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Post Office Assistants Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada

Canada Post – Postes Canada is actively seeking committed foreign workers to join our team in Canada as Post Office Assistants. These roles include visa sponsorship, making it a wonderful chance for people from other countries to work and contribute to the growth of our postal and mail services.


Brief Overview of Job Opportunities Abroad

There has never been more interest in working abroad. A lot of people go to other countries to improve their living conditions, advance their careers, and learn about other cultures. Canada stands out as a place with lots of opportunities among the popular vacation spots.

Importance of Visa Sponsorship

When starting a job that takes you to another country, you often have to deal with visa requirements. Visa sponsorship is very important because it lets skilled people bring their skills and knowledge to a new country.

Details About Post Office Assistants Jobs with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Jobs Role: Post Office Assistants Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada
  • Company: Canada Post – Postes Canada
  • Location: 304 RUE DE L’ÉGLISE, Charette, QC
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Industry: Government Company
  • Salary: $20 – $40 Per Hour
  • Country: Canada
  • Languages: English

Qualification & Experience:

  • Prior postal service experience is not required, however, customer service abilities are appreciated.
  • English proficiency (spoken and written) is required for efficient communication.
  • Eligibility to work in Canada (visa sponsorship available).


Your responsibilities as a Post Office Assistant at Canada Post – Postes Canada may include:

  • Helping Clients: Help clients in a friendly and quick way by answering their postal questions, describing services, and helping them with transactions like buying stamps, mailing packages, and handling registered mail.
  • Sorting and Delivering Mail: Sort incoming and outgoing mail and goods correctly, making sure they are put in the right category and delivered on time to the right people. Follow the set rules for how to handle different kinds of mail, even fragile or private mail.
  • Payments for postage, sales of postal goods like envelopes and packaging materials, and extra services like mail forwarding, tracking packages, and address verification are all things that post offices do.
  • Computer Systems and Equipment: Use computers and special postal equipment, like handheld scanners, postage meters, and automatic sorting machines, to sort mail, keep records up to date, and keep track of deliveries.
  • Facility Maintenance: Make sure that the sorting areas, customer service desks, and storage areas in the post office are clean, well-organized, and well-kept. Keep an eye on the amount of goods you have on hand and ask for more when you need to.
  • Compliance and Safety: Follow the company’s rules, procedures, and safety instructions to keep the postal service safe and running smoothly. Follow security rules when dealing with important mail to keep information private and stop people from getting into postal facilities without permission.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Strive to give great customer service by responding quickly and professionally to customer worries or complaints. Look for ways to make customers happier and more loyal by giving them personalized help and talking to them before they need it.
  • Collaboration as a Team: Coordinate mail handling, share workloads, and help the post office run smoothly by working together with coworkers, supervisors, and other postal staff. Encourage a good attitude and teamwork at work.


  • Great Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills: Candidates should be able to communicate clearly and know how to help customers in a nice, helpful, and quick way. This includes answering questions, fixing problems, and doing business in a professional way.
  • Ability to Work in a Fast-Paced Setting: The postal business can move quickly, especially during busy times. The candidates should show that they can work well under pressure, handle many tasks at once, and organize their duties in a way that meets customer needs.
  • Computer Literacy: You must be able to use computers and apps to send and receive mail, enter data, and communicate. Candidates should be able to use digital tools easily, enter correct information, and fix simple technical problems.
  • Adaptability and a willingness to learn: Post Office Assistants need to be able to adjust to new rules, technologies, and tasks. It’s important to be willing to learn new things, follow postal rules, and keep up with changes in the business.
  • Previous Experience in Retail or Customer Service: It’s not always necessary, but it can be helpful to have experience in retail, customer service, or a related area. It’s helpful to have experience with dealing with cash, talking to people, and keeping a customer-focused attitude.
  • Attention to Detail: Applicants should have a good eye for details to make sure that they process mail correctly, record information correctly, and handle postal deals correctly. Paying attention to the little things helps keep quality standards high and mistakes to a minimum.

Work Setting:

You will join a vital part of Canada Post – Postes Canada, a leading postal and mail services provider in Canada known for its dedication to on-time mail delivery and customer satisfaction. Our post offices provide a collaborative and welcoming work atmosphere that fosters personal and professional development.

Additional Information for Post Office Assistants Jobs with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Eligible candidates will be sponsored for a visa.
  • Hourly wage and benefits packages are competitive.
  • Comprehensive training and development opportunities are available.
  • Postes Canada – Canada Post is an equal-opportunity employer.

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  • Work Permits and Legal Status: Visa sponsorship offers legal permission to work in Canada while also assuring compliance with immigration laws and regulations. Individuals having this legal status are able to live and work in Canada without any legal difficulties.
  • Access to the Canadian Job Market: Securing a job with visa sponsorship allows entry and access to the Canadian employment market, which can be competitive without formal authorization. This increases job opportunities and career advancement opportunities.
  • Stability and Income: Post Office Assistant Jobs with Visa Sponsorship provide employees with a consistent source of income, allowing them to meet living expenses, housing, and other critical needs. This consistency adds to a higher quality of life when working in Canada.
  • Professional Development and Skill Enhancement: Many firms invest in sponsored employees’ professional development and training. Training on postal protocols, customer service, and administrative chores may be included in Post Office Assistant employment, boosting the employee’s abilities and employability not only in Canada but also in other contexts.
  • Permanent Residency: Some employment with visa sponsorship may qualify persons for Canadian immigration processes that can lead to permanent residency. This opens the door to establishing a long-term life in Canada and reaping the benefits of permanent residency.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Working as a Post Office Assistant with visa sponsorship allows individuals to be a part of a diverse work environment, interacting with colleagues and customers from a variety of backgrounds. This experience improves cultural awareness, communication skills, and the capacity to function effectively in a multicultural environment.
  • Networking and business Exposure: Working as a Post Office Assistant might help you network within the postal business. Professional networking can lead to career advancement, job referrals, and a better grasp of the business.
  • Contribution to Canadian Society: Working as a Post Office Assistant allows individuals to contribute to the efficient operation of Canada’s postal service, thereby benefiting society and the economy as a whole by assuring timely and accurate mail delivery services.

How to Apply

To apply for Post Office Assistant employment at Canada Post – Postes Canada in Canada, please visit our official careers website to explore available job listings and submit your application. Adhere to the application instructions on the website.

More Info


We invite people from all around the world who are interested in postal services and customer service to work as Post Office Assistants with Canada Post – Postes Canada. These jobs allow you to work in an important service industry while also helping us achieve our aim of dependable postal delivery. Canada Post – Postes Canada is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we welcome applications from all eligible candidates. Join us in bringing Canadians together through mail and parcels!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the duty of an assistant in the post office?

    A postal assistant usually has a variety of responsibilities throughout the day, including mail registration, sorting, and sending out, as well as handling expedited post records, money orders, and savings accounts. Their duties as a postal assistant could vary depending on their employment type.

  2. What is the main job of a post office?

    A post office is an official government institution as well as a business that offers mail services such as implementing letters and parcels, providing post office boxes, and selling postage stamps, packing, and stationery. Additional services provided by post offices differ by country.

  3. What skills do you need to work at the post office?

    Reading is the comprehension of paragraphs and sentences written in work-related publications. Being Aware of Others is being aware of the reactions of others while comprehending why people act the way they do. Speaking—Talking with others in order to effectively convey knowledge.

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