Unskilled Jobs in Italy

Unskilled Jobs in Italy 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Unskilled jobs encompass positions that do not necessitate specialized credentials or expertise, such as those in the fields of information technology, engineering, or science, which demand a relevant degree and a minimum of two years of practical experience. Hospitality personnel, housekeeping personnel, food and beverage personnel, sales personnel, farm laborers, and numerous others are a few examples.

To work unskilled in Italy, a valid Seasonal Worker Visa valid for a minimum of nine months is required. A Type D Long-Term Permit valid for five years allows one to work in any capacity, both skilled and unskilled. Certain occupations have age requirements, whereas others require prior experience. Let’s acquire a comprehensive understanding of Unskilled Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship 2024.

Details of Unskilled Jobs in Italy 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Requirements of Unskilled Jobs in Italy:

Work Visa/ Work Permit Requirements for Unskilled Jobs in Italy:

A quota for qualified and unskilled labor is implemented annually in Italy. In order to qualify for this quota, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Work authorization: An application for work authorization must be submitted by your prospective employer at the One-Stop-Shop for Immigration in Prefettura, where the employment will be conducted.
  • Permit for Residence: Within eight days of your arrival in Italy, you must submit an application for a residence permit to the One-Stop-Shop for Immigration at the “Prefettura” of the competent province.
  • Evidence of Funds: Visas for entry into Italian territory are typically €116 (excluding uniform Schengen visas). The cost of residence permits varies as follows: €40 for stays ranging from 3 to 12 months; €50 for stays spanning from 12 to 24 months; and €100 for intra-corporate transfers, long-term residence permits, and highly qualified personnel.

Job Requirements:

Although each occupation has unique criteria—for instance, certain positions demand prior experience while others solely demand fundamental language abilities—we can broadly summarize them as follows:

  • Years 0 to 2 of experience
  • A fundamental command of English is required. Having a fundamental understanding of Italian or any other European language, however, is an enormous advantage.
  • No criminal convictions or health complications should be present.
  • You ought to possess a readiness to operate under a flexible or fluctuating schedule.
  • You must possess evidence of lodging and sufficient funds to support yourself.

What Unskilled Jobs in Italy Have High Demand for English Speakers?

  1. Cleaners
  2. Hotel receptionist
  3. Cooks
  4. General Farm Worker
  5. Cleaner
  6. Janitors
  7. Fruit pickers
  8. Truck drivers
  9. Porter
  10. Care Givers
  11. Registered Practical Nurse
  12. Dishwasher
  13. Chefs/Cooks
  14. Fuel attendant
  15. Bartender
  16. Supermarket Staffs
  17. Room Attendant
  18. Housekeeper
  19. Live-in Caregiver
  20. Factory Helper
  21. Store Keeper
  22. Waiter/ Waitress
  23. Barista/ F& B Attendant
  24. Receptionist
  25. General Laborer
  26. General Construction Workers
  27. Kitchen Helper
  28. Salesman
  29. Security Guards
  30. Drivers

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Which Industries Hire Unskilled Workers The Most in Italy?

Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Italy is the most popular vacation and tourism destination in the European Union and throughout the globe. In the midst of this persistent worker shortage crisis of 2022, the hospitality and tourism sector is also experiencing significant setbacks, which are unavoidable given its critical nature.

Housekeeping Industry

The housekeeping sector exhibits a close association with the hospitality and tourism industries due to the fact that private residences, apartments, or lodgings of foreign tourists occasionally require cleaning services. On a business level, hotels require housekeeping staff even if they do not have guests. For housekeeping, VIP families residing in Italy or elsewhere hire personnel from around the globe.

Healthcare Industry

Nannying and caregiving positions are open to non-native speakers; however, conversing with Italian-speaking patients typically requires an advanced level of Italian proficiency.

Food & Culinary Industry

In Italy, the culinary industry is a substantial sector that is perpetually in need of unskilled labor. Foreign nationals can obtain employment in fast-food restaurants and pizza establishments with relative ease.

