Unskilled jobs in Switzerland

Unskilled jobs in Switzerland for English speakers – Apply Now

Switzerland is known for its strong economy and high standard of living. However, because the country is multilingual and there is a high demand for skilled workers, it can be hard for English speakers to find good jobs. But there are some options for people who are ready to work hard and are determined. Keep in mind that some of these jobs may still require you to know some basic German, French, or Italian, depending on where you live.

Unskilled jobs in Switzerland for English speakers

Benefits of Unskilled jobs in Switzerland for English speakers

  1. High Standard of Living: Switzerland has a very high standard of living, and most jobs, even those that don’t require a lot of skill, pay enough to live comfortably.
  2. Stable Economy: The economy in Switzerland is strong and stable, which helps keep jobs steady, even in low-skilled areas.
  3. Clean and Safe Environment: People love Switzerland because it is clean and safe. Having a better quality of life can come from living and working in a safe and well-kept place.
  4. Healthcare Benefits: The Swiss have access to a very good health care system. Even for low-skilled jobs, some employers may give basic health insurance.
  5. Social Security System: Switzerland has a good social security system that helps workers out financially if they lose their jobs, get sick, or something else unexpected happens.
  6. Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance is important in the Swiss work culture. Even if an unskilled job requires physical work, managers may still put vacation time and reasonable work hours first.
  7. Multicultural Environment: Switzerland is a multicultural country, and this variety can be seen a lot in the workplace. Working in this kind of setting can help you learn about other countries and points of view.
  8. Language Opportunities: Even though it’s helpful to know a language like German, French, or Italian, English is also understood and accepted by many employers, especially in tourist areas and bigger towns.
  9. Access to Education: Switzerland is a great place to get an education. If you want to stay for a long time, you might look into choices for more education to improve your skills and credentials.
  10. Beautiful Scenery and Outdoor Activities: Switzerland is famous for having beautiful scenery. When you live and work in the country, you can spend your free time exploring and doing things outside.
  11. Transportation Infrastructure: The transportation system in Switzerland is well-developed and works well, so it’s easy to get around the country and visit nearby areas.
  12. Networking Opportunities: Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, working in Switzerland can help you build professional networks that could help you move up in your job or find other opportunities.
  13. Pension Contributions: Some companies may put money into pension plans for workers with low skills, which can help with long-term financial planning.
  14. Cultural Exposure: If you live in Switzerland, you can really feel its culture. Getting involved with your local community can be fun and help you learn more about other cultures.
  15. Possibility of Career Progression: Even if the job doesn’t require a lot of skill, there may be ways to move up in the company or get better at it with more training and practice.

Beverage buffet / Kitchen helper

We’re looking for a motivated man or woman to join our cooking team in the summer of 2023. The hotel has a lot of history and has 100 beds. You should be able to speak English, and you need an EU visa.

We offer you a personal setting and good pay on top of all the benefits of the hotel’s great location and the uniqueness of the area. There are places to stay.


  • Employee discount
  • Food allowance
  • Free or subsidized travel
  • Free parking


  • Day shift
  • Early shift
  • Evening shift
  • Overtime
  • Weekends

Supplemental pay types:

  • Christmas money
  • Overtime pay
  • Tips
  • Vacation money
Unskilled jobs in Switzerland for English speakers - Apply Now
Unskilled jobs in Switzerland for English speakers – Apply Now

Administrative Assistant

Schroders plc is based in London and has more than 5,500 talented people working for it in 37 different places in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. These places are close to the markets where Schroders plc invests and to our customers. Schroders has had stable ownership for more than 200 years, and our approach to spending, building client relationships, and growing our business is based on the long term.

Schroders is a well-known financial company in Switzerland. It has about 500 workers in Zurich and Geneva. For our private clients, we offer custom investment options and other financial services that go along with them. The Swiss company Schroders came in fourth place in the Best Employers 2023 list. We did well in the “Image and Growth,” “Working Conditions and Facilities,” and “Sustainability” categories. We invest in a wide range of asset types, including stocks, bonds, multi-asset, and other investments. We also have a lot of experience in giving our customers high-quality private equity solutions.

Key responsibilities

  • Help the Chief Investment Officer of Schroders Capital and the Head of Global Private Equity Portfolios, as well as some of their teams.
  • Help the Client Group team members in Switzerland with routine tasks
  • Taking care of the executive’s schedule, which includes making meetings and putting the most important things first.
  • Plan your journey and where you’ll stay.
  • Help with unique projects
  • Set up who will attend and speak at internal and external conferences.
  • Keep track of your spending and make bill reports
  • Manage some bills and orders to buy.
  • Manage the flow of information in a fast and correct way
  • Presentations should be set up for both internal and external contact.
  • Help out other helpers and the front desk staff when you’re not there.


  • Commercial degree and/or higher schooling in Business Administration or the equivalent
  • At least three or more years of experience working as an administrative or senior assistant
  • Passion for working in a global business that is growing and getting more difficult
  • Excellent English skills, and any other languages are a plus.
  • Excellent planning and time management skills, and the ability to do more than one thing at once.
  • Flexible, able to handle stress, and able to set priorities
  • Very good understanding of MS Office, especially Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Keeping things quiet and private

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Office Assistant

Office by the Lake AG (to be incorporated): Office by the Lake is an office services company that rents out office space and provides office services to other businesses and people. Office by the Lake works with both new businesses, like the Inventa Group, and established businesses, like the Inventa Group.

Office by the Lake AG (which will soon be a company) is looking for a self-motivated and hands-on Office Assistant. The office manager will be in charge of this job.


In conclusion, English people can find a lot of low-skilled jobs in Switzerland. From hospitality to retail, farming to child care, there are jobs for people with different skills and hobbies. You can have a great trip in this beautiful country if you are determined and take the right steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the average wage for unskilled jobs in Switzerland?

    Pay can be very different from one business to another and from one place to another. Unskilled workers can expect to make between CHF 3,000 and CHF 4,000 per month on average.

  2. How can I secure a work permit for Switzerland?

    To get a work pass, you will need an offer of work. Most of the time, your boss will help you with the paperwork.

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