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Norway Government Jobs 2024 – Free Work Visa

Norway is currently recruiting recent college graduates, experienced professionals, researchers, expert laborers, and diploma holders. This is due to Norway’s recent inability to employ many of its citizens in available positions. Consequently, the nation is presently seeking proficient and qualified laborers from foreign nations.

Norway has a plethora of new employment opportunities available to foreign nationals. However, the Norwegian work visa application procedure is frequently a deterrent for foreign job seekers, preventing them from obtaining employment in Norway. In contrast, the Norwegian government has recently altered its work visa policy to facilitate the acquisition of work visas by qualified individuals.

You must locate the appropriate Norwegian employers that provide visa sponsorship for employment. This will facilitate the acquisition of your employment visa at an accelerated rate. Furthermore, numerous private and public organizations in Norway provide sponsorship for work visas, thereby streamlining the employment process for foreign nationals (see This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of companies that sponsor visas for employment in Norway. It will also detail the hiring process, applicant requirements, and minimum qualifications for positions advertised.

List of Norway Government Jobs with Work Visa:

Hansen Technologies Jobs in Norway

Hansen Technologies, a globally recognized software company, maintains offices in numerous countries. The organization maintains a sizable office in Norway where job applications are accepted. Additionally, Hansen Technologies has received employer approval from the Norwegian government, so applications will be handled competently. Hansen Technologies values innovative and long-lasting solutions; therefore, they welcome qualified foreign nationals to join their team in Norway.

MSD Jobs in Norway

MSD, a renowned biopharmaceutical company, endeavors to provide its clientele with cutting-edge products and services. Because this Norwegian company manufactures pharmaceuticals, animal health products, and vaccinations, it requires an exceptionally qualified staff. MSD additionally assists its selected candidates in obtaining Norway work visas, facilitating their seamless relocation to Norway. MSD determines whether or not to sponsor the visa of a new employee by examining local labor laws, legal requirements, and other procedures. You should therefore consider applying for employment at MSD Norway.

Meraki Jobs in Norway

Meraki is a Norwegian-based information technology corporation that specializes in switching, WiFi, and security technologies. Their network security services are of the highest quality, and they have established a solid reputation in Norway as an excellent IT solutions provider. Meraki, on the other hand, is perpetually in search of AI engineers, software developers, and IT engineers due to the complexity of their IT operations. Therefore, beginning this year, Meraki employs international candidates who meet the requirements and are prepared to begin work for the company. Meraki is pleased to announce that international candidates are now eligible to apply for a variety of Cisco positions.

Quorum Business Solutions Jobs in Norway

Quorum Business Solutions offers visa-sponsored employment opportunities to foreign nationals desiring to establish themselves in Norway. Concerning its operations, Quorum is a provider of software solutions. Quorum is seeking proficient foreign personnel with a strong aptitude for problem-solving and expertise in software technology and information technology. Quorum will also sponsor your Norwegian visa if you obtain employment with this organization and satisfy the necessary qualifications, labor laws, and legal requirements.

Benefits of Norway Government Jobs:

