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Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024 – Earning Information

Are you searching for current job openings in Canada as an international worker? Welcome to the comprehensive recruitment guideline, where you can find a vast array of process openings in various process categories. In the simplest manner possible, you can find lucrative employment opportunities in this article. There are currently more than 100,000 urgent job openings available in Canada for international candidates.

We frequently post high-paying jobs in demand in Canada with foreign worker salaries. In 2024, numerous corporations in Canada will provide unskilled positions to foreign nationals, creating a wealth of employment opportunities for entry-level newcomers and novices. Some businesses also offer visa sponsorship for employment in Canada to foreign nationals.


Moving to a new country for work can be a big choice that can change your whole life. Canada is a great place to start a job for people from other countries because it has a strong economy, a diverse society, and beautiful landscapes. But before you start this trip, you need to plan and prepare carefully.

Why Canada?

Canada has a strong job market with many possibilities in many different fields. Its drive for diversity and acceptance makes it a great place for foreigners to work without being treated unfairly.

In-Demand Jobs:

There is a lot of desire for certain jobs all over Canada. These people include experts in technology, health care, engineering, and skilled trades. A foreigner’s chances of getting a job can be greatly improved by doing a thorough study to find these sectors.

Understanding Work Permits:

Most of the time, foreigners who want to work in Canada must first get a work pass. There are different kinds of work permits, such as open work permits and work permits that are tied to a certain company. Each has its own rules about who can join.

Description Of Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

Canada has a reasonable demand for foreign laborers from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. The agricultural, production, hospitality, and healthcare sectors hire skilled and semi-skilled laborers. Therefore, apply for more employment in Canada for PK and numerous other nationalities.

The Canadian government and private sector organizations are experiencing a shortage of skilled and unskilled employees to support the agricultural, manufacturing, construction, information technology, and health and fitness industries. To close the disparity between labor market demand and supply, companies are hiring a large number of entry-level, experienced workers and offering rewarding employment opportunities in Canada to foreign nationals.

This post provides the most important information about working in Canada as an expatriate. You can access a variety of sources from this page for assistance with your job search in Canada, including cutting-edge jobs, high-demand jobs, high-paying jobs, salaries, job benefits, and advantageous recruitment opportunities.

Overview of Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

  • Job Title: Jobs in Canada for Foreigners
  • Location: Across Canada
  • Eligible Countries: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and many more
  • Job Type: Full-Time, Part-Time, Temporary, Permanent, Seasonal
  • Education: Equivalent High School, Diploma, Degree in Relevant Category
  • Experience Level: Entry-Level, Freshers to Experienced Level
  • Average Salary: Specified with Job Title
  • Employee Benefits: Attractive Job Benefits and Perks
  • Application Method: Online Job Application Form, PDF Application, Direct Mail Application, and so on.

In addition, we have compiled job postings from numerous agricultural, production, and creative industries, businesses, and recruitment agencies in Canada that are employing a large number of foreign workers across the country’s provinces.

How to Find Jobs in Canada for Foreigners?

If you are interested in working in Canada but do not know how to proceed, you have come to the right place. You can find jobs in Canada that are pertinent to your field of interest if you maintain your awareness and remain motivated. Even though it’s far from essential to plan everything in great detail,

The final recommendations are the result of our visitors’ personal experiences as well as the input of a large number of devoted foreign employees who have already visited Canada. You can increase your chances of finding employment in Canada as a foreigner by putting these strategies into practice during your job search.

  • Create an appealing CV or resume that can convey your skills.
  • Regularly visit job search portals (indeed, this is the best way to find a job in Canada).
  • Reduce your task search time and focus on a specific task name or class.
  • Submit your application for employment online, via e-mail, or by mail.
  • Wait for the agency’s response or activity report.
  • Getting employment provides

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Job placement with key duties and obligations:

All the involved foreign workers can easily obtain employment in Canada. Sometimes it will even occur before they arrive in Canada. Finding a source of income can also require diligence and motivation; we hope you discover a life-altering activity that aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship Program:

If you are searching for visa sponsorship jobs in Canada, you are also reading the correct guide. We have provided a rudimentary analysis of the Visa Sponsorship Program to identify excellent employment opportunities for foreign nationals in Canada.

According to my research on the official website of the Canadian government, there are currently no visa sponsorship positions available.

If any employer or organization is willing to provide a position with visa sponsorship (impossible! ), you may apply for a work permit through Canada Express Entry.

However, it is not so simple for a company to sponsor a worker due to the documentation process and associated costs.

