Some employees may feel good about helping the country grow by fighting wrongdoing and encouraging honest behavior.
  10. Legal and Regulatory Experience: People who work at NAB gain useful experience in legal and regulatory issues, which can help people who want to go into law or public administration.

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How to Apply for Jobs in National Accountability Bureau (NAB)?

  • Experience and Educational qualifications will be considered and evaluated as of the application deadline.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a test or interview following a review of applications.
  • Candidates with additional credentials or experience may be favored.
  • The provisions of the contract for the hiring of services will govern the hiring process.
  • Dual or foreign nationality candidates are ineligible to register.
  • The service rendered cannot be claimed in exchange for permanent employment in the Bureau or any other benefit from the Government of Pakistan.
  • No TA or DA will be permitted for the examination or interview.
  • The final selection is contingent on Security Clearance.
  • The monthly fee is taxable in accordance with federal government policy.
  • The duration of the services is extendable based on performance evaluations or requirements.
  • Applications in the prescribed format (without attachments) should be mailed to the following address: Deputy Director (HR), NAB Multan.

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People Also Ask:

  1. Is NAB under the government?

    NAB is governed by the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 1999. Substantive or procedural rules and regulations of general application evolved or adopted by the public body including any manual or policies used by its employees.

  2. What is the work of NAB?

    Under the National Accountability Ordinance, of 1999, the NAB was established as the cell’s successor, and given the additional responsibility of preventing and raising awareness of corruption.

  3. What is the work of NAB?

    The National Accountability Ordinance says that NAB’s job is to fight corruption and hold people responsible for their crooked actions. It tries to stop corruption in Pakistan and make people more aware of it.

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