Unskilled Parks Labourer Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

Unskilled Parks Labourer Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Canada 2024

The District of Tofino seeks a qualified individual for the temporary position of Parks Laborer. Under the direct supervision of the Public Works Superintendent and reporting to the Labour Foreperson, the Parks Labourer is responsible for a variety of unskilled tasks and responsibilities in parks, gardens, and trails. These responsibilities are typically of a physical nature and necessitate the use of basic tools and apparatus. This job has a flexible work schedule that includes weekends and evenings.


In 2024, Canada will let unskilled park workers come to work there. These jobs will sponsor visas for people who want to start a new stage in their lives. This article goes into detail about the chances, requirements, and steps needed to get a job as an unskilled parks worker in Canada’s beautiful scenery.

A Growing Need for Unskilled Parks Labourers

The Importance of Unskilled Labour

Before we get into the specifics of jobs that can support visas, let’s talk about how important unskilled park workers are to keeping Canada’s natural beauty. People like these are very important for keeping public parks and recreation places clean and open to everyone.

Details of Unskilled Parks Labourer Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Canada

  • Department: Infrastructure and Public Works
  • Location: Tofino, BC, Canada
  • Job Types: Full-time, fixed-term contract
  • Contract length: 2 months
  • Salary: From $28.98 per hour
  • Language Requirement: French not required
  • Schedule: 8-hour shift, Day shift, Monday to Friday, Overtime
  • Supplemental pay types: Overtime pay


  • Casual dress
  • Company events
  • Employee assistance program
  • On-site parking
  • Capacity for commuting/relocating:

Other Benefits

  • Visa Sponsorship: One of the best things about this job is that it can sponsor your visa, which lets you officially live and work in Canada. Your boss will handle the visa application process and make sure you have the right permissions to work in the country.
  • Working in parks and doing repair work outside is often a stable job, especially during busy times like spring and summer when people want to do park activities and maintenance work.
  • Competitive Wages: Some unskilled labor jobs don’t require a lot of schooling or training, but they usually pay well and offer benefits, so you know you’re getting paid fairly for your work.
  • Opportunities for Seasonal Work: Many jobs as a park workers in Canada are seasonal, so you can work during busy times and possibly look for other work or travel during slow times.
  • Work-Life mix: Most jobs as a park laborer offer a good mix between work and life, especially during normal business hours. Finding this balance can help you live a healthy life and pursue other hobbies outside of work.
  • Outdoor Work Environment: If you like being active and working outside, jobs as a parks laborer let you do both. You’ll be able to work in natural settings, take care of green places, and help protect the environment.
  • Variety of Tasks: As a parks laborer, you’ll mow lawns, plant flowers, prune trees, keep trails in good shape, clean buildings, and help with park events, among other things. This variety can help keep the job fun and interesting.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: As a parks laborer, you’ll often have to work with your coworkers and bosses to get things done quickly and keep park facilities in good shape. This kind of teamwork helps people get to know each other and support each other.
  • Professional Development: The job may not require a lot of skills at first, but there are chances to learn and get better over time. You could learn how to do things like landscaping, use equipment, follow safety rules, and other park care tasks.
  • Contribution to the Community: Jobs as a park laborer directly improve public places and recreation facilities for the community. Your work helps make the outdoors more enjoyable for both locals and tourists.
  • Potential for Advancement: If you start out as an unskilled worker in the parks and outdoor maintenance field, there may be ways for you to move up. You can move up to supervisory or specialized jobs if you get more experience, and training, and show that you can do the job.


  • Work Permit: If you want to work in Canada, you need to have a work permit. Usually, this means getting a work permit or visa, which can be easier if a company sponsors you.
  • Sponsorship for a work permit or visa: Your boss must be ready to help you get one. For this sponsorship, you need to send in a job offer, supporting papers, and, in some cases, a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
  • Requirements for schooling: Most jobs as a park laborer don’t require more schooling than a high school diploma or the equivalent. But it can be helpful to have the right certifications or training in areas like landscaping, outdoor care, or operating heavy machinery.
  • Experience: For low-skilled jobs, experience may not be required, but going for jobs that are similar or that require working outside can help you get hired. Employers may offer training on the job, but having knowledge can be helpful.
  • Language Skills: Being able to speak English or French well may be required by the company and the job. To understand directions, follow safety rules, and talk to coworkers and bosses, you need to be able to communicate clearly.
  • Physical fitness: As an unskilled parks worker, you’ll likely have to lift heavy things, bend over, use heavy machinery, and work outside in all kinds of weather. It’s important to be physically fit and able to do things by hand.
  • Health Requirements: You may have to get a medical test to make sure you are healthy enough to do the job safely.
  • Background check: Employers can do background checks, which can include looking at criminal records and calling contacts or former employers to make sure they are who they say they are.
  • Documentation: You will need to show the right paperwork, like a valid passport, an application for a work permit, copies of your diplomas or transcripts, and any other paperwork that the employer or immigration officials ask for.
  • Compliance with Immigration Laws: You must follow all Canadian immigration laws and rules while you are applying for a job and while you are working there.

Hours Worked

This position’s hourly wage is $28.98, plus an additional 15.2% for benefits, vacation, and legal holidays. This position is subject to a probationary period with a wage of $26.08 per hour. This is a union position governed by the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement between CUPE Local 118 and the District of Tofino.

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Application Process

By day’s end, qualified candidates are invited to submit a cover letter and resume indicating the position sought.

Subject Line: Laborer in Parks

The District appreciates all applicants but will only contact those chosen for an interview. Please note that staff accommodations are not currently available. This post is both internal and external.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you: info@unskilledjobs.com.pk


As an unskilled park worker in Canada, starting a trip can be a life-changing event. The visa support program lets people who want to see Canada’s natural beauty and help keep it in good shape come to the country.

People Also Ask:

  1. How can I get a sponsor to work in Canada?

    An employer-specific work permit is an option for employers to sponsor a worker to work and live in Canada if they cannot find a local person to fill the vacancy. The worker may be in Canada or abroad.

  2. How can I go to Canada without a sponsor?

    There are several immigration programs available that do not require an offer of employment, such as family sponsorship, the Express Entry Program, and the Provincial Nominee Program. Learning how to immigrate to Canada without a job offer can be a simple and easy process.

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