Therefore, it is permissible for a Canadian company to hire a foreign worker who already possesses a work permit visa.

In Canada, the only way to obtain employment with a visa is to apply for a permanent residence visa or a working holiday visa. Which document will allow you to collaborate with any company, agency, business, and anywhere in Canada?

If you are eligible for the system, obtaining a PR visa is straightforward. To immigrate to Canada, however, bear in mind that no individual, entity, organization, or attorney can circumvent or shorten the visa application process.

Job List of All Urgent Job Offers in Canada for Foreigners:

Office administrative assistantMDF TIRE ABBOTSFORDAbbotsford (BC)$30.00 hourly
Retail salespersonFreestyle.Whitehorse (YT)$17.00 hourly
Retail store supervisorMDF TIRE ABBOTSFORDAbbotsford (BC)$30.00 hourly
RooferSOV Construction Inc.Coquitlam (BC)$28.00 hourly
Sheet metal installerSOV Construction Inc.Coquitlam (BC)$31.00 hourly
CarpenterSOV Construction Inc.Coquitlam (BC)$30.00 hourly
Child care provider – private homePrivate HomeMont-Royal (QC)$14.25 hourly
Long haul truck driverSSD CONTRACTING LTD.Surrey (BC)$27.10 hourly
Office AdministratorGlobal Pathways LimitedSurrey (BC)$28.00 hourly
WelderSSD CONTRACTING LTD.Surrey (BC)$30.00 hourly
Long haul truck driverSUPER LINE TRANSPORT LTD.Surrey (BC)$27.10 hourly
Truck mechanicSSD CONTRACTING LTD.Surrey (BC)$34.10 hourly
Food service supervisorSubwayFort Erie (ON)$16.92 hourly
Food service supervisorTWICE THE DEAL PIZZA AND WINGSLondon (ON)$16.50 hourly
Food service supervisorA&W NorthGrande Prairie (AB)$19.00 hourly
Industrial mechanicOrbit Hydraulics (1988) Ltd.Grande Prairie (AB)$43.00 hourly
Manual machinistOrbit Hydraulics (1988) Ltd.Grande Prairie (AB)$35.00 hourly
Food service supervisor1158209 BC LtdSurrey (BC)$18.50 hourly
Fast food restaurant manager0954488 BC LtdSurrey (BC)$27.00 hourly
Hydraulic unit repairerOrbit Hydraulics (1988) Ltd.Grande Prairie (AB)$25.00 hourly
Industrial mechanic helperOrbit Hydraulics (1988) Ltd.Grande Prairie (AB)$22.00 hourly
Sales associate5031478 ONTARIO INC.Newmarket (ON)$26.06 hourly
Domestic housekeeperPRIVATE HOUSEHOLDBurlington (ON)$20.00 hourly
Bus boy/girlFour Seasons Whistler Holdings Ltd.Whistler (BC)$17.80 hourly
DishwasherFour Seasons Whistler Holdings Ltd.Whistler (BC)$22.00 hourly
DishwasherFour Seasons Whistler Holdings Ltd.Whistler (BC)$22.00 hourly
Office AdministratorThe Health and Beauty Distributor IncOshawa (ON)$135,000.00 annually
Ethnic food cookMoga meat tandoori hutMississauga (ON)$16.00 to $17.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
CookPrairie Donair OldsOlds (AB)$16.10 hourly
BarberSupreme Cutz LtdAbbotsford (BC)$17.00 hourly
Pest control technicianAdvance Pest ControlSurrey (BC)$40,000.00 to $45,000.00 annually (to be negotiated)
Concrete finisherStardrain & Concrete IncConcord (ON)$39.00 hourly
Restaurant supervisor2085533 Alberta Ltd.Edmonton (AB)$18.90 hourly
Construction helperSawchuk DevelopmentsKelowna (BC)$22.00 to $26.50 hourly (to be negotiated)
