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Visa free travel UK A petition to allow British Residence Permit (BRP) holders to travel throughout Europe without a visa is available on the UK Parliament’s website.

The petition, which currently has 23,718 signatures, emphasizes the fact that non-EU nationals holding BRP cards are unable to use them as travel credentials in European nations. It calls on the government to address the problem.


In a world that is getting more and more connected, being able to move freely is a privilege that many people want. Residents of the UK will be able to go to a lot of interesting places if they don’t need a visa. This piece looks at the idea of visa-free travel for people who live in the UK. It talks about the benefits, places you can go, and important facts you need to know.

What Is Visa-Free Travel?

Visa-free travel means that people who live in the UK can go to certain countries without getting a visa. This makes traveling easier, so it’s more handy and easy to do.

Differences in Entry Rules Post-Brexit

As a result of Brexit, there are no differences in the entrance standards for UK and EU citizens, which will affect both groups of residents.

Visitors from non-EU nations, such as British people, were required to carry a passport that was still valid while traveling to countries inside the Schengen Zone for stays of up to 90 days within a period of 180 days at the time.

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BRP: A Secure Immigration Document, but Not a Valid Travel Document

The UK biometric residence permit is a secure immigration document that allows foreign nationals to come to the UK and demonstrate their right to stay, work, or study in the UK; however, it is not recognized as a travel document by EU nations.

Government’s Response to the Petition

The government has chosen not to petition the EU to abolish the passport requirement for non-EU/EEA visitors to Schengen countries, including UK residents. They have repeatedly denied any involvement with visas.

Visa free travel UK
Visa free travel UK

Visa Requirements for Britons and Schengen Zone Travel

UK citizens applying for a Schengen visa must show proof of a valid residence permit for at least three months beyond their departure date.

The Schengen embassies in the United Kingdom do not accept Schengen visa applications from UK visitors or residents. They must apply for a Schengen visa at the embassy in their native country.

Challenges of Post-Brexit

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom and the European Union will face huge challenges. According to the ABTA Travel Association, 69% fewer Britons work in the travel business in the EU since 2017.

EU Travelers to the UK to Require ETA

It was recently stated that EU residents traveling to the UK next year will require an electronic travel authorization (ETA) that will cost €12.

This petition may assist the UK government in expanding travel options and easing post-Brexit regulations.


Visa-free travel opens up a world of adventure, culture, and discovery to people who live in the UK. It’s a good choice for people who like to travel because it’s easy, saves money, and lets them go to a lot of different places. So, get your bags ready, check your passport, and go on amazing trips without having to worry about visas.

People Also Ask:

  1. Where can I travel with my UK residence permit?

    Your digital living permit card is proof of immigration status within the UK, not a travel passport. It is limited to use at the border when returning to the UK. That is why, when you decide to take a trip elsewhere, you have to keep the BRP alongside you.

  2. Can I travel to Schengen countries with a UK residence permit?

    Under the EU-UK Exit Agreement, UK nationals having residency rights in a member state of the EU are not entitled to a visa to enter their nation of residence. In a similar vein, they are not needed a visa for trips to any other EU nation for short stays of no more than ninety days during a 180-day timeframe.

  3. Do UK permanent residents need a Schengen visa?

    You need a valid travel document that enables you to cross the European countries. Regular, official, and diplomatic identification cards of the UK that identify the person who holds them as a British citizen can be used for traveling without a visa.

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