Reservation Agents Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Reservation Agents Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Are you a customer-oriented, customer-passionate individual seeking a thrilling position in the hospitality industry? You need to look no further! Shangri-La Toronto seeks to add devoted Reservation Agents to its staff. As a prominent luxury hotel brand, we are committed to providing our guests with exceptional service and unforgettable experiences.

As a Reservation Agent at Shangri-La Toronto, you will play a vital role in ensuring that our guests have a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment they book their stay. You will be responsible for managing all incoming reservation requests, providing accurate information about room availability, rates, and hotel amenities, and facilitating guests with bookings.

Understanding the Role of a Reservation Agent

What Does a Reservation Agent Do?

Reservation Agents are very important to the tourism and hotel industries. They are in charge of helping people book flights, hotels, rental cars, and other services related to travel. This job requires good communication skills, a focus on the customer, and a great eye for detail.

Details Of Reservation Agents Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024

Jobs Role:Reservation Agents Jobs in Canada for Foreigners
CompanyShangri-La Toronto
Location:188 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 0A3, Canada
No. of Vacancies:10
Industry:Hospitality & Hotel
Salary:CAD 15 – CAD 25 Per Hour


  • No degree certificate or diploma


  • 3 years to less than 5 years



  • English

Benefits of Reservation Agents Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

  • Visa sponsorship for qualified international applicants
  • A competitive salary and benefits bundle
  • Opportunities for ongoing training and growth
  • A supportive and inclusive work environment The opportunity to work with a globally renowned luxury hotel brand Career advancement opportunities within the organization

Other Benefits

  1. Job Opportunities: As Canada’s tourism business grows, so does the need for reservation agents in hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and other related fields. This means that there are a lot of job opportunities in this area for people from other countries.
  2. Cultural Exposure: When outsiders work as reservation agents, they can talk to people from different backgrounds, both coworkers and customers. This exposure helps people understand other cultures better and gives them a chance to learn about Canadian habits and how things are done at work.
  3. Language Development: It is official in Canada that people speak English and French. Working as a ticket agent is a great way for people from other countries to improve their language skills because they have to communicate clearly all the time. This language improvement can help you grow as a person and in your career.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Reservation agents often talk to people from different parts of the tourism business, like hotels, transportation companies, and travel agencies. Getting to know people in your field through networking can lead to more job chances and teamwork.
  5. Customer Service Skills: As a reservation worker, your job is to give great customer service. Building good customer service skills will help you not only in your current job but also in future jobs in many different fields.
  6. Competitive Salaries: In Canada, reservation agents usually get good pay, and a lot of companies give extras like health insurance, retirement plans, and discounts to employees. The quality of life for foreign workers in the country gets better because of this.
  7. Work-Life Balance: People know that Canada puts a lot of value on work-life balance. A lot of companies care about their employees’ health and happiness, so they offer flexible work hours and vacation plans. This can help outsiders who work as reservation agents live a happy and healthy life.
  8. Career Advancement: As a reservation agent, you’ll learn skills like customer service, communication, and planning that can be used in other fields. This means that people working in tourism or related areas can move up in their careers and grow.
  9. Inclusive Work Environment: Canada is known for having a workplace that is open to everyone. When foreigners work as ticket agents, they will probably find a friendly workplace that values diversity and gives everyone the same chances to move up in their careers.
  10. Possibility of Permanent Residency: Depending on your situation, working as a reservation agent in Canada could help you get permanent status. Canada has many visa programs, and skilled work experience is one of the things that is taken into account.

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  • English proficiency (additional language abilities are a plus)
  • Prior customer service or hospitality experience is preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Excellent detail orientation and organizational abilities
  • Experience with reservation systems (such as Opera) is a plus but not required; training will be provided.
  • Ability to work different schedules, including weekends and holidays.

We would love to hear from you if you are enthusiastic, customer-focused, and willing to join an exceptional team. Submit an application to Shangri-La Toronto today and take the first step towards an intriguing career.

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Reservation Agent jobs in Canada will have a lot of promise for foreigners looking for work in the travel and hospitality industry in 2024. This job is appealing because it is in high demand, pays well, and has a lot of different ways to do it. Foreigners can start a successful job as Reservation Agents in the beautiful and friendly country of Canada if they follow the steps listed and are ready.

People Also Ask:

  1. How much does a reservation agent earn in Canada?

    The average reservations agent salary in Canada is $39,000 per year or $20 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $33,150 per year.

  2. What is the career of a reservation agent?

    Helping plan travel itineraries by suggesting local tourist attractions and places of interest. Processing payments and sending confirmation details to customers.

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