Visa Sponsorship Healthcare Assistant Jobs In Canada

Visa Sponsorship Healthcare Assistant Jobs In Canada 2024 – Apply Now

As healthcare assistants, GE Healthcare Canada is recruiting individuals with talent and compassion. In addition to the rewarding opportunity to provide high-quality patient care, we also sponsor visas for qualified candidates.


Because Canada wants to provide good healthcare, there is a huge need for healthcare workers, especially healthcare helpers. This piece will talk about the healthcare assistant jobs in Canada that will sponsor your visa in 2024 and how you can apply to start your career there.

Growing Demand for Healthcare Assistants

New numbers show that there is a huge rise in the need for healthcare workers all over the country. In particular, healthcare workers are very important to the healthcare system, which is why more and more people need their services.

Visa Sponsorship in Canada

Understanding how to get a visa sponsored is important for people looking for work abroad. Because of its open immigration laws, Canada is a popular place for people looking for work. Visa sponsorship not only makes it easier to hire people, but it also gives potential workers access to a lot of benefits.

Details of Visa Sponsorship Healthcare Assistant Jobs In Canada

  • Company: GE Healthcare Canada
  • Location: 1919 Minnesota Ct, Mississauga, ON L5N 1P8, Canada
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Industry: Healthcare Company
  • Salary: CAD 20 – CAD 35 Per Hour
  • Country: Canada
  • Education: No degree certificate or diploma
  • Experience: 3 years to less than 5 years
  • Languages: English

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Healthcare Assistant Jobs

Working in Canada is a great way for employees to gain valuable foreign work experience. This can help them get better at what they do, see things from different angles, and be more competitive in the global job market.

  1. International Work Experience: Working in Canada is a great way for employees to gain valuable foreign work experience. This can help them get better at what they do, see things from different angles, and be more competitive in the global job market.
  2. Career Opportunities: The healthcare system in Canada is very good, and working as a healthcare assistant can help you advance in your job. Getting training in a Canadian healthcare setting can help you get jobs in several different healthcare fields.
  3. Quality of Life: Canada always does well on surveys that measure quality of life around the world. Excellent healthcare, education, and social services are available to employees and their families, which improves the quality of life for everyone.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion: Canada is known for having a culture that welcomes everyone. Working in this kind of setting encourages cultural exchange, acceptance, and understanding, which makes the workplace a better place to be.
  5. Social Benefits: In Canada, workers are eligible for a number of social benefits, such as health insurance, which is especially important for people who work in the healthcare industry. Having access to good healthcare services can improve your health as a whole.
  6. Permanent Residency Opportunities: Some visa schemes may allow people to live in Canada permanently. This gives people who want to live in the country a more stable and long-term option, along with the perks of becoming a permanent resident.
  7. Education Opportunities: Certain schools in Canada are known to be good. Employees and their families may be able to get a good education through visa support, whether it’s for personal growth or for their children.
  8. Networking: Healthcare workers who work in Canada can make connections in the Canadian healthcare community. Networking can help you make useful connections, work together, and find new job chances in the future.
  9. Global Recognition: People around the world often know and respect the experience gained in the Canadian healthcare system. This can help healthcare assistants’ professional standing, which can make them more appealing to companies all over the world.
  10. Cultural Exposure: When you live and work in Canada, you can experience the society and way of life there. This experience can be enlightening and personally satisfying, which can help you grow as a person and in your career.

Responsibilities of Visa Sponsorship Healthcare Assistant Jobs In Canada

  • Assist healthcare professionals in providing direct patient care, such as monitoring vital signs, assisting with mobility, and assisting with personal hygiene.
  • Maintain a clean and well-organized environment to ensure patient comfort and safety.
  • Document patient information accurately and aid in medical record management.
  • Collaborate with the multidisciplinary healthcare team to guarantee the best possible patient outcomes.
  • Adhere to infection control protocols and cultivate a safety culture.
  • Effectively communicate with patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

Requirements of Visa Sponsorship Healthcare Assistant Jobs In Canada

  • Experience as a healthcare assistant or in a comparable position is preferred.
  • Understanding of fundamental patient care principles and infection control procedures.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an empathic nature to interact with patients from diverse backgrounds.
  • ability to multitask in a high-pressure environment while maintaining a keen eye for detail.
  • A valid work permit or visa sponsorship eligibility in Canada (we are committed to assisting with your immigration procedure).

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At GE Healthcare Canada, we believe in nurturing an environment that encourages growth, creativity, and teamwork. As a member of our team, you will have access to ongoing training opportunities, competitive pay, comprehensive benefit packages, and the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of patients. Apply now if you are prepared for an intriguing career in healthcare and are interested in joining us at GE Healthcare Canada, which offers visa sponsorship opportunities. We can jointly shape the future of healthcare.

People Also Ask:

  1. How can I get work sponsorship in Canada?

    To apply for a work permit, most candidates will need a Canadian job offer supported by a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). There are some exceptions to this requirement, where foreign workers can apply for a work permit without an LMIA.

  2. Are Health Care Assistants in Demand in Canada?

    In Canada, an aging population and the need for continuous care are expected to increase the demand for healthcare aids, and it has been suggested that the need for community care workers may double over the next decade.

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