Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Factory Worker Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Do you want to work at a factory in Canada? If so, this article will assist you in locating companies employing factory workers in Canada. Hundreds of manufacturing enterprises are looking for factory workers and providing attractive opportunities to immigrants. If you wish to apply for factory employment in Canada, read this article thoroughly.

Finding an appealing firm for factory workers is simple if you use the agencies employing factory workers in Canada. There are top recruitment services in Canada that can help local citizens and foreign immigrants find suitable jobs.

If you recently immigrated to Canada on a Working Holiday visa or through Canada Express Entry, you have a strong chance of working as a factory worker in either skilled or unskilled employment.

Most major provinces and towns in Canada, including Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Scarborough, Brampton, and Edmonton, hire factory workers. Because the production and manufacturing industries are hiring various employees, you must carefully examine job descriptions and fundamental requirements before applying.


Are you interested in exciting job prospects in the middle of North America? Now more than ever, Canada needs skilled workers in the manufacturing field. More factory worker jobs are opening up. This article will tell you everything you need to know about becoming a factory worker, from the qualifications needed to the application process. It’s a great resource for people who are thinking about a job in this fast-paced field.

Details of Factory Jobs in Canada

  • Job Position: Factory Worker
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Job Location: Toronto, Canada

Factory Workers Needed in Canada

Factory workers are typically employed in production units. They are jointly accountable for the final commodities manufactured by their factory. Their primary responsibilities include executing light item labour, maintaining a clean working environment, and meeting a minimum production level set by their supervisor or company.

In Canada, typical factory workers manufacture vast amounts of things. Factory workers may be required to work in shifts such as the first, second, or third shift. As a factory’s workload increases, workers may be required to work longer hours. Factory workers may have the option of working part-time or full-time hours. They typically operate in a manufacturing or warehouse setting.

In terms of qualifications, industrial workers are often expected to have a high school diploma or similar. Physically, they must be able to stand and walk for lengthy periods of time, and they must be under the minimal weight set by national labour law. Additionally, the ability to solve simple logical and math issues as well as follow all health and safety protocols is required.

Latest Factory Job and Recruitment

The following are the most recent job openings on JobBank Canada. In Canada, the majority of production and manufacturing enterprises hire factory workers and assistants. We have over 1000 factory worker positions in Canada listed below; apply today:

Job TitleNo. of VacanciesLocationAction
Factory Helper120CanadaApply Now
Factory Labourer85CanadaApply Now
Packaging Worker60CanadaApply Now
Manufacturing Workers and Labourers24CanadaApply Now
Elemental Worker30CanadaApply Now
General Labourer220CanadaApply Now
Food and Beverage Production Worker100CanadaApply Now
Plastic Composite Worker64CanadaApply Now
Construction Worker/Labourer75CanadaApply Now
Textile Factory Worker50CanadaApply Now
Meat Processing Worker50CanadaApply Now
Warehouse Worker250CanadaApply Now
Biscuit Factory Helper20CanadaApply Now
Chocolate Factory Helper20CanadaApply Now
Cheese factory worker122CanadaApply Now
Food Processing Worker386CanadaApply Now
Labourer, general – manufacturing25Quebec, CanadaApply Now
General Labour40Quebec, CanadaApply Now
Plastic Manufactory Factory Labour8Ontario, CanadaApply Now
Factory labourer – manufacturing15Quebec, CanadaApply Now
Helper, factory20Quebec, CanadaApply Now
Cheese factory worker5Quebec, CanadaApply Now

Factory Worker’s Main Duties and Tasks

  • Load and unload raw materials and finished commodities into and out of vehicles.
  • Load raw materials into manufacturing lines.
  • Examine the finished products’ quality.
  • Carry out assembly and sub-assembly tasks.
  • Use handheld equipment.
  • Pallet jacks are used to carry raw materials.

Average Salary of Factory Workers in Canada

The average wage for factory employees and labourers varies per company. The remuneration is determined by the type of employment, working shift, difficulty, and risk. However, the average income offered by Canadian factories is as follows:

Hourly RateC$12 – C$24
BonusC$500 – C$1,650 Annually
Profit-SharingC$0 – C$400
Total Annual PayoutC$24,484 – C$50,860 Annually

Here is the list of average factory worker salaries (hourly rate):

An entry-level Factory Worker with one year or less of experience may expect to make C$14.60 per hour in total compensation (tips, bonus, and overtime pay). An entry-level Factory Worker with 1-4 years of experience may expect to earn C$14.91 per hour. Similarly, a mid-career Factory Worker in Canada with 5-9 years of experience may earn an hourly wage of C$18.16. In addition, the most experienced and veteran Factory Worker with 10-19 years of experience can earn an average compensation of C$17.50 per hour.

Based on the salary data above we may expect to get an average payout as follows:

Job TitleHourly Wages Rate
Heavy Equipment OperatorC$18 – C$36
Production OperatorC$15 – C$41
Warehouse WorkerC$12 – C$22
AssemblerC$13 – C$25
Warehouse AssociateC$12 – C$21
Production WorkerC$12 – C$23
Forklift OperatorC$14 – C$24
Warehouse SupervisorC$14 – C$26
Cabinet MakerC$15 – C$28
MachinistC$16 – C$34

Benefits of Canadian Factory Workers Employee

Employee perks are determined by current labour laws in the country as well as workplace practices. The available job benefits differ from one organization to the next. However, the majority of manufacturing and production companies provide very competitive and appealing employee perks to their employees. Here is a list of basic employee benefit plans:

  • Health, Insurance, and Wellness
  • Dental and health insurance
  • Compensation for Employees
  • Annual Company Bonus Performance Bonus Overtime Bonus
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave Flexible Work Hours Vacation and PTO Sick Leave
  • Retirement Strategy
  • Employee Assistance Scheme
  • Employee Benefits
  • Snacks or lunch are provided at no cost.
  • Opportunities for Job Training and Career Advancement

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How to Apply for Factory Jobs in Canada:

Candidates who want to apply for manufacturing jobs in Canada must follow the plant’s hiring procedure. The application method may be online, in which case you must submit an online job application from their employment page, or you must mail a handwritten job application.

So, thoroughly review and understand all of the job details offered on each job title to determine their recruiting and recruitment procedures. The majority of enterprises in Canada hire factory workers through an online application form. As a result, you must submit your personal information, educational details, and previous work experience. Following that, you must submit your most recent CV along with a cover letter.

If you have any further queries about recruiting factory workers in Canada or the most recent job openings, please leave a comment in the box below.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How much is a factory worker’s salary in Canada?

    The average factory worker’s salary is $31,200 per year, or $16 per hour in Canada. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $28,275 per year, with most experienced professionals earning up to $40,560 per year.

  2. Is factory workers in demand in Canada?

    Thousands of companies continually search for staff. Basically, if you are a manufacturing facility looking for a better life, Canada embraces you with a broad smile.

  3. Is a factory a good career?

    While pay varies depending on region, employer, and expertise, the main reality is that working in manufacturing could make a good living.

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