Pastry chefIsland 10 Fishing Retreat IncNew Liskeard (ON)$4,000.00 to $5,000.00 monthly (to be negotiated)
DockworkerIsland 10 Fishing Retreat IncNew Liskeard (ON)$3,200.00 monthly
Forestville Farms Ltd.Island 10 Fishing Retreat IncNew Liskeard (ON)$3,200.00 monthly
Dining room assistantIsland 10 Fishing Retreat IncNew Liskeard (ON)$3,200.00 monthly
Camp waiter/waitressIsland 10 Fishing Retreat IncNew Liskeard (ON)$3,200.00 monthly
Truck-trailer driverGrimshaw Trucking L.P.Fort McMurray (AB)$33.47 hourly
CookBoston PizzaMerritt (BC)$16.00 hourly
EstheticianIFFI HAIR ARTS INC.Surrey (BC)$18.00 to $22.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Stylist, hairIFFI HAIR ARTS INC.Surrey (BC)$20.00 hourly
Cleaning and maintenance supervisorComfort INN & SuitesYorkton (SK)$23.00 hourly
Farm supervisorPrestville Farms Ltd.Rycroft (AB)$100,000.00 annually
Administrative assistant2085533 Alberta Ltd.Edmonton (AB)$26.90 hourly
Hotel front desk clerkComfort Inn & SuitesSalmon Arm (BC)$15.65 hourly
CookValleyview Eats and Treats Inc.Valleyview (AB)$17.00 hourly
Food service supervisorTriple O’s by White SpotKelowna (BC)$18.00 hourly
CookTriple O’s by White SpotKelowna (BC)$17.00 hourly
Food counter attendant7036795 Canada Inc. O/A Harvey’s RestaurantSpruce Grove (AB)$15.50 hourly
Sales SupervisorBubbles Car WashKelowna (BC)$21.63 hourly
Operations vice-president – financial, communications, and other business services7036795 Canada Inc. O/A Harvey’s RestaurantSpruce Grove (AB)$15.50 hourly
CookGrandt Kitchen Filipino Cuisine Inc.Surrey (BC)$16.00 to $18.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Administrative assistantHBC Transportation Inc.Georgetown (ON)$26.50 hourly
Pizza cookVerace Italian RestaurantOakville (ON)$22.00 hourly
Early childhood educator (E.C.E.)Starbright Educare Daycare (1995) LtdSurrey (BC)$19.00 hourly
CookSamar Kabab HouseOttawa (ON)$20.00 hourly
Inventory managerRah-Firdaus Foods & Fashions Inc.Winnipeg (MB)$23.50 hourly
WelderMK Diesel Works Inc.Airdrie (AB)$35.10 hourly
Sales Supervisor656236 BC LtdRichmond (BC)$27.50 hourly
Administrative assistantAcorn Admissions Ltd.Richmond (BC)$25.00 hourly
Education consultantSINCUBATOR INCRichmond (BC)$17.00 to $30.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Food service counter attendantCosmic Pizza and DonairCalgary (AB)$15.00 hourly
Truck driver, truck-trailerBlueray Transport LtdAbbotsford (BC)$27.50 hourly
Logistics supervisorPamal TruckingSaskatoon (SK)$28.05 hourly
CookKenaston HotelKenaston (SK)$15.10 hourly
Housekeeping SupervisorPamal TruckingSaskatoon (SK)$25.75 hourly
Administrative officerCALGARY TRANSMISSIONS & AUTO REPAIR LTD.Calgary (AB)$31.50 hourly
PainterPro-image PaintingSurrey (BC)$25.00 hourly
Retail sales managerMerritt Liquor StoreMerritt (BC)$32.25 hourly
Office ManagerCHATEAU DEVELOPMENTS LTD.Surrey (BC)$36.00 hourly
Drywall installerDSK Drywall and Taping LtdSurrey (BC)$27.75 hourly
CookBhatt Enterprises Ltd.Surrey (BC)$23.00 hourly
Housekeeping SupervisorGroup R.G Entretien Inc.Laval (QC)$25.00 hourly

