Italy Work Visa Process

Italy Work Visa Process 2024 – Fully Explained

The Italy employment visa is subject to an annual quota. The Italian government determines the number of work visas issued by Italy. There will be 82,705 work permits issued to non-EU nationals in 2024. This includes all kinds of work permits for Italy. Italy does not require a Work Visa for EU nationals. If you desire to obtain an Italian work permit in 2024, the application must be submitted to the Italian embassy.

The Thai Government will only take work visa applications until December 31, 2024. The term for this is Decreto Flussi. The Italy work visa is categorized as a National D Visa, which is a long-stay work Visa. Note that the Italian work visa merely enables employees to access Italy.

Procedure for Italy Work Visa Process

According to the Italy Work Visa Quota System, 82,705 work permits will be issued in 2024. This includes both Seasonal work visas and other work visas. All are covered by a National D Visa for long-term stays.

What is Italy’s National Visa (Visa D)?

If your stay in Italy will exceed 90 days, you must register for the National D Visa. The National D Visa Allows for:

Types of Italy Work Visa Process

  • Seasonal employment (agriculture or tourism-related).
  • Visa for salaried employment; your employer sponsors your visa.
  • Long-term seasonal work (you can stay for two years and engage in seasonal activities).

Permission to Work (Nulla Osta al lavoro) in Italian

Your prospective employer in Italy will register for the Nulla Osta document at the province’s (Preffetura’s) Immigration Office (Sportello Unico d’Immigrazione, SUI).

This document will be uploaded with your visa application.

Request a Residence authorization for Italy Work Visa Process

After obtaining an Italy visa, you can travel to Italy. Within eight days of your arrival in Italy, you must submit an application for a residence permit.

How to Apply for Italy Work Visa Process

To register for the Italy Work Visa, if you are a citizen of a non-EU nation, you must have a job offer from Italy.

  • In most cases, the job offer must originate from an Italian employer. It may be a seasonal or nonseasonal position.
  • After extending a job offer, your employer will acquire a work permit.
  • After that, you can register for an Italy visa and fill out an application for an Italy work visa.
  • Apply for a work visa for Italy at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your native country.
  • Italian Representation refers to the Italian Embassy in your native country.
  • In numerous nations, VFS Global processes Italian visas.

Documents Required for Italy Work Visa Process

  • Your approved employment contract with the employer
  • The employer offers employment.
  • (Work Authorization) The original and a copy of your Nulla Osta
  • Form for the Italian Long-Stay Visa, duly filled out.
  • This is available on the websites of VFS Global and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A passport containing at least two empty pages
  • Passport photographs
  • Accommodation documentation in Italy
  • Evidence of adequate financial means
  • Evidence of a paid visa fee
  • Diplomas and various certificates

When to Apply for Italy Work Visa Process

When you must apply, your employer will inform you of this. Because the employer must also submit certain documents, you must both await the Work Permit (Work Authorization).

The Italian Government notifies the Italian representation in your country (such as an Italian embassy or consulate) that you intend to apply for a work visa.

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Length of Italy Work Visa Process

The Visa was initially issued for two years. It will be renewable for an additional five years. After that, you are eligible to apply for the EU Blue Card. With an EU Card, it is possible to work in any EU nation.

Fees Related to Italy Work Visa Process

  • Visa fees are €116.
  • Cost of a Residence Permit: €40 for periods lasting between 3 and 12 months
  • $50 per month for periods of 12 to 24 months
  • Long-term residence certificates cost €100.


Starting the process of getting an Italy work visa is a big step towards a fulfilling job and a life full of cultural experiences. You are well-equipped to successfully complete the process now that you have read this guide.

People Also Ask:

  1. How long does it take to process a work visa in Italy?

    Italy’s work visas are usually processed within 2 to 30 days. Once your visa is approved, you will be notified by your local embassy, and you will have 6 months to collect it.

  2. Is Italy issuing work permits?

    In Italy, work visas fall under the category of long-stay visas, which may also be called national or d-visas. It is important to note that an Italian work visa allows employees to enter the country.

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