English Teaching Jobs in Japan

English Teaching Jobs in Japan Visa Sponsorship

The best English Language Teaching School in Japan, Tamaki TEFL Recruitment (TTR), is currently looking for English Teachers to instruct students ages 2 to 15 in the language. Since this job is in a private language school, the class sizes are substantially less than those at a public institution.

Songs, flashcards, and games are all included in the class as part of the active teaching method. This position is perfect for you if you enjoy dealing with young students and have lots of enthusiasm! For more information on English Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship, continue reading below.

Details of English Teaching Jobs in Japan Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: English TEACHER
  • Children Age Group: 2-15 years old
  • Monthly salary: 240,000 Yen/month
  • Knowledge requirements: Yes
  • Experience required: Not mandatory but preferred
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
English Teaching Jobs in Japan Visa Sponsorship
English Teaching Jobs in Japan Visa Sponsorship

Requirements of English Teaching Jobs in Japan

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Most jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, ideally in English, education, or a related field.
  • TEFL Certification: Having a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is not always required, but it is strongly suggested because it shows that you know how to teach English to people who don’t speak it as their first language.
  • Japanese Language Skills: Learning Japanese is highly suggested, though it’s not always necessary. It can make your time living and working in Japan a lot better by helping you communicate and understand the culture.
  • Flexibility: To be an English teacher in Japan, you often have to be able to change your routine, your lessons, and your classroom environment.
  • Tolerance and Listening Skills: If you want to teach English to people who don’t speak it as their first language, you need to have patience, tolerance, and great listening skills. This will help you understand your student’s needs and give lessons more effectively.
  • Activated Personality: If you are energetic, interesting, and have an activated personality, your students will enjoy and learn more from your lessons.

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Job Description of an English Teacher

  • Creating curriculum-aligned English lessons and presenting them to students in fun and engaging ways will allow each student to learn at their own speed.
  • Giving pupils comments on their development and areas that need improvement and aiding them achieve that.
  • utilizing a range of instructional strategies and techniques to enhance student learning, such as the use of technology, class activities (both individual and group), the distribution of lecture notes, additional coaching time, the suggestion of websites for simple learning, the sharing of learning films, the distribution of practice workbooks, etc.
  • coordinating with other teachers and staff to provide pupils with a thorough education that each one can customize.
  • keeping detailed records of students’ attendance, grades, and development
  • taking part in activities and events at school as necessary.
  • unique Spoken English, English Grammar, and Literature crash courses/sessions to ensure that students are proficient in each subject.

Benefits of English Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship

  • Competitive Pay: The monthly salary of 240,000 Japanese Yen, along with the bonus at the end of the contract and any possible bonuses for staying on the job, makes for a competitive pay plan.
  • Salary Growth with Experience: As you gain experience, you may be able to get a raise in pay and other bonuses, which is a financial motivation to stay with the company for a long time.
  • Visa funding and Help: Full help with the visa application process and funding make sure a smooth start to working in Japan, with help from the interview stage to your arrival and beyond.
  • Training and Support: You will get paid for two weeks of training that will help you get ready for your job. You will also get ongoing support, such as counseling before you leave, help with paperwork, and general life tips.
  • equipped Lodging: If you rent a fully equipped apartment, you won’t have to look for a place to live, which will save you time and money and make your move easier.
  • Bank Account Assistance: Getting help starting a bank account in Japan makes managing your money easier and makes sure you can do it well while you’re there.
  • Teachers’ Welfare Support: Helping teachers’ welfare shows that you care about their well-being and wants you to have a good time teaching in Japan.

Finding English Teaching Jobs in Japan

There are several options to consider when looking for English teaching positions in Japan. Aspiring teachers frequently use career fairs, recruitment firms, and online job boards. To gain knowledge and decide wisely on potential work prospects, it is wise to investigate respected organizations, read reviews, and connect with other teachers.

How to Apply for English Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship?

  • You can access the official job search portal by clicking the link below; use the application button that is provided underneath the job description.
  • To focus your job search results, you may also use/search yourself for the position using the search box and the location box. For example, “English Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship,” “Teaching Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship,” or “Seek Teacher Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship” would be appropriate job titles to enter.
  • In the location bar, which is directly below the search bar, choose “All of Japan.” If your search yields any results, try a more precise location.
  • Because there is a good probability that your employer will notice the layout or presentation, it is preferable to refresh your CV, resume, and cover letter in accordance with the most recent market trends.
  • Examine the job description, requirements, duties, and other information provided in the job posting.
  • Before applying, make sure you meet all prerequisites. Pay close attention to the job role’s needs.
  • Select “Online Application” from the list of buttons below.
  • After providing the requested information, submit the application.
  • Check to see if your job application was received after you sent it.

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For those looking for a rewarding career overseas, the program offers exciting opportunities for English teachers to work in Japan with visa sponsorship. It is a desirable alternative because it combines modernism with Japanese tradition and offers the chance to have a good impact on students’ lives. Aspiring English teachers can start a fulfilling adventure in Japan by fulfilling the requirements, comprehending the visa procedure, and embracing cultural differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Are The Requirements for English Teaching Jobs in Japan?

    at least a bachelor’s degree.
    Although not required, TEFL certification is highly recommended.
    Although learning Japanese is not required, it is strongly advised because it will be of great use to you while you are visiting Japan.
    Highly Flexible.
    having tolerance and excellent listening abilities.
    Activated personality.

  2. What Are The Benefits of English Teacher Jobs in Japan

    Pay: 240,000 Japanese yen per month.
    80,000 yen end-of-contract bonus.
    Renewal Bonus Possibilities.
    With experience, salaries and bonuses both rise.
    Complete assistance with the visa application procedure and sponsorship.
    TTR offers assistance to instructors from the interview stage until arrival with the working visa, as well as pre-departure counseling, documentation preparation, general living advice, etc.
    a two-week paid training period.
    Completely furnished lodging.
    Complete assistance with opening a bank account in Japan.
    Support for Teachers’ Welfare.

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