Multiple Proficient Jobs in Canada for International Students:

Students who desire to study abroad in Canada must be aware of the schedule of job opportunities while attending school. Canada is one of the most popular study destinations for international students who wish to enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s program at an elite university. If you belong to one of these groups and are considering studying abroad in Canada, you must seek employment opportunities throughout your degree program to support your living expenses in Canada.

International Trainee Work Alternatives in Canada:

After beginning your academic program, you will be able to function both on and off campus. As an international learner, you will receive work authorization under the following conditions:

  • Term-time, part-time work (approximately 20 hours per week)
  • 40 hours per week of full-time work during vacations
  • In addition, you can enroll in a business’s teaching fellowship program or the volunteer program to gain valuable experience for your resume.

Ideal Part-time Jobs for Foreign Trainees in Canada:

Below, you will find some of the finest and highest-paying jobs you can find as an international student. There is a possibility that you will not find a job related to your field of study, but there is a possibility that you will be financially rewarded with a lucrative opportunity.

Bookkeeper$25.00 per hour
Educational interpreter$18.00 per hour
Customer service assistant$12.00 per hour
Aquarium interpreter$15.00 per hour
Sales assistant$14.00 per hour
Cook$17.00 per hour
Office assistant$13-15.00 per hour
Human resources assistant$16.00 per hour
Lifeguard$15.00 per hour
Home Tutor$18.00 per hour

Summertime Jobs for International Students in Canada:

Summer season jobs are mainly preferred work in Canada for immigrants. These job offers are suitable for students or part-time job seekers.

Painter$16.00 per hour
Festival coordinator$14.00 per hour
Camp counselor$14.00 per hour
Program facilitator$17.00 per hour
Recreation facilitator$18.00 per hour
Reading program leader$14.00 per hour
Entertainment activities coordinator$22.00 per hour
Baker$16-24.00 per hour

Latest LMIA Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

We have covered the various LMIA activity opportunities in the majority of Canadian provinces, including Toronto, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Ontario. You can seek a job in the area of your choosing. Numerous organizations, including Walmart Canada and Air Canada, offer a large number of job openings for recent graduates and veterans.

We have compiled a list of skilled and unskilled employment opportunities in Canada for immigrants. You may proceed with any process name that matches your interests, skills, and experiences:

General Farm Worker525Canada
Truck Driver80Canada
Registered Nurse (RPN)275Canada
Farming & Agriculture Jobs360Canada
Police & Security Jobs110Canada
Civil Engineering Vacancies180Canada
Digital Marketing Jobs450Canada
Work from Home Jobs550+Across Canada
Live-in Caregiver85Canada
Office Administrator85Canada
Automobiles Mechanic40Canada
Front End Supervisor44Canada
Family and Childcare Provider50Canada
Factory Worker850+Canada
Machine Operator60Canada
General Labour540Canada
Food Service Supervisor190Canada
Cashier (Retail)105Canada
Dairy Hand125Canada
Supermarket Clerk85Canada
General Farm Labour415Canada
Pickers and Packers685Canada
Delivery driver85Canada
Butcher/Meat Cutter110Canada
Baby Doll Maker120Canada
Textile Factory Workers500Canada
Security Guard175Canada
Forklift operator55Canada
Cleaners/Hotel Cleaning Jobs325Canada
Indeed Canada Jobs1000+Across Canada
Part Time Jobs for Students200Across Canada
Mechanics [AC/Refrigerator]25Canada
Graphic Designer25Canada
Home Support Workers180Canada

Listing of Wages of Jobs in Ontario for Foreign Immigrants:

Canada is widely regarded as an exceptionally high-paying country in terms of wages. Companies in Canada pay wages on an hourly basis, with a minimum wage of $12 per hour. At this rate, an employee could earn at least $2,000 per month. Here is a list of the average hourly wages paid to international personnel in Canada for their specific job roles:

Office Administrator$24.50
Child and Youth Workers$18.00
General Construction Supervisor$32.00
Travel Consultant$17.50
Food Service Supervisor$14.50
Book Keeper$24.65
Restaurant Manager$24.50
Automobile Repair Shop Manager$36.00
Diesel Mechanic$36.00
Book Keeper$24.50
Transmission Mechanic$32.00
Administrative Assistant$22.00
Early Childhood Educator (ECE)$17.00
Banquet Cook$15.00
Liquor Store Supervisor$20.00

Currently Available Jobs in Quebec, Canada for Immigrants
Recently the Quebec government published a new Areas of Training List.

  • Within the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, the essential components of the training list play a vital function. Additionally, interested candidates may apply for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers.
  • The finalized list enumerates several studies that award points to candidates and a companion or de facto partner for diplomas earned outside of Quebec or earned in Quebec or recognized as Quebec equivalent.
  • The objective of the Quebec Skilled Worker program is to select candidates with the highest potential for a successful financial agreement.
  • Following is a reference to the High Demand Job and Occupation List for Quebec Immigration. In 2024, there is always a significant possibility for expatriates to find excellent nursing jobs in Canada.
  • The list of job openings provides candidates from outside Canada who lack intermediate French skills with the best possible chance of qualifying under Quebec Government regulations.
  • Quebec Immigration High Need Job List 2024 with Salary

Quebec Immigration High Need Job List 2024 with Salary:

Computer Equipment Repairer$22.00
Expedite Driver$12.75
Pizza Cook$13.50
Food Processing Labourer$13.00
Live-in Care-Giver$12.50
Grocery Store Butcher$16.00
Wood Working Machine Operator$16.00
Infants’ Day Care Worker$16.00
Factory Labourer$17.48
Transport Truck Mechanic$18.00
General Labour$13.92

