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Ware Washer Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 2024 | Apply Now

Explore Exciting Ware Washer Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners in 2024! Don’t Miss Your Chance to Apply Now for a Thriving Career Opportunity in the Heart of the UAE

Are you seeking a vocation as a hotel professional in Dubai? There are numerous employment openings in the UAE’s hoteling and food industries (in addition to tourism and hotel management, which are also related to key industries).

You do not need to be a professional chef or waiter to find well-paying positions in the hotel industry. As a result of its enviable and ever-growing economy, the UAE is the most sought-after destination for Asian and African migrants. Statistics from Wikipedia indicate that more than 80 percent of the workforce in Dubai and the UAE consists of expatriate laborers.

The local population of the UAE is relatively small, and the country relies heavily on international tourists and multinational corporations. Asian and European labor is utilized for all professional (educated) and unskilled (unskilled and semi-skilled) positions.

Due to the UAE’s economy’s reliance on foreign travelers and immigrants, there are various employment opportunities, some of which do not require formal education or experience. Today’s posting will focus on a comparable position, namely wage washer jobs in Dubai for foreigners in 2024 with Al Farusia Fruits and Vegetables Trading Corporation Ltd., Dubai Downtown.

Here you will discover every job detail, including the job description, employer profile, application procedure, etc. By tapping on the link in the post’s body, it is possible to apply for this position online. So, let’s get started:

The Dubai Job Market for Foreigners

Over time, Dubai’s job market has changed, and it’s no surprise that foreigners are a big part of its growth. The city’s stable economy and central location make it a good place for both entry-level and skilled workers to look for work.

The Role of a Ware Washer

Dishwashers, who clean dishes, are the unsung stars of the hospitality business. They make sure the kitchen runs easily by keeping the dishes, tools, and equipment clean and sanitized. Even though it might seem like a small job, it’s a key part of giving customers a great experience.

Finding Ware Washer Jobs in Dubai

The internet age has changed the way people look for jobs, and Dubai’s job market is no different. You can start your search on online job boards, business websites, and social media sites. You can also meet possible employers at networking meetings and job fairs.

Job Details of Ware Washer Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 2024:

Job title: Kitchen Assistant
Job Company: Al Farusia Fruits and Vegetables Trading
A number of vacancies:1 M/F.
Job type:Full-Time.
Free Food: Yes
Free Accommodation: Yes
Free Medical Insurance: Yes
Employee benefits: Yes
Age limit: 21-40
Expected Salary: 800 AED+ Overtime
Duty hours: 8 hours a day. The day off depends on your shift schedule
Job type: Shift basis, On-Contract

Requirements of Ware Washer Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 2024:

According to the advertisement, the job requirements are neither excessive nor protracted. Here are some of the most important eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum experience of 2 years.
  • Must be able to speak, comprehend, and write elementary English.
  • Visa documentation per agency requirements
  • There is no mention of any specific qualification requirements. However, any professional culinary course, catering course, or kitchen assistant course (as there are so many free online courses today) can increase your employment opportunities.

Benefits of Ware Washer Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 2024:

  • Excellent and consistent performance qualifies you for permanent employment and residency.
  • Free catering for employees during mealtimes.
  • Free room and board.
  • The company will pay for all medical expenses.
  • Attractive compensation (900 dirhams plus overtime).
  • Compensated overtime.
  • All benefits and privileges specified by UAE labor law
  • No knowledge is necessary.
  • A low level of expertise is required.
  • The agency grants visa guarantees.
  • There are no interview fees.
  • Not excessively fewer positions are available, indicating less intense competition.
  • Both men and women may register.

Job Obligations/ Responsibilities of a Ware Washer:

The essential functions and responsibilities of a ware washer include the following:

  • Cleaning dishes and culinary utensils, such as pots and pans, properly
  • Every piece of silver, china, glass, and porcelain will be meticulously cleaned.
  • Distributing and replenishing all wares, including silver, glass, china, etc.
  • Mopping floor.
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances
  • We are maintaining kitchen, dining area, in-flight, or lounge sanitation standards per company guidelines (as EKFC requires you to provide VIP dining services at airport lounges).
  • Organize the stock of utensils in the kitchen and kitchen areas.
  • Assist cooks and kitchen assistants as required during food preparation.
  • Avoiding the breakage of circulating or reusing equipment such as glasses, platters, etc.
  • Perform any additional duties assigned by management.

