Visa Of France - Last Date 30 May

Visa Of France – Last Date 30 May – Apply Now

Visa Of France – Last Date 30 May: Rabat: The French embassy in Morocco has informed visa applicants that the France-Visas platform will be temporarily inaccessible beginning on Friday, May 26, and continuing through Monday, May 30. The embassy cited technical, regulatory, and process enhancements as the reasons for this suspension.
During this time, visa applicants will not be able to submit their applications online via the France-Visas portal, as announced by the embassy.

For countries where visa applications are submitted directly to the visa office, there will be no impact if the applications were already recorded on the France-Visas platform before May 26.
The embassy noted applicants who were unable to submit their applications online prior to May 26 and who have appointments scheduled after May 30 that their appointments will not be affected.

In countries where the collection of visa applications is delegated to an external service provider, applicants may be able to initiate the application process as early as May 29. This alternative arrangement is intended to mitigate any inconvenience resulting from the temporary unavailability of the France-Visas platform.

The embassy strongly recommended that visa applicants submit their applications online by May 26.
Individuals are encouraged to closely monitor the official channels and communications from the French embassy in their respective countries for any updates or clarifications regarding the temporary unavailability of the France-Visas platform.
In September 2021, France decided to reduce the number of visas issued to Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian citizens, resulting in a one-year schism between France and Morocco.

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Until recently, many Moroccans denounced the visa policy as a “wall” designed to separate families, which drew significant criticism from the local population.
French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna proclaimed the restoration of “normal consular” relations with Morocco in December 2022, predicting a change for the better. Minister Colonna emphasized that France would shortly lift its visa restrictions on Moroccan applicants in an effort to reduce tensions and foster a rekindling of bilateral relations.

Nonetheless, despite such assurances from France’s top diplomat, Moroccans continued to be frustrated by the visa restrictions. Manal Benchlikha, a renowned Moroccan singer, took to social media in January 2023 to express her disappointment at being denied a visa to France, purportedly due to a “lack of financial resources.”

The incident garnered attention, prompting the Moroccan Ministry of Culture to intervene on behalf of Benchlikha and her spouse. As a result of the ministry’s intervention, the couple eventually obtained their French visas.

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    Track your submission.
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