Visa Sponsorship Office Boy and Girl Jobs in Dubai

Visa Sponsorship Office Boy and Girl Jobs in Dubai 2024 – Apply Now

We have an immediate need for committed and dependable individuals to join our team in Dubai as Office Boys and Office Girls. You will play a crucial role in sustaining a clean, organized, and efficient office environment as an Office Boy or Office Girl. We encourage you to apply if you have a strong work ethic, outstanding organizational skills, and a commitment to providing team support. Dubai and the UAE assist qualified candidates by sponsoring visas for international workers. This guarantees a seamless transition for professionals seeking employment in Dubai.


People looking for work in many different areas have many options in the busy city of Dubai. Visa support office boy and girl jobs are one way that has become more popular over time. In this piece, we’ll go into more detail about what these jobs involve, what benefits they offer, and how you can get one in Dubai in 2024.

Details of Visa Sponsorship Office Boy and Girl Jobs in Dubai

  • Categories: Banking 
  • Salary: AED 2500.00-AED 7500.00
  • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in a Related Field 
  • Experience: 1-2 Years of Experience

Responsibilities of Visa Sponsorship Office: Boy and Girl Jobs in Dubai

  • Maintain the office space’s sanitation and orderliness.
  • Serve beverages and refreshments to employees and guests.
  • Perform fundamental office housekeeping duties, such as dusting and sweeping.
  • Assist with document photocopying, scanning, and archiving.
  • Send outgoing and incoming mail and parcels.
  • As requested, perform errands such as purchasing office supplies.
  • Ensure that conference rooms and common areas are prepared for use.
  • Assist in the preparation and organization of meetings and events.
  • Assist administrative personnel with fundamental tasks and responsibilities.
  • Maintain the company’s standards of professionalism and orderliness.

Competencies and experience of Visa Sponsorship Office Boy and Girl Jobs in Dubai

  • Experience as a former Office Boy or girl is a plus.
  • Basic English communication abilities.
  • Highly developed organizational and multitasking skills.
  • A disposition of friendliness and willingness to assist.
  • Ability to independently work and follow instructions.
  • Physical fitness is required for lifting and transporting objects.
  • Visa sponsorship eligibility in the United Arab Emirates.

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Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Office Boy and Girl Jobs in Dubai 2024

  1. Employment Opportunities: Visa funding makes it possible for people who want to work in Dubai to find jobs. It gives them the legal right to live and work in the country, which makes it easier for them to find work
  2. Legal Compliance: Employers who support visas make sure that both their workers and they follow all laws and rules. This can help you stay out of trouble with the law when it comes to work permits and immigration.
  3. Stability and Security: Employees who have a supported visa can be sure of their residency status and feel safe. That way, you don’t have to worry about being in the country illegally and possibly getting in trouble.
  4. Access to Benefits: Employees whose employers support their visas may be able to get health insurance and other perks from their employers. This could make the general job package better.
  5. Professional Development: If you work in Dubai, you might be able to advance your career, gain experience working with people from other countries, and make connections with people all over the world.
  6. Cultural Experience: Dubai is an interesting place with a lot of different cultures. People who work there can learn about and experience different cultures, which can be a useful and enriching experience.
  7. Career Advancement: Dubai is a center for many industries, so workers may be able to find chances to move up in their careers that aren’t as easy to find in other places.
  8. Networking Opportunities: People who live in Dubai may be able to meet professionals from around the world and build professional relationships that could lead to future job possibilities.
  9. Tax Benefits: There is no personal income tax in Dubai, which is known for having a good tax system. This can be an appealing trait for people who want to make as much money as possible.
  10. Quality of Life: Dubai has a high standard of living with modern facilities, amenities, and a lively way of life. This can help people who are moving for work have a better general experience.

Application Method of Visa Sponsorship Office Boy and Girl Jobs in Dubai

We invite you to apply if you are a responsible and organized individual willing to provide essential administrative support. Please submit your resume to, and a member of our team will evaluate your application and contact you if you qualify for further consideration.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best path For you:


In the end, visa sponsorship office boy and girl jobs in Dubai for 2023 offer good chances for people who want to work in this busy city. Demand for these jobs is growing, and if you take the right steps, you can find a job that will support your visa. Dubai has a unique mix of culture, business, and lifestyle that makes it appealing to people who want to grow professionally and personally.

People Also Ask:

  1. What is the role of the office boy in the UAE?

    Assist with basic office tasks. Maintain office cleanliness. Serve drinks and refreshments.

  2. What kind of job is an office boy’s?

    The office boy is responsible for performing a variety of tasks to support the office staff, including cleaning, organizing, and running errands. Cleaning and maintenance of office premises.

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