  • Employment Security: Public-sector employment in Norway generally offers an exceptional degree of job stability. Positions in the civil service are frequently secure and less susceptible to economic fluctuations.
  • Comparative Wages: In general, government positions in Norway pay competitive wages. The Norwegian government is renowned for offering its employees competitive and appealing compensation packages.
  • Life-Work Balance: A significant emphasis is placed on work-life balance in Norway. Culturally, there is an expectation that government employees maintain a healthy work-life balance, and they frequently observe standard work hours.
  • Benefits and Pensions: In Norway, government employment generally entails all-encompassing benefit packages, which comprise health insurance, pension schemes, and various other advantages. The Norwegian social welfare system is renowned for providing its citizens with substantial assistance.
  • Career advancement prospects: Frequently, Norwegian government agencies offer training and professional development opportunities. Employees might be granted access to initiatives designed to augment their skill sets and facilitate career progression.
  • Exceptional Leave Policies: Norway’s policies regarding vacation and absence are exceptionally lenient. A substantial quantity of annual leave may be available to government employees, enabling them to take time off for family and personal matters.
  • Dedication to Inclusion and Diversity: Frequently, Norwegian government agencies are dedicated to promoting workplace diversity and inclusion. Attempts are being made to establish a workplace atmosphere that is inclusive and appreciates personnel from diverse backgrounds.
  • Influential Work: Government employees in Norway may have the opportunity to make positive contributions to society. Numerous positions within the government entail performing public service and making contributions to the nation’s welfare and progress.
  • Stable Economic Conditions: The affluent and stable economy of Norway positively influences the stability of government employment. The level of economic prowess within the nation influences the capacity of the government to offer stable employment and competitive remuneration.
  • The Life Quality: Norway rates highly on global quality of life indices consistently. Government employment in Norway entails membership in a society that places a premium on healthcare, education, social welfare, and environmental sustainability.

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List of Multinationals in Norway offering jobs with free work visas.

G8 Education Jobs in Norway

Please permit me to commence by providing a brief overview of G8 education. G8 Education is a Norwegian educational organization that promotes character-building activities while assisting children in their education. Additionally, they advertise beneficial new indoor and outdoor activities for students.

G8 education can lead to employment in Norway, where center managers, instructors, coordinators, regulators, curriculum developers, and so forth, are the most common occupations. Working experience and a degree in education or a specialized field are both advantageous qualifications for obtaining a teaching position at G8 Education in Norway.

Procter & Gamble Jobs in Norway

Similar to Norway, where they are seeking plant technicians, production engineers, data analysts, supervisors, control engineers, legal advisers, auditors, R&D departments, soil technicians, truck drivers, and more, P&G offers some of the highest-paying employment opportunities abroad. Procter & Gamble Norway requires candidates to provide evidence of their work experience and skill set. This assists P&G Norway’s HR department in locating the most qualified candidates for their high-paying positions.

Language requirement for jobs in Norway

Norwegian businesses and government agencies conduct the majority of their transactions in English. Possessing strong English proficiency will facilitate your job search in Norway. In contrast, the indigenous tongues of Norway are Sámi and Norwegian. Possessing proficiency in either of these languages could potentially benefit Norwegian businesses. Additionally, possessing the appropriate credentials will significantly facilitate your job search in Norway (Perspectives).

List of Skill Shortage Jobs in Norway

Here is an abbreviated list of all the positions in Norway for which qualified candidates are in limited supply and for which you may apply. I recommend that you search for these positions on the official Norwegian government employment portal, which I have linked to previously.

  • architecture
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Department of Tourism
  • Engineering
  • Health care professions
  • AI/IT
  • Teaching jobs and research positions
  • Sales and Retail


Norway has a lot of job openings for foreigners, from new college graduates to experienced professionals and skilled workers. This guide tells you about companies that will support your visa, the benefits of working for the government, multinational companies in Norway, language requirements, and jobs where there aren’t enough people with the right skills. Norway wants to hire skilled and experienced people from all over the world by making it easier for them to get work visas and making the hiring process more streamlined.

  1. Can a Pakistani get a job in Norway?

    You need a residence permit if you come from a country outside the EU/EEA and wish to work in Norway. If you do not already have a residence permit, you must apply for one for work.

  2. Is it easy to find work in Norway?

    It is not difficult to get hired in Norway as it has a low unemployment rate, and with the shift to remote work, international hiring has become more frequent. In February 2022, the rate stood at 3.1%, one of the best indexes among the countries in the Euro Area.

  3. Do I need IELTS to work in Norway?

    Not necessarily. But if someone wants to go for higher studies at any Norwegian university, then IELTS or any equivalent English certificate is required. For work purposes, English proficiency will automatically be evaluated during the recruitment process.

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