New Employment Opportunity at Sightsavers Ghana

New Employment Opportunity at Sightsavers Ghana 2024

Sightsavers seeks a Program Officer to assist with our Economic Empowerment project and manage critical stakeholder relationships and events. The Program Officer will ensure that the project is planned, implemented, coordinated, monitored, evaluated, and modified in accordance with the highest quality standards.


In a job market that is always changing, it is important for personal growth and financial stability to find useful work. In 2024, Sightsavers Ghana will be an exciting option for people who want to make a difference and move up in their jobs. This article will talk about the new job openings at Sightsavers Ghana. It will explain the organization’s goal, the open positions, and how you can be a part of their amazing journey.

About Sightsavers Ghana:

Vision and Mission (H2)

Sightsavers Ghana is a well-known international group that works to prevent avoidable blindness and help people with disabilities be included in society. Their goal is to make sure that no one goes blind needlessly, and their purpose is to fight eye diseases, fight for disability rights, and make eye care services easy to get.

Responsibilities for New Employment Opportunity at Sightsavers:

The Program Officer will be an integral member of the Ghana country office and will be responsible for the completion of our new Economic Empowerment initiative. They will also be a part of a global team that assists in the growth and expansion of the portfolio.

The Program Officer will collaborate with the Country Project Management team and other funding and resource partners to plan the execution of activities and disseminate lessons learned. They will collaborate with the partners to plan, initiate, implement, monitor, assess, report, and complete the project.

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Other duties include the following:

  • Collaboration with the Global Technical Leads (Disability Inclusive Economic Empowerment) and other company experts.
  • Support the development or modification of tools, such as a participant database, a method for keeping track of entrepreneurs, an ILO tool, a Three Circles Tool, informed permission forms, surveys, feedback forms, and participant registration forms.
  • Assist individuals in learning and altering by creating and employing tools, events, and processes such as learning diaries, action learning groups, qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, and tools for analyzing and sharing performance data.
  • Document what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed based on input from project design, implementation, evaluation, and TOC evaluations, as well as from the project team, global teams (such as the MEL team and GTLs), and external users (such as partners and participants).
  • Identify partner organizations with which Sightsavers can collaborate to achieve the project’s and organization’s strategic objective, which is to ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else through service delivery and advocacy.
  • By sharing information and advocating for the project’s objectives, you can foster lasting relationships with your collaborators that will outlast the duration of the project.
  • Assist project participants in developing budgets and forecasts.
  • Together with the Finance Support Services Officer and the Country Director, monitor the expenditure of the project’s funds.
  • This is a job with a variety of duties and responsibilities, not all of which are listed above. Refer to the job description for further details.

Knowledge and Skills:

If you obtain the position, you will have dealt with job market issues such as labor market assessments, training and development of skills, internships, employer engagement, disability inclusion, job placements, and job fairs.

Some other needs are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher or experience in social sciences, education, development studies, public health, or a related field
  • Knowledge of national disability, human rights, and employment laws and policies.
  • Extensive experience putting together initiatives, including in the fields of disability and gender mainstreaming.
  • Expertise in monitoring initiatives, evaluating them, and gaining knowledge from them.
  • Experience with social inclusion and disabled project planning, management, and advocacy
  • Experience assisting other groups with computer-related issues.
  • Knowledge of current issues and best practices in the fields of disability, the UNCRPD, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and employment would be useful.
  • Experience working for an IGO or NGO

Benefits of New Employment Opportunity at Sightsavers Ghana:

  • Making a Difference: Working with Sightsavers Ghana allows you to have a big influence on the lives of people with visual impairments and disabilities, contributing to their well-being and social inclusion.
  • Fulfilling Work: Working with an organization like Sightsavers may be extremely exciting and rewarding if you have a love for social and humanitarian causes.
  • Professional Growth: Sightsavers Ghana offers chances for professional development and progress, such as training and job advancement.
  • Competitive remuneration: To attract and retain exceptional workers, the organization provides competitive remuneration and benefits.
  • Supportive Work Environment: Sightsavers Ghana creates a supportive and collaborative work atmosphere that encourages teamwork and creativity.
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: The organization supports diversity and inclusion, fostering an environment in which people from all walks of life can thrive.
  • International Exposure: Working with Sightsavers Ghana may entail cooperation with international partners as well as exposure to global best practices in the field of eye health and impairment.
  • Learning and Networking: Sightsavers Employment Ghana offers possibilities for ongoing learning and networking with subject matter specialists.
  • Health and Well-being: The company frequently provides health and well-being perks to its employees, ensuring their physical and mental wellness.
  • Work-Life Balance: Sightsavers Ghana encourages work-life balance, which can improve employees’ overall quality of life.
  • Community Engagement: The company works with local communities and partners to provide employees with chances to interact and contribute to community development.
  • Personal Development: The nature of the work requires individuals to grow personally and professionally, improving abilities such as problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.
  • Global Health Initiatives: Sightsavers in Global Health Initiatives Ghana participates in global health initiatives and collaborations, which provide opportunities to contribute to larger health and development goals.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Working with the organization can help advocate for the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities, as well as raise awareness about eye health.


The dedication of Sightsavers Ghana to stop blindness and fight for the rights of people with disabilities is both inspiring and important. If you want to work for Sightsavers Ghana, you can join a team that wants to make a real change in the lives of many people. Don’t miss out on this great chance to help Ghana and the world have a better future.

People Also Ask:

  1. Is Sightsavers a worthy organization?

    This charity has earned a four-star rating with a score of 95%. If this organization’s passions and values align with your own, you can give with confidence.

  2. What is the controversy over sightavers?

    The Telegraph’s investigation revealed that Sightsavers, which provides international development work for the blind and visually impaired, does not prohibit its employees from having sexual relationships with those who receive aid.

  3. What do Sightsavers do?

    Sightsavers strives to eliminate avoidable blindness and ensure that persons who have disabilities have equal access to society. Our goal is a future free of preventable blindness, where individuals with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else.

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