Benefits of Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

  • Strong Economy: Canada has a strong and stable economy, which gives a plethora of job opportunities in a variety of industries.
  • Diversified Labor Market: The country’s diversified labor market caters to a wide range of skills and vocations, providing possibilities for people of all backgrounds and degrees of competence.
  • Competitive pay: Canadian labor laws normally require fair pay and worker rights, ensuring that employees are compensated fairly for their efforts.
  • High Quality of Life: Canada typically rates high in quality-of-life indices, with inhabitants having access to high-quality healthcare, education, and social services.
  • Safe and Inclusive Society: Canada is known for its safety, low crime rates, and friendly attitude toward immigrants and diversity, which creates a comfortable and inclusive environment for newcomers.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Living and working in Canada exposes you to the country’s unique cultural tapestry, with opportunities to explore and learn about other cultures and traditions.
  • Immigration Routes: Canada has a number of immigration routes for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, students, and others, making it relatively easy for foreigners to secure work permits and permanent residency.
  • Skilled people in High Demand: Many provinces in Canada have labor shortages in various areas, producing a high demand for skilled people. This opens up a lot of doors for international workers with in-demand expertise.
  • Strong Social Safety Net: Unemployment benefits, healthcare coverage, and various forms of financial aid are all part of Canada’s social safety net.
  • Education Opportunities: Canada is home to world-class colleges and educational institutions, making it an ideal destination for international students and academics interested in furthering their education and research.
  • Work-Life Balance: The Canadian workforce has a healthy work-life balance, with moderate working hours and adequate vacation time.
  • Political Stability: The political stability and dedication to the rule of law in Canada create a secure environment for inhabitants and enterprises.
  • Access to Nature: From hiking in national parks to enjoying winter sports, Canada’s vast and diverse natural landscapes provide countless recreational and outdoor activities.
  • Global Connections: Collaborations with Canadian and international colleagues can assist individuals in creating worldwide connections and growing their professional network while working in Canada.
  • Path to Citizenship: For individuals who earn permanent residency, Canada provides a clear path to citizenship, allowing foreign workers to become Canadian citizens with all of the rights and privileges that come with it.

What jobs will be in demand in 2024 in Canada?

Some jobs that are likely to be in high demand in Canada in 2024 are listed below:

  • Workers in health care. The healthcare industry is always looking for suitable people to work there. This is especially true in Canada, where the population is getting older and more people are needing healthcare services. Registered nurses, doctors, and allied health workers like physiotherapists and occupational therapists are in high demand in the healthcare field.
  • Workers in tech. Canada’s tech business is booming, and there is a high demand for skilled tech workers in many fields, such as software development, data science, and cybersecurity.
  • People who work in trades. In Canada, skilled skills are also in high demand because there aren’t enough people to do jobs like building, plumbing, and electrical work.
  • People who work in business. Business workers like accountants, lawyers, and marketing managers are also in high demand in Canada.
  • Educators and people who care for children. Canada’s education and childcare industries are also growing, and qualified teachers, early childhood educators, and other professionals are needed in these areas.
  • People who work in sales and marketing. Sales and marketing are also important parts of the Canadian economy, and skilled workers are needed in these areas.
  • People who work in logistics and the supply chain. Canada’s logistics and supply chain industries are also growing, and qualified people are needed in these areas.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you:


When it comes to international job possibilities, Canada stands out as a friendly and successful place to go. Its drive to multiculturalism and strong job market make it a unique place for foreigners to grow both professionally and personally. By figuring out how to deal with work permits and training programs, and adjusting to a new culture, people can open up a world of opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a foreigner find employment in Canada?

    To enter Canada, foreign nationals may be required to obtain either a work permit, a visitor visa, or both. There are temporary and permanent immigration programs for which you may qualify.

  2. How can one obtain an employment offer from Canada?

    Follow these straightforward tactics to maximize your chances of obtaining a job offer in Canada:
    First, format your CV according to Canadian standards.
    Write a cover letter that Canadian employers will adore.
    Step Three: Ensure you’re maximizing LinkedIn’s benefits…
    Apply for the appropriate positions.

  3. What is the Express Entry system?

    The Express Entry system is a points-based system that is used to keep track of skilled workers’ requests for permanent residence.

  4. How do Provincial Nominee Programs work?

    PNPs let provinces and territories in Canada select people who want to move to and live in a certain province.

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