Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan 2024 – Work Visa

The Japan employment visa process is relatively straightforward and expedient. As before, we discussed the Lithuanian Work Visa and the Slovenian Work Visa. To work in Japan, you must have an offer of employment from a Japanese employer. In addition, there are numerous Japanese jobs with visa sponsorship in a variety of industries. Obtaining a Visa Sponsorship Job in Japan is incredibly simple.

Japan requires immigrant labor because the majority of its population is elderly. By 2025, Japan intends to accept 500,000 foreign workers. The initial duration of the Visa will be five years. Japan has a very caring population. They do not at all mislead. Self Controlled. A country that is attainable. In this article, I will discuss the various categories of Japanese work visas, jobs in Japan that sponsor visas, and the application process for obtaining a Japanese Work Visa.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

  • Job Country: Japan
  • Visa Type: Work Visa
  • Who can Apply: Anyone from any country
  • Visa Sponsorship Jobs: Yes
  • Passport Ranking: 2nd Powerful, 190 Visa-Free Destinations

Popular Industries of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

  • English teacher
  • Military personnel
  • Engineer
  • Service staff
  • IT Professional
  • Translator
  • Banker
  • School Teacher
  • English Speaking
  • Mechanics
  • Electrical

Popular Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

Teaching English and Information Technology are the most in-demand fields in Japan that also offer Work Visa Sponsorships, housing, and high salaries.

Types of Visas for Japanese Employment

Although there are numerous other Visas, there are only two varieties of Japanese work visas, each of which is further subdivided into categories. These are the types of Japanese employment visas:

1) Highly Qualified Expert Visa:

  • Highly skilled professional: This visa allows highly skilled professionals to stay in Japan for five years to engage in advanced academic research, advanced specialized or technical labor.
  • Special Highly Skilled Professional: This Visa requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and you can qualify for the Highly skilled Visa if you have experience in your field.
  • Highly skilled foreign professional: This Work visa is also for foreign professionals with advanced skills and experience who wish to work in Japan.

2) Japan Work Permit

This is a standard Japanese work visa that has been issued to numerous foreign employees. This Visa requires no prior employment experience. This visa allows stays of one year, three years, and five years.

Occupations of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was responsible for providing this roster. Employment categories eligible for Japanese Working Visas:

  • Professor
  • Artists
  • Religious activities
  • Journalist
  • Business Manager
  • Legal/Accounting services
  • Medical services
  • Researcher
  • Instructor
  • Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services
  • Intra-company transferee
  • Nursing care
  • Entertainers
  • Skilled labor
  • Specified skilled worker
  • Technical intern training

Duration of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

Visas are issued for one, three, or five years.

Procedure Time of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

The response to your visa application will be provided within five to six business days.

Visa Cost of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

Typically, a Single Entry Visa costs approximately 3000 yen. Japan’s Multiple Entry Visa costs approximately 6000 yen. You must only pay the charge if your application is accepted.

Requirements of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

  • You must possess an employment offer from a Japanese employer or company
  • You need a legitimate passport.
  • You are required to complete and submit the Visa application form.
  • You must submit a photograph that is no more than six months old.
  • Employers in Japan are required to issue a Certificate of Eligibility.


  1. Research Companies: Check to see if there are any international businesses or groups in Japan that have a past of helping foreign workers get work visas. Big foreign companies or businesses that do business all over the world may be more willing to hire people from other countries.
  2. Language Skills: You can greatly improve your job chances in Japan if you know Japanese, especially for jobs that require you to talk to Japanese clients or coworkers. But there are also jobs in foreign businesses where being able to speak and write English well is the most important thing.
  3. Job Search Platforms: Use job search engines, both international ones and ones that are specific to Japan, to look for jobs. Job boards in Japan, and websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other websites can be very helpful.
  4. Networking: In Japan, networking is very important. Go to events in your field, join professional groups, and talk to other people who work in the same field. Networking can lead to job possibilities and teach you about the job market.
  5. Specialized Skills: Japan wants to hire people with certain skills, especially in science, engineering, IT, healthcare, and healthcare. If you have skills that people want, you might have a better chance.
  6. Visa Types: Learn about the different kinds of work visas that are offered in Japan. For some visas, there may be unique requirements and ways to be eligible. For the most up-to-date information on visas, visit the website of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.
  7. Consult with Recruiters: Talk to staffing firms and experts who specialize in placing people in jobs abroad. They can help you find a job, guide you through the application process, and put you in touch with possible employers.
  8. Stay Informed: Stay up to date on changes to Japan’s rules on immigration and work. The requirements for getting a visa may change, and keeping up to date will help you get through the process more easily.

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Essential Documents for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan

  • Valid passport
  • One registration form for visas
  • One Certificate of Eligibility
  • Job Offer Letter containing all pertinent information.
  • Educational Materials (Submit it to your employer in order to obtain a COE.)

Depending on the applicant’s nationality, additional documents may be required in addition to those listed above. Please refer to the website of a Japanese embassy or consulate-general in your location for further information.

What is a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?

In Japan, all foreign workers are required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Immigration Services.

Japan has its own COE (Certificate of Eligibility) System. Once you have received a job offer from a Japanese employer, you can begin the application process.

You must present your documentation to the employer. He is responsible for processing the COE application on your behalf. He’ll acquire it for you.

Visa-Sponsored Employment in Japan for Foreign Candidates

Numerous Visa Sponsorship Jobs are available in Japan from employers, recruitment agencies, and companies themselves.

I’ve listed the most prominent websites for finding Jobs in Japan below. After opening these websites. Click “Overseas Applicants” or “Visa Offered” or simply enter “Visa Sponsorship” into the search bar.

Where to Submit Your Japanese Work Visa Application

The application procedure for the Japanese Work Visa is outlined below.

Acquiring an Eligibility Certificate. Applying for a Japan Work Visa at your country’s Japanese embassy. A catalog of Japanese embassies, consulates, and permanent missions can be found here.

More Info

Helpful Links for Japan Work Visa


Start your journey to work in Japan with this complete guide to jobs that will sponsor your visa. Learn about the different types of visas, the businesses that offer jobs, and how to apply. Check out the most common types of jobs and learn how to apply for Japanese work visas. Find out how to have a fulfilling job in Japan, whether you’re an English teacher, an engineer, or an IT worker.

People Also Ask:

  1. Can I apply for a Japan work visa without a job offer?

    While specific requirements may vary from visa to visa, these are the general requirements you will need when applying for a work permit in Japan: A job offer from a Japanese company. your passport.

  2. What is visa sponsorship in Japan?

    In most cases, obtaining a visa in Japan requires a host organization or an inviting person, such as a school in the case of a student visa or an employer in the case of a working visa.

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