Average Salary of aWare Washer Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 2024:

The average salary of a washer depends on the candidate’s overall profile, such as where he works, his level of experience, the companies he has worked for in the past, etc. According to popular online job search and salary-indicating websites such as Salary Expert, Grab Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., the average monthly salary for a wage washer with zero to three years of experience in Dubai and the rest of the UAE is $2,073. Occasionally, due to various factors (location, employer, and respective years of experience in the entry-level continuum), the average wage for a laundry washer can reach $2,307 per month.

How to Make a Perfect CV/ Resume for Ware Washer Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 2024?

You can simply Google “CV or Resume Sample for Warewasher Job” to discover examples of picture-perfect CVs or resumes on career-guiding websites such as Zety, My Perfect Resume, Resume.io, LiveCareer, etc. Here are some simple strategies to maximize your chances of being hired and distinguish yourself from other applicants:

  • Choose the optimal format for your CV, such as beginning with your contact information and selecting a chronological layout, using legible fonts with ample white space, etc.
  • If you have two or more years of experience, you must include a resume summary.
  • Utilize a resume objective if you are a new graduate.
  • Create a flawless job description by adhering to these simple guidelines: List your jobs chronologically in descending order (most recent to earliest), use 3-5 bullet points maximum and highlight your achievements, use your achievements to demonstrate a skill your job ad is requesting, and use resume power words (such as spearheaded Company X’s ware washing operations as opposed to being responsible for Company X’s ware washing operations).
  • Provide a summary of your credentials and education. A high school diploma is the highest level of formal education for a washer, dishwasher, or kitchen assistant. You may enroll in any short-term professional course or training program (including those obtained via Coursera, Udemy, etc.).
  • Highlight your experience, such as where you worked, for how long, in what shift pattern, how many hours, the machinery or equipment you can operate (such as the Hobart Dishwasher for Warewashing), and your daily responsibilities relevant to the position (such as how satisfied your guests and coworkers were with the cleanliness and hygiene of the dining area) to convince the employer that you are an expert!
  • Include your talents for teamwork and learning from criticism.
  • Add additional sections to your resume, such as sections on languages, hobbies, volunteer work, etc.
  • Attach a cover letter with a promising or good format that begins in an engaging manner, demonstrates your enthusiasm for the position, and concludes with a call to action.

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How to find more Kitchen Assistant jobs in Dubai / How to search for more Kitchen assistant jobs in Dubai for Foreigners?

The finest sources are job-searching websites and online newspapers. By activating the job notice notifications on any of these job search portals, you receive regular email notifications for all available positions in your desired job role and desired location. In addition, you can select the relevant job roles and receive updates on their imminent openings. LinkedIn, Indeed, and Jobs.Laimoon.com are among the most well-known employment resources in Dubai. Here are some suggestions for finding additional kitchen assistant or kitchen helper jobs in Dubai. Some also provide visa sponsorship.

  • Google “famous job search portals in Dubai”, “job-searching websites in Dubai”, or “jobs in Dubai.” Popular, trustworthy, and responsive job search portals will be presented to you.
  • Create a profile.
  • You can select between three and five positions simultaneously, depending on the job site.
  • Enable the alert notifications (for future use).
  • Input your job search keywords into the search bar.
  • First, consider specific terms such as “warewashing/dishwashing jobs.” Select Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as the desired region in the location bar immediately below the search bar.
  • If your search returns few or irrelevant results, attempt more general terms such as “Kitchen Jobs in Dubai,” “Restaurant Jobs in Dubai,” “Hotel Jobs in Dubai,” etc.
  • Click on the desired position.
  • Submit your resume and all required documents.
  • Wait for the response and continue to examine your inbox.

Cost of Living Considerations

Even though Dubai has good pay, it’s important to think about how much it costs to live there. When discussing your pay, you should think about where you’ll stay, how you’ll get around, and other costs.

How to apply for warehouse jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 2024?

Today, it is very simple. Using the above method, you can discover your desired job through online job search resources. Here is the link to the official Glassdoor jobs page. Submit a resume and apply for the position. If you make the final cut, the interviewer will give you a brief phone call.

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Jobs at a warehouse in Dubai are a good chance for foreigners who want to live and work in this busy city. You can have a fulfilling career in the hospitality business if you have the right skills, are determined, and know how the job market works.

People Also Ask:

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  2. How do I find employment in Dubai?

    Conditions for Obtaining Dubai Work Visas
    A fully-filled application form.
    The applicant’s genuine passport and a copy are required.
    Several passport photos
    A replica of an active employee ID card.
    A certification of good health.
    A permit to enter is issued by the Department of Labor.
    Proof that the application fee has been paid.

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