Nanny & Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Nanny & Caregiver Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

The Dosanjh family in Surrey, BC, wants to hire a full-time nanny or helper to watch their two teenage kids, who are 13 and 14. People who live in Canada permanently, are indigenous, are young, or are foreigners can apply for this job. The only thing the Candidate needs to do is officially be able to work in Canada. The person who was chosen must start as soon as possible.

All applicants, but especially newbies to Canada, can choose to live with someone else if they want to. The candidate should be able to work any time, so he can be called in for jobs early in the morning, during the day, in the evening, or even late at night. Find out all the information you need about this job posting below, including the job description, duties, requirements, living arrangements, pay rates, and how to apply online.

Details of Nanny/ Caregiver Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

  • Job Title: Caregiver/ Nanny
  • Employer’s name: Dosanjh Family, BC, Canada
  • Job Location: BC, Canada
  • Job Industry: Housekeeping/ Healthcare/ Childcare
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Permanent
  • Duty Hours: Depends on the need
  • No. of vacancies: 1
  • Experience Required: Will be preferred
  • Knowledge Required: No
  • Children Age group: 13-14
  • Minimum Age: 18 or 19 in some Canadian provinces. But, middle-aged adults are desirable
  • Salary: CAD $14 per hour


  • The person applying should be able to speak English well.
  • The end of secondary school.
  • At least one year of experience working with kids or in a similar field.
  • It is required that you take a study in child care or a related field.
  • A CPR certificate is not required, but it would be helpful.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old, or 19 in some Canadian provincess, like Alberta.
  • If a person wants to properly work in Canada, they must not have any criminal records.
  • So that he can get a visa, the candidate must be able to properly work in Canada and meet all the immigration requirements.
  • Those who were shortlisted would have to go through training from the company.


In the job posting, it says that the Nanny and caretaker for the Dosanjah family’s children should do the following:

  • Watch over kids and take care of them when their parents aren’t around.
  • Make meals and snacks for kids based on what their parents tell you to do.
  • Watch over kids when their parents aren’t around and make sure they do everything they need to, like eat, do their homework, play, figure out where they are, etc.
  • Since kids are teens and not babies or toddlers, they can take care of their own cleanliness, but you should watch out for places where they aren’t doing it right.
  • Watch out for the child’s social growth and plan social events for them, like taking them to the park, swimming, karate, or anything else. In the same way, you have to supervise children’s meetings with visitors when their parents aren’t around.
  • Keep your home’s surroundings healthy.
  • Take care of the kids’ mental and emotional health.
  • Take kids to school and other events and drop them off.
  • While the kids are at school, doing their laundry and getting their beds ready. When they get back, you need to make sure their lunch and snacks are ready too.
  • Keep track of what your kids do every day and what their health is like.
  • Besides taking care of the kids, you have to take over the whole house when your parents aren’t there.


  • Employment Security: Canada needs more nurses and nannies because its population is getting older and kids need care. These jobs are safe for people who work in these fields because of the demand.
  • Work Permit and Visa Sponsorship: Many families and agencies in Canada are ready to sponsor foreign babysitters and caregivers, which makes it easier to get a work permit and the legal right to work in the country.
  • Access to Health Care and Social Services: As legal workers in Canada, nannies and guardians can use the country’s publicly funded health care system. They can also use social services and support networks to help them with different parts of their lives.
  • Competitive Pay: In Canada, caregivers and nannies are often paid competitive pay, especially those with a lot of experience and professional skills. Some companies may also offer benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and a place to live.
  • Opportunities for Professional Growth: Working as a babysitter or nanny in Canada can help you grow professionally and move up in your career. For example, caregivers can improve their skills and qualifications by getting certificates or going through training programs.
  • Caregivers and nannies often work closely with Canadian families. This gives them the chance to share their own cultural history and experiences while learning about Canadian culture, traditions, and customs.
  • Helpful Work Environment: Many families and organizations in Canada value the work that caregivers and nannies do and try to make their workplaces helpful. This could mean giving the caregiver or nanny training, resources, and continuing support to ensure their own health and the health of the people they care for.
  • Work-Life Balance: Caregivers and maids in Canada may be able to set their own hours, depending on the agreement they have with their bosses. This can help them have a better work-life balance. This freedom can be especially helpful for people who have personal or family obligations.

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Average Salary of a Caregiver & Nanny in Canada:

A new caregiver or nanny’s average salary relies on a lot of things besides their experience, such as where they work, their boss’s salary rules, their location, their shift times, and more. While Ca Talent says that the average pay for a security guard in Canada is between CAD 14 and CAD 18 an hour, or CAD 27,300 to CAD 35,100 a year. A job board in Canada says that the average pay for a nanny in British Columbia is CAD 16. Given that this employer pays you CAD 14 an hour, and these poll results come from employers and workers all over Canada, this employer is paying you fairly.

How do Apply for a Nanny and caregiver Job in Canada as an immigrant/ foreign applicant?

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People Also Ask

  1. Who is eligible to apply for the nanny/caregiver job in Canada?

    Permanent residents of Canada, Indigenous individuals, young adults, and foreigners legally eligible to work in Canada can apply for the nanny/caregiver job.

  2. What are the responsibilities of a nanny/caregiver in this job posting?

    Taking care of children, making meals, running the home, watching over their social activities, keeping the environment healthy, and looking out for their mental and emotional health are all part of the job.

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