Sales and Retail Chain Industry

International chains require English-speaking personnel for their international franchises in countries other than their home, as almost every brand must accommodate travelers and visitors from around the world. Therefore, as an international language, English is the optimal option. In contrast to unskilled labor, positions such as retail operations agent, salesman, and CSrR, do not require extensive education or experience.

Farm/ Agriculture Industry

In Europe and the globe, Italy is the largest agricultural nation and the largest food producer and processor. To maintain its unprecedented production of olives, grapes, and wheat, Italy requires menial foreign labor.

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in Italy:

  • Procurement of Employment Opportunities: Unskilled labor positions offer prospects for individuals lacking advanced degrees or specialized expertise to secure employment. This holds specific significance for individuals who are transitioning between professions, young individuals entering the workforce, and entry-level workers.
  • Economic Development: Employment rates increase as a result of the availability of unskilled labor, which stimulates economic expansion. A robust labor market fosters increased consumer expenditure, thereby providing assistance to enterprises and contributing to the nation’s holistic economic welfare.
  • Labor Market Adaptability: Frequently, unskilled labor provides availability and work-hour flexibility. Individuals with additional obligations, such as parents, students, or those who prefer part-time employment, may find this flexibility advantageous.
  • Skill Enhancement: Although entry-level menial positions may not initially demand specialized expertise, they can function as valuable opportunities for individuals to acquire hands-on work experience. Engaging in this experience may foster the growth of one’s skill set and augment their prospects for future employment.
  • The Principle of Social Inclusion: Social inclusion is promoted through the employment of a wide variety of individuals, including those with limited education or specialized skill sets, in unskilled labor. This inclusiveness may result in a workforce that is more dynamic and diverse.
  • To mitigate unemployment: The employment of unskilled labor can contribute to the mitigation of national unemployment rates through the absorption of individuals who encounter difficulties in obtaining positions requiring higher levels of skill. This becomes especially critical in times of economic recession, when the need for proficient personnel may diminish.
  • Participation in the Labor Market: Unskilled labor positions function as introduction levels for individuals who are new to the labor market. This preliminary professional experience can serve as a foundational element in fostering professional growth and individual progress.
  • Assistance for Particular Industries: Particular sectors, including retail, hospitality, and agriculture, rely significantly on menial labor. These occupations contribute to the overall stability of the economy and are vital to the operation of these sectors.

Unskilled Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Nanny/ Housekeeper Jobs Visa Sponsored and Free Accommodation

  • Milan, Italy, is where
  • Assisting with child care and general domestic duties, including dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, ironing, and polishing silver and brass, organizing wardrobes, shelves, and cabinets, and laundering and ironing all items (from bed sheets to shirts),
  • Willing to be flexible regarding weekend employment, frequently in exchange for weekday days off.
  • Importance of experience, Italian proficiency, and immigration documents
  • Workweek hours are 5.5 days; weekends are compensated for with days off during the week.
  • A bedroom and restroom are located in an isolated section of the residence.

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Caregiver/ PA Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship and Free Accommodation

  • J1363D Permanent Placement Position Full-time Italian and English speaker International Live-out Nanny/PA
  • Employment Site: Milan, Italy
  • English (minimum conversational proficiency) and Italian (fluency required)
  • Typical weekday hours are Monday through Friday. 4 pm to 7 pm (nanny duties) in addition to approximately 2 to 3 hours of PA duties per day (flexible and work-from-home opportunities!)
  • Gross annual salary: 35,000–45,000 EURO, negotiable based on experience and other relevant factors.
  • Children between the ages of one and two (working in conjunction with another nanny or mother).
  • A driver is necessary for the job, preferably possessing their own vehicle; however, the employer may provide an automatic automobile for business purposes.
  • A live-out nanny or personal assistant is needed to assist an international family residing in Milan (Pallestro). The position will entail providing care for their two children, ages one and two, for an approximate fifty/fifty division of the afternoons (4 pm to seven pm, Monday through Friday), as well as family PA duties that can be performed remotely and on a flexible schedule for two to three hours per day.

