Companies Sponsor Visa In Papua New Guinea For Foreigners 2023

Companies Sponsor Visa In Papua New Guinea For Foreigners 2023 | Fully Explained

Companies Sponsor Visa In Papua New Guinea For Foreigners 2023: Companies Able to Sponsor Visas for Foreigners in Papua New Guinea: As of early 2022, tens of thousands of immigrants are actively seeking employment opportunities in some of the highest-paying nations in the world, which has a positive impact on visa sponsorship jobs.

This is due to the fact that employees in these countries are paid significantly more than their local counterparts, despite working in the same industries. Most Australian employers are prepared to pay average employees more than $2,000 per month, an amount that may seem unattainable in some African and Asian nations. As a result, there is increased interest in working in some of these countries, where employees are highly compensated and considered the backbone of an organization.

Are you looking for the most reputable companies that can sponsor your Papua New Guinea visa this year? We will eventually provide a list of the top 20 companies that can sponsor visas in Papua New Guinea. Before then, let’s examine the availability rate of visa sponsorship positions in Papua New Guinea as well as the companies that offer visa sponsorship to foreigners.

Are there Companies sponsoring visas in Papua New Guinea for Foreigners?

There are numerous companies in Papua New Guinea that can sponsor foreign laborers for work visas. However, the sponsorship requirements may differ based on the company and the offered position.

To qualify for a work visa in Papua New Guinea, you will typically need an offer of employment from an employer willing to sponsor your visa. Before hiring a foreign worker, the employer must demonstrate that they have made genuine efforts to recruit Papua New Guinea citizens or permanent residents.

Agriculture, tourism and hospitality, healthcare, construction, and information technology are common industries that sponsor work visas in Papua New Guinea. It is important to note that sponsorship requirements and the employment market can change over time, so it is best to consult with a licensed immigration advisor or utilize reputable job search websites.
See below for a list of the top 20 companies in Papua New Guinea that can sponsor visas.

List of 20 Companies That Can Sponsor Visa in Papua New Guinea

1. Oil Search

Oil Search is a Papua New Guinea-based oil and gas exploration and production corporation. The company is committed to sustainable and responsible resource development and has operations in Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Alaska.

2. Bank South Pacific (BSP)

The BSP is a bank with branches in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and Samoa. The bank provides a variety of financial services to individuals and enterprises and is dedicated to advancing financial inclusion and sustainable development in the Pacific.

3. Air Niugini

Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea and flies to Pacific destinations. The airline is committed to providing safe and dependable air travel as well as promoting tourism and economic growth in Papua New Guinea.

4. ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is a multinational energy and gas company with operations in Papua New Guinea, among other places. A strong emphasis is placed on safety, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

5. Ok Tedi Mining Limited

The Ok Tedi copper and gold mine is operated by Ok Tedi Mining Limited in Papua New Guinea. The company is committed to sustainable mining practices and places a heavy emphasis on community development and environmental stewardship.

6. Digicel PNG

Digicel PNG is a telecommunications corporation that provides consumers and businesses in Papua New Guinea with mobile, internet, and other telecommunications services. The organization is committed to digital innovation and places a heavy emphasis on consumer experience.

7. Steamships Trading Company Limited

The Steamships Trading Company Limited is a diversified conglomerate that operates in the maritime, logistics, retail, and real estate industries. The company has a lengthy history in Papua New Guinea and is dedicated to sustainable business practices and community growth.

8. Credit Corporation (PNG) Limited

Credit Corporation (PNG) Limited is a financial services corporation in Papua New Guinea that offers loans, leasing, and other financial services to individuals and businesses. The company is committed to promoting financial inclusion in Papua New Guinea and supporting economic growth.

9. Paradise Foods Limited

Paradise Foods Limited is a manufacturer of a variety of culinary items, including cookies, snacks, and beverages. The company is committed to supporting local agriculture and food production and places a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability.

10. PNG Power Limited

PNG Power Limited is the national electricity utility of Papua New Guinea, generating and disseminating electricity throughout the nation. The corporation is committed to providing Papua New Guineans with reliable and affordable electricity and promoting sustainable energy development.
It is essential to remember that visa sponsorship programs can change over time and that each company may have distinct sponsorship requirements and criteria. Always conduct extensive research and contact the companies directly for the most recent information on their visa sponsorship programs.

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10 Companies that Sponsor Visas in Papua New Guinea for Foreigners

Below is a list of additional reputable companies offering gratis visa sponsorship for legal immigration and employment in Papua New Guinea.

  • Super Coral Sea Hotels, Nambawan Limited
  • Steamships Insurance Management Services Limited, National Fisheries Authority of Papua New Guinea
  • The Papua New Guinea Bank
  • Deloitte Papua New Guinea Mayur Resources Limited
  • Nestle PNG Limited
  • Trukai Industries Limited
  • Kina Bank Limited

There are hundreds of industries in Papua New Guinea actively pursuing employment for thousands of foreigners. These industries are hiring expert (nurses, doctors, managers, etc.) and unskilled (drivers, security guards, lifeguards, etc.) personnel.
As a foreigner seeking to immigrate and settle in Papua New Guinea, you are eligible to register for some of these jobs.
How to apply for visa sponsorship jobs in Papua New Guinea is outlined below.

How to Apply for Job Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Papua New Guinea

To apply for visa sponsorship positions in Papua New Guinea, simply visit the Papua New Guinea employment section. On the page, you should see visa-sponsored employment opportunities.
You must open each employment page individually in order to view the job description and requirements. If you are qualified, the application link will lead you to the website of the recruiter, where you will be expected to submit your resume and fulfill other employment requirements to validate your application for the job role.

Wrapping Up

There are hundreds of Papua New Guinea-based companies that offer free visa sponsorship to expatriates seeking employment in the country.

Papua New Guinea is one of the foremost nations in Australia, and the hourly wages of its employees are typically quite high. As a foreigner pursuing employment in Papua New Guinea, all you need to do is visit the websites of these major employers and check their job sections for upcoming recruitments.

Alternatively, you can use the application link on this page to observe other opportunities for foreigners with high incomes to legally immigrate and reside in Papua New Guinea. Do you have any further questions regarding Papua New Guinea visa-sponsoring companies? Please leave a comment below or use our contact form to send us a message.

People Also Ask:

  1. How do I submit an application for a work visa in Papua New Guinea?

    Prerequisites for Papua New Guinea Work Visas
    A valid passport.
    A formal employment letter.
    A doctor’s certificate.
    A police character statement from the country of origin.
    A labor permit approval letter.

  2. How long does it take to obtain a Papua New Guinea business visa?

    Once processed and approved, which can take up to three business days, the applicant’s PNG online visa is emailed to them. The online tourist visa for Papua New Guinea allows a maximum stay of either 60 or 30 days, while the business visa only permits a 30-day stay.

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