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After School Nanny Jobs with Visa Sponsorship and One Time Meal

  • A family is seeking a junior caregiver proficient in English as her native tongue who is available to assist their three children while they attend an English language school abroad in Milan. Two girls, ages 14 and 11, and one child, age 9, require assistance with their assigned homework.
  • They are seeking a person who is vivacious, composed, and relaxed, as well as upbeat, extroverted, and empathetic, and who has the ability to captivate the children.
  • Car is available if required (a prospective candidate will need a valid license) but it is not required to drive for the position.
  • Working Part-Time for €12 to €16 per hour
  • Knowledgeable: Experience
  • Application, curriculum vitae, recent photograph, and two references (including email addresses and telephone numbers) are required.
  • No lodging was provided.
  • The business is open Tuesday through Friday, 3.30 to 4 pm, until 7 pm. Saturday, 8.30/15 to 13.30 and 3.30 to 7.
  • Depends on credentials and experience for compensation.

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Office PA Jobs with Visa Sponsorship, No Experience, and Education

  • Extensive expertise in contemporary office procedures. Proficiency in interpersonal relations and communication Excellent coordination and organizational abilities. Capacity to guarantee efficacy Capability to adapt to shifting priorities and work schedules
  • Assist with the coordination of attendee communications and logistical arrangements for workshops and conferences; contribute to the drafting of letters and other correspondence related to the occasion; aid in the development of support materials for the events; and gather feedback for the purpose of evaluating and organizing future editions.
  • Benefits and compensation will be deliberated upon during the interview.

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Olive Farm Worker Jobs Visa Sponsorship and No Experience

  • Employed nation: Italy.Sector: Agricultural.Type of Employment: Farm Workers.No experience is necessary.Level of knowledge required: Low.No Age Restrictions
  • Sponsorship for visas: Yes.Wage: 2,835.00 Euros
  • Language instruction. Participate in Eco-Projects. A gardener. DIY and construction projects. Animal Welfare. Farmstay support. Preparing and cooking dishes for the family. Provide assistance in the household. Routine Maintenance
  • In our home, you will have your own room with a private toilet and a heater.
  • During your free time, you are welcome to visit and pet the poultry, goats, lambs, and rabbits. Collect fresh eggs from the stable, oranges and mandarins directly from the fruit trees, and vegetables from the garden. Walk the dog through the olive plantations that encircle the village.

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Waiter/ Waitress Jobs Visa Sponsorship and No Experience Needed

  • It is Rome, Italy.
  • Excellent if you have prior experience! However, that is not a prerequisite for us; what matters is your contribution to the team. You seek an environment that allows you to be yourself; we do not tolerate clones in suits. You prioritize making a favorable impression on those with whom you engage, ensuring that they have an unforgettable experience.
  • Assist the group in managing the F&B operations. Maintain adherence to the Safety and HACCP protocols

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More Unskilled Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship

Additionally, there are numerous unskilled jobs in Italy that offer visa sponsorship in 2024, spanning not only the aforementioned sectors but also numerous other industries. Please visit the following icon to take a look.

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  1. Which job is easy to get in Italy?

    As tourism is such a big business in Italy, casual or temporary work should be easy enough to find. There are plenty of seasonal jobs on offer, including bar, hotel, and restaurant work.

  2. What skills are in-demand in Italy?

    Teaching: There is an increased demand for qualified teachers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Some in-demand positions include STEM subject teachers, English language teachers, and international school teachers.

  3. Is the Italian salary good?

    What is the average salary in Italy? According to the OECD, the average salary in Italy is 35,561 EUR per year or 2,963 EUR per month. This figure is 23.17% less than the global OECD average. However, the average income is considered a good salary for a single individual living in Italy.

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